Thursday, 26 September 2019

Top 5 Highlights - Term 3

WALT: Explain our top 5 highlights that happened in term 3

Task Description:
For this task I am to write 5 highlights of term 3's most amazing things. I really hope you all enjoy my final post of term 3 talking about my top 5 favourite highlights. Overall this was an awesome term and I can't wait to see what term 4 presents us. Good luck for the holidays always stay happy and be safe. Thank you to all the teachers for the support and work they have given us. Happy Holidays kids.

Wednesday, 18 September 2019

Label the parts of a cell - Inquiry

What’s inside a cell?

NUCLEUS: Nucleus is the brain of the cell. It tells you what type of cell it will be and when it will decide to divide.

RIBOSOMES: Ribosomes is what makes the proteins. The cell can create new structures from the ribosomes protein.  

CHROMOSOME: It’s the item that carries our dna. 

GOLGI BODIES: Post office? Is what transports molecules around the entire cell.

MITACHONDRION: The powerhouse of the cell. They take in food and turn into energy cellular respiration.  

ENDOPLASMIC RETICULUM: Transportation that collect and take the molecules to where they are needed to go.

About Organelles
All living things contain a variety of different cells. Cells are the main structure that living things are based on. The cell membrane is a thin layer that separates what goes in and out. The cell wall is incredibly tough and holds its shape. Cell walls are what let them stand tall. Tiny organ that play a different role in the cell. It gets rid of waste, reproduce and repairs. The organelles float in cytoplasm.  

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