Monday, 9 April 2018

How can we save money

How can we save money - Hinerangi:)

How can we save money? Why do we have money? What do we use it for? How does it
affect us? Do you have any idea of how to save money? If not, then you’ve come to the right
place on how to save money.

Buy what you need & not what you want:)

One way to save money is  to stop buying things that you entirely do not need,
for example junk food, new clothing, new footwear, new sports gear ( instead of
throwing all your unwanted items away, another way is to actually use your unwanted
things and sell them online.

Items you would need, are small things like School supplies, University supplies
and plenty more. It's always good to buy things you really need but then again it's not,
You are actually spending the money you were meant to be saving up for.

Buy less and sell what you don't need:)

Another way of making money is by selling your unwanted items and buying
less things. This will be a great opportunity for those of you who are very young &
have never experienced this before. The main reason for this is to sell what you don't
need and buying things that are very cheap online, in stores / shops, supermarkets and

Things you wouldn't need should be things like for instance old things
( Lounge supplies, Kitchen supplies, Washroom supplies and much more. If you think
selling the items you wouldn't need is an awesome idea then I definitely think that as well.

Garage Sale:)

Finally, an easy way of making is by having a garage sale. At a garage sale
you could sell things like ( cupcakes, muffins, sausage sizzles, any hot food and  more.
This is a way of making money by selling food items while actually making money.

My Blurb:
This task is actually all about how simple we all can save money. There are very easy and simple ways to save money. Everyone in Room 1 literacy thought of heaps of ideas but what was weird was that we were only aloud to choose 3 subjects to write about this. I really hope yous all enjoyed and It's been really fun showing you all my work I've done for you all to see. Have fun, god bless you all and love yous heaps.

Simple and Compound sentences

My Blurb:
This task is a bit similar to what I talked to you about before. This is all about simple and compound sentences there is everything that needs to be there like, examples and what a simple and compound sentences. I really hopes yous all enjoyed my presentation about simple and compound sentences. Thank you all and have fun learning all of this I have posted on my blog. Love you all and god bless.

Complex Sentences

My Blurb:
My blurb is all about complex sentences. There are a few examples written inside this presentation which will make your learning a whole lot easier and better to do. This is all about what a complex sentence is and why do we have to yous it in our writing. Did you know that there are actually 3 main type of sentence names called, Compound sentence, Simple sentence and a Complex sentence there also not the same, they may sound the same but I'm telling you know it's not. Thank you for looking at my blog post hope to see yous all again soon. Thank you and god bless.

Sunday, 8 April 2018

Oakley Creek

My Blurb:

For this task my goal was to actually complete the whole thing before the day had came for our teacher ( Mr Wiseman ) to check. This was really hard work meaning that It really challenged me but I am still happy that I got it over and done with. I got confused during the agree and disagree but I still got it done. It was all about a girl visiting oakley creek it is a creek in auckland and she was visiting it with a girl named Destiny. What was bad about Faith was that she didn't tell her parents. Check out this blog post and find out what happens to her, her parents and her new friends. Thank you and god bless.

Friday, 6 April 2018

The Wave 3

The Wave

It had been a wild day. A hot nor - westerly airstream had sent
angry grey clouds scudding across the sky and had whipped the
surf up into a fury. From the wooden deck that ran along the front
of the beach house, Paul watched the surfers carving up the feral
tubes out the back, pulling out before the waves peaked and
crashed down upon them. He wished he could be part of the
action, but his mother refused to buy him a surfboard until he
was older. ‘The sea can be a cruel master’, she always said.

Paul was mesmerised by the ocean. From his vantage point, high
up in the sand dunes, he was in awe of the way that it stretched
out before him; the power that came rolling in from so far away in
such a rhythmic fashion, untameable, unstoppable, never-ending,
swell after swell. The sun was descending quickly towards the
horizon, but the heat of the day still lingered, sticky and
oppressive. Time for one last swim before his parents arrived

His mind made up, he sprang into action, jumping off the deck
and hurtling down the sand dunes. It was always a challenge to
stay upright, fighting the momentum of the downward journey
combined with the shifting surface beneath his feet. Down on the
beach now, he ploughed through the soft sand, finally gaining a
sure foothold as the sand got harder, racing into the shallows with
the water spraying up all around him. He plunged on, knee deep,
waist deep, looking for the perfect moment to dive in.

Surprised by the ferocity of the waves, he was suddenly confronted
by a huge wall of water that reared up, towering over him,
gathering its force to smash him into the beach. He dived into the
blue-green wall, escaping the rage of the broken white water.
But this wave had a twist in its tail. He felt an obscene strength
driving him backwards and down into the sea floor. It held him in a
merciless grip, rolling, tumbling and twisting him. He fought
desperately for the surface, his lungs bursting. With a final surge,
the wave spewed him out into the shallows, and, its force spent,
lazily retreated.

Some things to ponder

Story structure
Setting: Where does the story take place?
The Beach house and The Beach:
Characters: Who are the characters in the story?
Paul, Paul’s mother, The waves:
Problem: What is the problem in the story
Paul was so determined to go in
the water so he decided to dive
into the water without a surfboard,
suddenly a humongous wave
came along driving Paul
backwards and down onto the
sea floor. He ended up rolling,
tumbling and twisting in the
water as well as his lungs bursting
for air.
Feelings: How do the main characters feel about the problem?
Paul was feeling very anxious and
scared, as well as upset as he
wasn't aloud to go for a swim / a
surf. Paul was not feeling very
well afterhis dive in the water.
Action: What action do the characters take?
The action was Paul´s dive
in the water. He was feeling
shocked as he got washed away
from land. Paul was so frightened
after his swim.   
Outcome: How did the story end?
The wave had spewed Paul out
into the shallows and his force
spent lazily retreated.
Themes: Is there a lesson in the story?
The lesson to this story is…
People like Paul should always
listen to their parents or any adult
in your family. Reasons are… you
can end up just like Paul or you
could be caught up in an accident.

Follow up

Our next follow up we had to do was to design our own swimsuit or some apparatus that
would help Paul control himself while swimming out to the ocean. Our final follow up was
actually a challenge. It was a very hard challenge as we had to write upto 20 - 30 sentences
about what might happen next during this storybyte. Take a look at what I’ve done individual.   

As Paul washed out to sea his mother had finally noticed that her son was missing
she tried extremely hard searching for him. She searched for hours and minutes until
the time had came, she had finally found his son washed out to sea. She quickly ran to
find help ( sea rescuers ) for them to paddle out to sea and grab him. As soon as the
rescuers caught up to the person under sea they had noticed it wasn’t Paul, It was just
a floaty with the same colors of what Paul’s clothing looked like. The mother gasped
and cried for a very long time, the rescuers were very sad to see Paul’s mother upset.
The next day as Paul was still missing the mother quickly stood up and started
searching for her son. Her son was nowhere to be found, she went to everyone’s
house near by the beach. She searched for hours and looked in every single house,
luckily there was only one house to be looked at. Quietly appearing into the house she
had found him lying upon a very hard and springy bed sleeping with 3 little ducklings,
the mother had burst into tears with a humongous smile on her face, she had hugged
him while he was still sleeping. She felt amazed, excited and determined to take her
son home. She had said to Paul, “I will never let you out of sight ever again” I will protect
you till the time when I leave this world/Planet. She had finally realized that he wasn’t
missing after all, He just went for a very quick swim and had found shelter closer to
where he was sleeping, everyone was so relieved and amazed about that. I wonder
what will happen next? Do you have any Ideas of what might happen?   

My Blurb:
     For this task we had to do a task called The Wave 3. It was a task all about characters and
the waves. I was told to write a 20 - 30 sentence which is why there is so much words
written above this blurb I've written. As I did this task I was told to read every single
paragraph and answer all the questions written in the timetable square boxes. I really
hope yous enjoyed my mini blurb hope to see yous all soon. Thank you and god bless


Thursday, 29 March 2018

Spectacular Shapes

Spectacular Shapes
We are learning to identify shapes by their properties

Algebra Recap:
6A = 36  A = 6
6B = 48  B = 8
14 - C = 5.  C = 9
20 + D = 29. D = 49.D
E - 6 = 15. E = 9
F x 2 + 1 = 21. F = 42.F

Name the following shapes:  

Identify the following shapes based on their properties:

Name of the Shape
A Quadrilateral with four even sides and four vertices with 90 degree angles
A Polygon with 8 sides
A quadrilateral with two sets of parallel sides

A quadrilateral with one set of parallel sides
Triangle prism
A Square that is 3D (three dimensional)
A triangle that is 3D
A 3D shape with no sides or edges

Spectacular Shapes

WALT: Find spectacular shapes

Square and Square Root

WALT: Find out what a Square and a Square Root is

Compare and Contrast

WALT: compare and contrast.

My Blurb:
In Room 1 literacy everyone was given a task called a compare and contrast task. There was 2 comparing and contrasting to do on this slide, I really enjoyed doing this task as It made me feel so relaxed and a bit challenging to do. Although I was distracted around the room I am still glad I got my work completed for everyone to see. This task was kind of simple but challenging at the same time. My goal for this task was to get this completed and to share this out to everyone around the globe. Thank you all for reading and god bless. 

Wednesday, 28 March 2018

3D Shapes

Yesterday during maths room 4 had decided to create there one and only 3D shape. This is an image of what myself and Bethan created, This 3D shape is what you call an irregular cuboid. It may not look like an irregular cuboid but we tried so hard to complete at least one shape. There are 6 faces 2 at the bottom and top and 4 all around / in between the top and bottom. Did you know that this shape came out to take 5 - 10 minutes to finish. If you had the chance to create a 3D shape, what shape would you make? What would you use to make your shape? How would you create it using clay?

Thank you for reading and looking at my blog. Please stay tuned for more blog posts soon. Thank you and God bless.   

Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Attitude Talk

Who am I? What makes you who you are? Are we all normal? Well a few minutes ago all of team 5 had a very important discussion with a very clever man called Tony. The talk was all about attitude and how we can improve it by how we speak to others in our own ways. The very first question spoken by him was... What type of Animals are we? How do you know that you are that animal? Well let me tell you the options of animals and what they represent.

Animals and Representatives:
Otter: Loves entertaining others, who also acts like a clown and has heaps of fun, but then again an Otter can get bored very easily.

Lion: The leader of the group which tells there other team mates what to do and what not to do. A Lion can also be bossy and not in a fun way.

Golden Retriever: The loyal one who creates peace in world, happiness and kindness in other ways. The Golden Retriever also never says no especially when it comes to times when this animal needs to work.

Beaver: Hard worker meaning that the Beaver always finishes unfinished work or work from the week before heading outside to play. 

So what type of animal are you? A few minutes after talking about that he had carried on talking about things we should do when moving into the future. Things like, Dump Dumb Thoughts, Try Something New, Always Do The Right Thing, and to be helpful by Helping Others. We also talked about Genes, Our Environment and All The Choices We Make in life. 

Dump Dumb Thoughts:
As Tony was speaking he was saying that everyone should dump all their dumb thoughts. Meaning that you should stop listening to your friends opinions and just go with what ever your heart tells you. You shouldn't listen to your friends all the time as they could be putting you into great danger. So I think everyone should actually dump all their dumb thoughts, especially when it comes to playing with friends. 

Try Something New:
Everyone should try something new, for example. If you are still playing the sport say Netball you should actually stop playing that for a while and start thinking of something new to try, like Basketball or Tag or even applying for a job for yourself and your family. So I recommend everyone giving new things a go. 

Do The Right Thing:
People all across the globe should always do the right thing including adults. Doing the right thing can actually make someone feel a lot better, for example. If someone had just fell / tripped over something instead of looking at them and start laughing at them you should actually help them up and cheer them up. So everyone should start doing the right thing and start making peace in this world instead of all the fights we have been having (Mainly pointed out to America.

Help Others:
Final question was about helping others in your community and other places too Well, helping others is simple and very easy to remember. There's actually many different ways of helping others, final example. This is an example of what our school ( Pt England ) talks about almost every week. Treat other people the way you would like to be treated. Meaning that the way you would like to be treated ( kind, Generous, Special and helpful ) is the way you should treat friends, family and others. Helping others can change a persons life by cheering them up, making life easier for them, being there for them and supporting them. these are the most easiest / simple ways of helping others in life. Did you know that it's also the important ways of helping others. Well let me tell you now, everyone here should start helping others and not just on your own but start working together.  

Overall I really think everyone should actually try these things so that you get the feeling of doing all these topics I have just talked about. I really hope yous all enjoyed my blog post about attitude talk, it has been really fun talking to yous all about the stuff Tony has brought in to share with us. I recommend everyone giving this program a try which is just talking to someone in the community and will help solve all the problems you need to be helped with. So who's stopping you, give this a try and spend heaps of time talking to someone you can trust. Thank you all and god bless. 

Monday, 19 March 2018

Simple and Compound sentences

Inferring through bubbles - The pink Umbrella!

WALT: Make Inferences by putting ourselves In a characters shoes!

My Blurb:
Doing this task I have learnt how inferences work and how to put ourselves in the characters shoes. This was a bit hard especially on the 6th slide, I felt this task challenging and a bit crazy to do. This task was all about us putting ourselves in the characters shoes and inferring through bubbles as it says on my title. This is a story from the pink Umbrella and was very easy to read and do. My goal for this task was actually not to complete it but actually to try writing my own sentences in my own words and ways. Thank you and god bless!

Wednesday, 7 March 2018

What is a function and a for loop?

A Function Programme:)

A function in coding is a type of of procedure or a routine. It is a group of different
commands of a programme that performs a specific action. It is a programme that
performs many operations but does not return a value. A function is a unit of code that
is often defined by it's role within a more greater structure in it.

A For Loop Programme:)

A for loop is a sequence of different instructions that is continually repeated over
and over again until a certain condition has reached. Typically when a certain command
is done, such as getting item of data and changing it. It is a control flow statement
for specifying iteration, which allowed the code to be executed repeatedly.

Friday, 2 March 2018

My Visual Mihi:)

This here is called my visual mihi. A visual mihi means listing down at least 4 - 5 things that is really important to you in life. The images that I have drawn is what's important to me and what I really love doing in my spear time. Sports, sports is one of my favourite things to do at school as I get to experience many different sports and having to challenge / verse other schools.  Culture, my culture is very important to me as myself and my younger siblings love doing when it comes to our family meetings, we perform a short dance as well as a haka which is what we enjoy doing. Music, music is what I love listening to and what I love doing in my spear time. Music is what I love making with my sister and having to play all sorts of instruments. Last but not least. Family, family is the most important thing in life for me as we do all sorts of fun and active things after we finish school. I love my family so very much and it's always going to be the 1st thing for me in life. Family for me is for life. 

And myself:

I really like doing all these kinds of things especially having to meet new people and spending a lot of time with my wonderful family and friends, but as for always family must come first before anything else. I really love sports, my awesome culture, playing all sorts of music and spending heaps of time with my lovely family. 

And that's the end of my incredible mihi, hope use all enjoyed and please stay tuned for more blog posts.

Thanks for watching:)

Thursday, 8 February 2018

First Blog Post, 2018:)

Kia ora those of you who already know, I am currently a year 7 student at Pt England School. From the past few weeks I have really enjoyed myself by, getting to know all the year 8´s as well as the incredible teachers, here in team 5. So far it´s been an awesome week and a half working with everyone in team 5. I really like it in team 5 so far as there is more space to work and it is way easier getting to know the year 7 and 8´s. I am really liking my literacy and maths class because we have already started learning without wasting time. Team 5 is going really well so far for me. I really hope you all stay tuned for more blog posts:)