Tuesday, 30 July 2019

Activity 2 - What do you want to change?

WALT: Plan out a persuasive piece of writing
Task Description:

For this task my literacy class and I are learning different meanings behind persuasive writing. If you didn't know this is one of them related to this specific topic. In this task I was to explain, what you want to change? Listed in the yellow bubbles are my personal opinion of what I think and what I am wanting as a change. In each 5 explanation bubbles are what I think about this and what my opinion overall is. I really hope you enjoy what my final opinions on what I think should change in the world. I think most of you would agree with some statements being mentioned as some of them should be compulsory in this world. Overall hope you enjoy this mini peace of thought I was thinking and hope you all enjoy!

Chicken Wraps - Cooking

 WALT: Make Chicken Wraps

Task Description: 

For this task of cooking in term 3 our class made the delicious and easy chicken wrap. During the session of making this to me it felt like the easiest type of cooking we've made so far, this was an incredible learning session as it helped me to know more about making chicken wraps. The outcome of this was really delicious and tasted/looked super vegetarian. Overall this was an incredible small dish as it was made by myself and Ayla. Can't wait to see what next week brings me as I am looking forward to see what we will be making, really hope it's a type of dessert! Here is the outcome close up.

I really hope you all enjoy as much as my buddy, and the team did. 

Activity 1 - Your opinion matters

Task Description:
In today's task room 5 literacy were to complete the task of making your own opinion. This task was incredibly interesting but hard at the same time. This took me about an hour to complete so I really hope you enjoy. Enjoy the opinions of what I think towards these main statements and enjoy! 

Stand Up: A history of protest in New Zealand

WALT: Make connections between texts and the world
Task Description:

For this task I was to complete the presentation of stand up: a history protest in New Zealand. This literacy work took me a few hours to complete which seems really good in my own opinion. I really think this task extended my knowledge of knowing more about the maori and pakeha history through all of this. Overall I really enjoyed this incredible history task and can't wait to learn more while going along. Can't wait to see what is to come.

Friday, 26 July 2019

The Tree Of Life

WALT: Learn about the origin and tree of life

Today Room 4 is learning the living things that currently exist and extinct on our planet. On this image of the tree of life lays sea animals, creatures, land animals, flowers and more. After finding the rightful places for these animals/creatures we thought it'll be the greatest time to reveal and find the information of the origin of life. We are currently learning the origin of life which is super exciting and amazing as it really links on to what we are learning at the moment. The tree of life means everything, if you didn't know the tree of life created all living things by making one single cell organism. In a cell is nucleus, chromosome, DNA and of course Gene. A cell covers 2/3 of water inside your body which means your body is 2/3 of your whole entire body. Animals reproduce overtime and children are born with different traits. If it turns to be a positive trait it's able to live longer, if it's born with bad traits it would unfortunately die. 

Our topic this term is how are all living organisms connected? The tree of life is currently what the whole team is learning and is what most of us students are wanting to learn. I love that we are able to learn more or start learning about genomics as it tells us about, how we are related to different animals, how are all molecules connected and how the tree of life was made. Darwin was famous for it's well known knowledge for the tree of life. I can't wait to see what is to come and hope to find out more of what and when the tree of life was first made. 

Measurement Reminiscence

WALT: calculate area and perimeter 

Task Description:

For this task my group and I were to complete the task of Measurement Reminiscence in maths. This task was really interesting and definitely different from what I currently learnt from the past, the site work definitely made me think incredibly hard which was awesome. Overall it was a really good session of learning as I know I learnt more than what I did before. Enjoy my work!  

Thursday, 25 July 2019

What is Science - Literacy Work

WALT: Synthesise information from multiple sources

What is science?
List the process of the ‘scientific method’ and a short description of each stage.
Asking a question
proposing a possible solution called a hypothesis
Testing the hypothesis through experiments
Examining the results of the experiments to see if the hypothesis has been supported

And then proposing a new question or hypothesis

Different Scientists: 
Specialised Field & Description
Alexander Graham Bell 
Famous inventor, who created telephones. Thomas
Watson was the name of his partner who helped him
to get money. The both of them came up with the
idea of making telephones.  
James Chadwick
British physicist, who was awarded a Nobel prize for
physics of his discovery of the neutron in 1932.
James earned a master’s degree in physics 1913.  
Francis Crick
Physiologist and biologist, he focused on his studies
for physics and earned his bachelor’s degree. He
began working towards a PhD but paused due to
world war ll.
Rosalind Franklin
British Chemist, at the age of 15 Rosalind knew she
was going to pursue an education and career in
science. Rosalind became working as a research
assistant at the British coal utilisation research
Stephen Hawking 
British theoretical physicist, within 3 years of
enrolling in university college in oxford he earned a
natural science honours degree in 1962 at only 20
years old. Stephen studied the laws of physics that
make up the universe. 
James Clerk Maxwell
James is known for being one of the most important
scientists of all time, Albert Einstein recognised the
beginnings of Clerk Maxwell's relativity theories.
The words that came out of Albert Einstein was “The
work of James Clerk Maxwell changed the world
forever”. Jame’s research into electromagnetic
radiation brought things we still use today. Like TV's,
Phones, radio’s and infra-red-telescopes.       
Alfred Nobel
Famous scientist, inventor, businessman and a
founder of the Nobel prizes. Alfred’s father was a
famous engineer and inventor who moved to st.
peters burg to work in explosives manufacturing
factory. Alfred moved to st. peters burg to work again
in his father’s manufacturing factory. 
Then find more famous scientists HERE to add to your list. 

Wednesday, 24 July 2019

Pseudoscience Task

Walt: Find and link information across a range of texts

What was the author's main message in pseudoscience
To start off with there was a lot to take in as the author had so much to say. What I loved about
it though was that she tried to talk more about scientific statements that sound incredibly
convincing, but who knows if it’s true or not. So far, from what I’ve read I think his/her main
statement was how we are able to improve our memory and eyesight, one way is to eat
carrots and chocolate. After reading this I knew and thought really hard that this was all a fake,
for me personally I would say that carrots are just ordinary healthy vegetables and chocolate
or sweets, it's something that can get many people hyped depending on the amount of
chocolate that has been given. Overall I think her main point in pseudoscience was to not
always believe facts and ads especially if they sound scientific towards people. I would
definitely agree with the author as science people are able to get something wrong in life.   

What are some of the differences between scientists and advertisers?
Know more knowledge
Tempt people to buy their items
Scientist people test their things before
handing/selling their items
Make up a few things which may sound
believable to some viewers

Write 3 sentences explaining something new you’ve learned from this reading. 

That people shouldn’t believe everything advertisers and scientists put on google. I really think this was an important thing to share as many kids still use the information of what advertisers and scientists say. Everyone shouldn’t be using this knowledge and posting it as it’s known for being copyrighted and not quite true. 

I also wanted to share another statement of what I’ve also learnt which was to not eat loads and loads of sweet (Chocolate, lollies, fizzy drinks) as it’s not good for your health and can lead you to serious issues for beyond the future.

Tuesday, 23 July 2019

Mini Quiche - Cooking

WALT: Make Mini Quiche

Task description:

For todays task my partner and I were to make the meal of Mini Quiche. Mini Quiche is a small meal which includes the ingredients of Ham, Egg, Milk, Pastry and cheese. I really enjoyed making these as we made quite a mistake but surprisingly made it work. This is the overall turn out hopefully it's better than what it looks like. Thanks to all for reading hope for a good and happy day. 

Immersion Assembly

WALT: Share what we did at immersion assembly

Term 3 is here, I am really excited to be announcing what our school is going to be learning this term.
“Something in the water” this terms topic is really interesting as I am definitely looking forward to what
we will be learning. So far it’s been exciting to be back as we all received a huge warm welcome back
from these recent school holidays. I am super determined to be discovering more and unknown things
that live under water, continue reading for more information.

“Let’s welcome up, Team 1”. “Mr Burt said”. From what I’ve already heard, seen and been connected
with is that team 1 is learning a variety of sea animals along with sea creatures that live under the sea.
Watching their short video really hooked me in and was incredibly interesting. As most of you should
know last term team 1 was learning more about bee’s with a group called S.O.F.A. the meaning behind
this incredible group is Status Of Forces Agreement. There topic sounds really fun, interesting and is
definitely able to hook people in for more awesome information. I am really looking forward to what team
1 will be learning this term hoping to get a bit more information to know what there fully doing.

“It’s now time for team 2”, “Mr Burt said!”. Team 2 is learning a variety of different sized animals and
creatures which swim under water and of course on land. Team 2 is finding out some real cool and
describable information for everyone to know, I really enjoyed watching their mini film as I felt like I
wanted to watch incredibly more and to see what they are going to do with what they’re learning this
term. I am looking super forward to what they’re learning just hoping to see what type of information
they find out and how interested they’re going to be. 

“It’s time for team 3”! Team 3 this term is learning different sorts of oceans that is located all around the
world. To me their topic may include something to do with last term as we were to find out the longitude
and latitude of where everything lays. To be able to find out where your going around the world you are
to find out the longitude and latitude of your location. I can’t wait to see what team 3 get up to this term. 

“Team 4”! The movie that was recently presented to us by team 4 was incredible. I loved watching how
they introduced their film and described how and what they’re doing. I think team 4 will be learning the
different sorts that live on land and underwater with all the different locations of the world. I am really
excited to be reading and seeing what they get upto this term as I know I’ll be wanting to read loads
more on what they’re team is trying to find out.

 Overall my favourite team would have to be team 5 as our presentation and performance was different
from the other 4 teams, it was totally fun, super interesting and incredibly funny. I really enjoyed my
teams performance as it really hooked everyone in and definitely had an awesome song to go with it.
The song went in order from Mrs Ilaoa, Mrs Stone, Ms Tapuke, Mrs Moala and Whaea Kelly. I really
enjoyed the song which described what are in cells, it went like. Cells, nucleus, chromosome, DNA
and Gene. Team 5  will be learning the different things that are hidden or seen under water, I am super
excited for this terms theme and I can't wait to get into this terms work. 

This term would probably have to be my favourite theme as it’s really interesting and I know for sure I
would know more about underwater fish. I am definitely and extremely looking forward to this terms
topic, can’t wait to see what everyone does.   

Holiday Poster

WALT: use descriptive language to share our holidays stories
Task Description:

For this task my class and I (Room 5 literacy) were to explain and show descriptively how our holidays were. For the past 2 weeks these were the main things I was able to share with you all, it was really fun but boring as well. Overall I really enjoyed myself as I felt like a time of celebrating the 2 weeks off school of actually learning something then transitioning ourselves into our 2 week off. I really hope you enjoy my short and simple descriptive of what I did, saw, played and where I visited. Enjoy!  

Thursday, 4 July 2019

World Scratch

WALT: Code Scratch by showing it through the world

For this task I was to create a scratch which is used by code. This short scratch animation was really challenging but surprisingly I wanted a bit of a challenge. Overall this was an amazing journey creating a scratch movie for you all to know and to share to family and friend members. Thank you so much for watching and hope you enjoy my scratch post!

Matariki Celebration

On Friday the 28th of June Pt England School were given the awesome
opportunity to celebrate a special day called Matariki, Matariki is a very
significant celebration for maori people as it’s a willing of giving and
remembering the day when Matariki first started Aotearoa. If you don’t
know much about Matariki, continue reading!

From almost a week ago our school were to celebrate a special day called
Matariki. Matariki is a representative celebration held by the 7 stars.
There names are, Matariki, Waiti, Waita, Waipuna rangi, Tupu a nuku,
ururangi and of course tupu a rangi. The group of the Matariki stars are
known for being the eyes of the god. The rotation groups included in this
special Matariki activity day was, Sport, Arts and Crafts, Music,
Movie Making and Cooking. The group I was in for Matariki was Arts and
Crafts, Arts and Crafts are simply just having ago at creating and designing
your own material, object or even items, It is also about making things
with your bare hands.

The type of things myself and the following people did was Weaving.
Weaving in our group was very simple and super easy once we got to know
what we were doing. Our teachers that took this programme was Mrs Ilaoa
and Miss Hockly. A while after finding out what we needed to do I knew it
was time to push myself and move onto a bit more complicated weave.
The second weave we were to do was to!

  1. Grap 3 long thick toothpicks 
  2. Different coloured wool - (Or you can stick to one colour)
  3. Scissors

For the less complicated weave the items included!

  1. 2 popsicle sticks - plane (Or any colour popsicle)
  2. Any coloured wool
  3. Scissors

These items were very simple to make as we had very clear instructions
and information given by our tutors/teachers. Doing Arts and Crafts was
very fun and can be made by anyone from the age of 5 - any. 
Overall this was a really fun Matariki rotation as I loved spending this
quality time with my friends and of course meeting a few little kids.
Celebrating Matariki with many other students and staff members was
very cherishing and incredibly awesome. I really enjoyed myself and I hope
you enjoyed yourselves as well. 

Thanks to 

Mrs Ilaoa and Miss Hockly....