Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Word cloud Reading Reflection

This is my word cloud and I have lots of Ideas for my word cloud. From Hinerangi...

Thursday, 25 June 2015


An Important event for the maori new year is all about a very Important traditional celebration in new zealand. During this time a cluster of seven sisters appears in the night sky. There are two different stories about Matariki and One is the seven sisters, the other is the many eyes.

Tawhirimatea was distraught because  Tanemahuta had separated his parents from being together. His parents names were Ranginui and papatuanuku.  He was frustrated as he hurled his eyes to the sky that he made lovely  seven stars.

At late may or early june a half an hour before dawn rises, Matariki ends in july and is seen in the northeast of new zealand. When you wake up before dawn and look in the direction of northeast you will see it.

Matariki is the end of harvest were you gather all your crops. There is also a migration of fish also you can  remember your old ancestors.

There are many ways to celebrate Matariki some of them are to have a hang i, fly kites,tell stories,have a gathering to have a feast and to sing and dance. Sometimes our family always dances and sings along.

There are various ways to celebrate Matariki. Some of them are to fly kites and have colorful fireworks. Sometimes you can have concerts and have special events sometimes I would wish to do some of those stuff all day long I. Also I could see people on hot air balloons and to have special events for anyone.

Friday, 19 June 2015

The lighthouse keeper...

On a dull, starless night a old stone lighthouse was rotating it’s light above the treacherous headland. The people that lived in the village were celebrating a special party for someone who lived in the merry village.

There was a lighthouse keeper who was an old solitary man that lived alone. He heard an unusual clanking sound, as the lighthouse keeper thought  “oh dear I wonder what is happening?” Then he slammed the window shut with annoyance and looked back at his work, suddenly the lighthouse plunged into complete darkness.

Then the old man started climbing up the stairs to go and see why the light had extinguished. When he reached the top, he saw lots of mechanical cogs and wheels all around the lighthouse basement.

He peeked his head into the area where there large lamp sits that lights up the lighthouse. He picked up the large lamp and as he took a step backwards he stumbled over the tools that were sitting on the ground. He fell backwards and the lamp went flying up into the air and it came crashing down onto the ground, as it landed it smashed into lots of tiny pieces.

Gasping for breath the old man was sitting on the ground as he saw the boat came further and further so the boat blast when it came closer to the dangerous rock. While he was looking out the window he saw flooded with light come towards  the lighthouse. Suddenly the man was gasping for breath as soon as he got down the stairs. As soon as all the people were leading to the house the man was shocked when he opened  the door. When everyone was coming to the house he felt very happy because he almost got the blame for when the boat nearly crashed into the rock. So they all lived happily ever after.


Friday, 5 June 2015


Long,Long ago a solitary man was strolling along licking his finger tips because his food was very tasty.

Then a box came out of nowhere and hit him in the head. So Mr Stuart got very furious and gave the box a mighty kick.

The man was shocked because there were lots of boxes all around him, then the man became even more shocked when he saw a glinting shiny box in front of him.

Suddenly the man tried jumping on the glinting shiny box but he missed. When the man tried jumping on the box he looked up and saw a tower of cubes.  

He decided to clamber up the tower of cubes, once he reached the top of the cubes he leaped off. Surprisingly he missed the shiny box once again. 

As he was on the ground he noticed there was a little red button underneath the shiny box. When he saw the button he thought “ “ should I press it. So he reached his hand out really far and gave it ago.

When he gave the button ago he realized the box transformed into a strangely grey box. Then his tie had been magnetic from the box and tried pulling it out but it ripped. So his legs got sucked in the box and so it spun rapidly. Suddenly he became a white box and got spat out from the grey box.