Thursday, 25 June 2015


An Important event for the maori new year is all about a very Important traditional celebration in new zealand. During this time a cluster of seven sisters appears in the night sky. There are two different stories about Matariki and One is the seven sisters, the other is the many eyes.

Tawhirimatea was distraught because  Tanemahuta had separated his parents from being together. His parents names were Ranginui and papatuanuku.  He was frustrated as he hurled his eyes to the sky that he made lovely  seven stars.

At late may or early june a half an hour before dawn rises, Matariki ends in july and is seen in the northeast of new zealand. When you wake up before dawn and look in the direction of northeast you will see it.

Matariki is the end of harvest were you gather all your crops. There is also a migration of fish also you can  remember your old ancestors.

There are many ways to celebrate Matariki some of them are to have a hang i, fly kites,tell stories,have a gathering to have a feast and to sing and dance. Sometimes our family always dances and sings along.

There are various ways to celebrate Matariki. Some of them are to fly kites and have colorful fireworks. Sometimes you can have concerts and have special events sometimes I would wish to do some of those stuff all day long I. Also I could see people on hot air balloons and to have special events for anyone.

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