Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Thank you for Athletics day!

Walt: using descriptive language

Dear helpers. On behalf of the year 6 girls I would like to say a huge thank you for taking up all your time to help us out on Athletics day. This was a huge success & it was such a really fun / funny day. I can’t wait for next year’s Athletics event!

On Athletics day we had so many people in there house colors & so many different activities that was held at Pt England School. The day was really fun & it definitely made my day. At the end of the day nearly everyone was tired, stressed & really bored.      

My favourite activities were High Jump, sprints, Relays & Dodge ball. My highlights were having to watch everyone compete against each other & having to support everyone who went to Athletics. The day was so much fun & there was so much challenges up for grabs.     
Next year on Athletics day I’ll be sure to help out with the teachers as well as my incredible friends. I’ll also be training as much as I can at home & do my best at so many different activities. When Athletics comes up I am for sure they’ll become harder & much more different as we are going to senior / intermediate school.

Overall I really enjoyed the day especially all the activities. I had learnt to give others a go & to just try my best at all activities / games & to never give up. This really made my day & I really enjoyed having to do all sorts of activities. Can’t wait for next years Athletics!

Task Description:

For this awesome task everyone who had entered the Manaiakalani Film Festival event or the Athletics event we all had to write a Thank you to all the helpers who came along on both events. Today Ie decided to do the Athletics one because it seemed more me & I really like playing different kinds of sports, especially / mainly at school. I really hope you enjoy my story & I hope you all get the chance to do these kind of events one day. Enjoy!

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

My Limericks!

Walt: write our own limericks.
Task Description:

For this task we had to do this task which is called create our own Limericks. This task was basically all about choosing a topic & describe / rhyme words with the topic you chose. Most of my Limericks are based on Animals & objects that are in the sky. I really enjoyed this task & I hope you enjoy!