Friday, 28 August 2015

A kiwisport coach


INTRODUCTION. (What is a Kiwisport coach?)
A kiwisport coach trains kids until they get more fit. A kiwisport coach is a sport teacher but they teach sports. Sometimes when you are teaching other people how to play sports you normally get payed. 


A kiwisport coach trains people in varied schools to teach them how play sports. They teach us varied skills like jumping running and skipping. A kiwisport coach Teaches all varied kind of schools how to become athletic. To be a kiwisport coach you have to be good at teaching varied skills.   


A kiwisport coach wears comfortable clothing or everyday clothing for there games. When a kiwisport is running they always need running shoes so that there feet doesn't get muddy or soggy. The equipment that they need are skipping ropes to help us skip, hopping balls to help us hop high and they sometimes need leappads to hop jump and walk on. 


You become a kiwisport coach by practising coaching modules. You also become a kiwisport coach by being a knowledgeable one and a sporty coach so that you know everything before you start. Before you become a kiwisport coach you have to have an interview and then they will think if you are the right person to be a kiwisport coach. You always have to be fit kind and you have to have lots of skills. 

They need to be a good kiwisport coach before they teach kids how to play sports and that they know different skills so they can show the kids. A kiwisport coach needs to have a good attitude in front of children and teachers. When you are a kiwisport coach you have to be a reliable person and a trustworthy one. Sometimes when you are a kiwisport coach you have to be really trustworthy,reliable and a fun person. 


At kiwisport I enjoyed playing all the different kinds of things we did because it had interesting kinds of things at kiwisport. When i am at kiwisport i get really excited because it’s not boring it’s fun. The reason why kiwisport s fun is that we have lots of cool games.

Friday, 21 August 2015

Whats the job.

A Volcanologist


Being a volcanologist is a hazardous job because the volcano could erupt if they go closer and closer. A volcanologist gets rewarded for their hard work and because they help people if they are in danger. If their stuck in volcanoes or they get lost they might not survive. When the lava rises the volcano starts to erupt.    


A volcanologist is like when 4 or more people helps take out the people if they are stuck in volcanos. When the volcanologist people are stuck in volcanos they start to get more scarred and scarred. The volcanologist people helps people get out and if they are in danger some other people help them. All the volcanologist people are in each corner so that the people are coming out of the volcano. The volcanologist people collects samples and analysis data.


A volcanologist wears varied things depending on if they are safe or not.  When they are in the lab they wear heavy gloves a strong mighty helmet a heat-resistant suit and a breathing apparatus. When they are out in the field their clothing can get vary. When a volcanologist is in the laboratory they sometimes take lessons which means testing. When they are climbing volcanoes they get really tired so they stop for a little while. As soon as they reach the top of the volcano they might see someone on top of the volcano and they might be able to help them get out of the volcano.

You become a volcanologist by taking Important subjects like maths,Reading,Writing or Science. To become a volcanologist you have to get a degree before you become a volcanologist. Many volcanologists believe they have the best jobs in the world. They have the exciting chance to study active volcanoes in beautiful and often exotic places.

You have to be a trustworthy person everyday and reliable  to your boss and everyone else that’s in your team. If you want to be a reliable and a trustworthy person than you have to be well trained before you could start climbing high or low volcanoes. You also have to be strong and you have to always be really brave so you could help people.  

if I was a volcanologist it would of been really scary going on my own up a high volcano. When you are climbing up volcanoes you would not like the way how you are going back down from a volcano. Sometimes when you are climbing up volcanoes the volcano could erupt really fast and straight away.   

I am Learning to find other ways to solve problems like 5+5+5=15

Thursday, 6 August 2015



Firefighters have a challenging job because they extinguish fires from their firefighters truck. All firemen and fire woman educate people also they train really hard to get the job. When firemen and fire women work hard and train hard they mostly get the job or they get an award.

A firefighter’s job involves varied things. They also get educated to learn how to be a firefighter. The firefighter people train hard to get into the firefighter's team. They also rescue people from car crashes if they haven't been rescued and they also rescue cats from up in trees.

What Do Firefighters Wear?
They also wear protective clothes to keep them away from burnt things.The hood has been worn underneath the helmets and has been fitted to protect firefighter's heads, neck, eyes and other areas were the helmet does not cover. Another thing that firefighters wear they wear heavy duty boots and they also wear there breathing apparatus and there helmet with there own visor. Firefighters uses there oxygen tank to help them breath a lot when they are stuck in fires and in other places.

How DO You Become A Firefighter.
You become a firefighter by taking classes in a firefighter course. They train you before you become a firefighter, they teach all the Important things about firefighting and then you have to take a test to become a real firefighter. All firefighters keep up the good work to make the firefighters job.

As a firefighter you need to be hard working, brave and to be able to work hard in a team.  To be able to be a firefighter you need to be educated, fire smart, reliable and you need to be well trained. When you become a firefighter you need to be able to be honest to your boss and everyone else in your team you also have to be trustworthy. Some firefighters fight for their job so that they can be even better than their teammates and so that they can be more stronger than them. It is really Important to be a firefighter because you always need to be brave safe and you need to be in a bid teamwork. The 2 Important words are trustworthy and honest.

If I was a firefighter I would be really excited getting a new job by being a firefighter. Being a firefighter might be really cool because you can learn varied things and you could be even clever than most of the other jobs.