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Week 4, Day 1: Preserving the Past - SLJ

WEEK 4: Protect and Preserve

DAY 1: Preserving the Past

Activity 1: World of Wearable (WOW) Art [4 points]
If we want to protect our natural world, we must be thoughtful about what we make,
how we make it and how we dispose of it (throw it away). At the moment, the waste in
New Zealand is separated into two main categories: 1. Recycled items
(eg. bottles, cans, paper) and, 2. Non-recycled items (rubbish). Most of the rubbish is
collected by rubbish trucks and taken to a rubbish tip (landfill) where it is dumped and never
used again. Much of the recycled material is to taken to a place where it is sorted,
separated and sent out to be used again.
The idea of reusing materials was taken to a whole new level by a woman named
Dame Suzie Moncrieff who, thirty years ago, created an event in New Zealand called
the ‘World of WearableArt’ (WOW). WOW takes place in Wellington (and in other cities)
every year. Artists from around the world create outfits made entirely from recycled materials.
Let’s imagine that you were invited to this year’s WOW awards and you were able to
interview the creator.
On your blog, list five interview questions that you would like to ask Dame
Suzie Moncrieff.

Activity 2: Guardians of the Sea [4 points]
One of the largest rivers in New Zealand is called the Waikato River. It is found in the
central part of the North Island of New Zealand. The river (awa) was given the name ‘Waikato’ (meaning flowing water) by a group of men and women from the Tainui iwi who,
legend has it, travelled down the Waikato years ago and settled in the area. According to
Māori legend, the Waikato River has hundreds of taniwha (mythical water spirits) living
in it, guarding the sea.
Unfortunately, the Waikato River has become polluted in recent years and is, sometimes,
closed to the public. This is very upsetting for many people, especially for those who
believe that taniwha live in the river. Please click here to read about taniwha and watch
this short video about taniwha.
Once you have finished learning about taniwha go to your blog.
On your blog tell us whether, or not, you believe that taniwha exist. Be sure to
explain to us why you feel this way.
What I think about Taniwha’s:
After exploring this website I’ve decided to say yes about Taniwhas being real as it says
that Taniwhas are described as fabulous monsters that live in deep water but others refer
to them as dragons. I’ve also said yes as it says on the website that Taniwhas are called
Supernatural Creatures which are legendary in Maori tradition. Taniwhas lurk in water
dens/caves, and were often depicted as dragons or serpents. Overall my final answer
would have to be yes about Taniwhas being real due to how much options I have provided
for you. Hope you enjoyed, Moving on to Activity 3!
Activity 3: The Sky in Shanghai [10 points]
One day I would really like to travel to China. It is a country with a rich history, vibrant cities,
tasty food, and fascinating architecture   (buildings). Unfortunately, some of the largest
Chinese cities have high rates of air pollution. The air pollution in Beijing, one of the largest
cities in China, can get so bad that roads are closed, flights are cancelled and events are
postponed while they wait for the smog in the air to clear. The terrible pollution is also
having fatal (deadly) effects as, approximately, 1.1 million people in China died last year
from air pollution-related causes. The Chinese government is very concerned and they
have introduced a number of strategies (ideas) to reduce the pollution levels. Imagine that
you were asked to travel to Beijing. How would you feel?
On your blog, write a poem that describes your feelings about travelling to Beijing,
Before we get into the poem you should all know I am not great with writing my own poems,
But anyways here it is. I really hope you enjoy!
I was asked to travel to Beijing,
My flight was a bit of a zing,
I looked around and saw the ground, I knew I was heading to a town.
People were screaming, running, and crying,
I was clueless of what I was seeing as I didn’t want someone unwell-being,
On the other side of the town I saw people with surgical mask,
I didn’t know what was happening but I knew the air con was off task
Families of 3 - 4 layed on the deepest floor,
I walked around with more people found,
After walking half way, I ran back to the plane
It was nowhere to be found so I looked on the other side where it was found
Beijing was not what I had expected so I flew back home and played on the phone.
The End!

Task Description:
For this task of Day 1, Week 4 I was to complete another 3 tasks. For activity 1 I was to
list 5 interview questions for Dame Suzie Moncrieff but I decided to go with 6, For the 2nd
activity I was to write a short description about Taniwhas being real in New Zealand, My
answer for that was yes. As for the final activity I was to write a poem about how
I feel about going to Beijing. As always, for more information about this check my blog
post. Enjoy!


  1. Kia Ora Hinerangi ,

    Your poem for task three is fantastic! I bet when i'm up to this task my poem would be less better then yours. I also very enjoyed the questions you would like to ask. They are some questions I would like to ask as well.

    Great work Hinerangi keep it up.

    Cheers ,

  2. Hi Hinerangi, I'm Melita from Christ The King school. First of all congratulations on completing this post. I liked how you used correct grammar and punctuation. I also liked how you gave your answers in detail. Keep up the great work.

  3. Greetings Hinerangi!
    Its Chavda again. I have 240 comments. What is your goal for commenting? My goal is 250 comments. That's cool that we can recycle things and we can use it or wear it. What is your favorite type of dress?

    Keep it up!
    By Chavda

  4. Kia ora Hinerangi,
    Activity 1: World of Wearable (WOW) Art: I liked how you did a D.L.O for this task, the black background with the colourful boxes with the questions just made your post very eye-catching. My favourite of your questions is "When did your first make/design an outfit?" I like that because it would prompt her to talk about when and how the idea of creating an outfit with recycle materials started and that would be really cool to know. Have you done anything similar with recycles at your school? I remember once I made an outfit out of toilette paper it was like a wedding dress and it was so much fun! You've done a good job here!

    Activity 2: Guardians of the Sea: I think is awesome that you believe on Taniwha's, I do too! Despite never have seeing one I do sometimes can feel their power when I am close to the water. This post is very well written, I liked how you kept your sentences short and to the point, well done!

    Activity 3: The Sky in Shanghai: Wow, you done a great job with your poem! This is a hard task and I think that you managed to write o good wee poem. I specially liked this line: "I was clueless of what I was seeing as I didn’t want someone unwell-being". Ka Mau te Wehi!

    Keep shinning bright you little star!
    Kia kaha,