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Week 4, Day 2: Protecting Our Own - SLJ

DAY 2: Protecting Our Own

Activity 1: A Flying Fox [4 points]

New Zealand has some of the most beautiful forests in the world. Both New Zealanders and
tourists, alike, enjoy walking through these forests. Unfortunately, constantly walking through
forests can damage the plants and animals (flora and fauna) that live there. In an attempt to
protect the local flora and fauna, an eco-tourism company in Rotorua came up with an idea.
The Rotorua Canopy Tours Company designed a series of ziplines that sit above the forest
canopy (top). People can ‘zip’ from one section of the forest to another, looking down on the
beautiful natural areas below. To see what ziplining looks like, check out this video.
I have tried ziplining and I really enjoyed it, however, I must admit that I was pretty scared to
try it at first. How would you feel if you had the chance to go ziplining in Rotorua?
On your blog, tell us how you would feel about going ziplining in Rotorua. Try to use
some descriptive words (adjectives) and action words (verbs) in your post!.
Here’s a little presentation I’ve created for this activity, Enjoy!


Activity 2: A Protective Plant [4 points]

There are concerns about the water quality of some of the rivers, streams and oceans in
and around New Zealand. Some people have suggested that we plant flowers and plants
on the banks of our most polluted rivers to stop the spread of the pollution. Apparently, the
plants can act as filters, absorbing some of the chemicals (pollutants) that are moving across
the land, on their way to the river.
Planting can be a lot of fun! Have you ever planted a garden? Aronui and I are going to
make our very own edible garden this year. We are going to plant a number of veggies,
fruits and herbs, including mint, coriander, parsley, lemongrass, onions, tomatoes, beans,
zucchinis, kumara and strawberries. Yum! If you could plant an edible garden what would
you plant in it?

On your blog list 10 veggies, fruits, or herbs that you would plant in your garden.
First of all you’ve got to know I’m not a garden person, But anyways, here’s a little document
I’ve created for this activity ( Activity 2 ). Enjoy It!
Activity 3: A House is Not a Home [10 points]
New Zealand is home to some unique wildlife that cannot be found anywhere else in the
world. While we work very hard to protect our natural habitats so, too, do people living and
working in other countries. One of the oldest international wildlife conservation
organisations is called ‘Fauna & Flora International’ (FFI). They support a number of
projects around the world, including those working to protect Lansan trees in the
Caribbean, fruit forests in Tajikistan, and national reserves in Mozambique. Read about
each of these projects and choose the one that interests you the most.
On your blog, tell us which project you find most interesting and why..
I would say that the this project interests me the most (Lansan trees in the Caribbean) as
this is what I had found out about this project. This is quite a short description of my
reasoning's but overall I really hope you enjoy it!
This project was requested by the Saint Lucia Forestry department. Lansan trees are very
fragile and prone to infection when damaged, when Lansan trees get damaged they lose
to about 60% of their range in the Eastern Caribbean. Wildlife conservation had confirmed
that traditional harvesting methods are able to kill the Lansan trees, very quickly.

Task Description:
For this task I've decided to complete another days work, Today's task I was to write a description about ziplining as well as the projects I was given for the final activity. Last but not least I was to list down 10 items I would love to grow if I had a garden. Today I've completed Week 4, Day 2 and I really hope you enjoy. Happy 2019 everyone. Enjoy my blog post!  


  1. Kia ora Hinerangi,

    Thank you for posting another great SLJ blog post! I have loved reading it.

    Activity 1: I would also love to go zip lining in Rotorua because it sounds like such a fun experience. I think it would be like going on a flying fox. Doy ou like going on flying foxes?

    Activity 2: I actually love gardening because I love being able to eat the vegetable that I have grown myself.

    Activity 3: Thank you for telling me which project you find the most interesting. I think that it is very interesting too.

    Keep up the awesome blogging!

    Talk soon,


  2. Hi Hinerangi, I'm Melita from Christ the king school. First of all congratulations on completing your post. I liked how you used correct grammar and punctuation. Maybe next time give a bit more detail while writing you post. Keep up the great work.

    Blog you later

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  4. Greetings Hinerangi!
    You are doing an amazing job with your commenting and your outstanding blogging! Just going to give you an a idea to earn more points, you need to blog your blog because that will earn you 2 extra points which will equal 4 points altogether! Keep up your hard work and continue to comment and blog your comment if you want to.

    Keep it up Hinerangi!
    By Chavda