Saturday, 5 January 2019

Week 4, Day 3: Taking Action - SLJ, A3

Activity 3: The Power of Ten [10 points]
Sir David Attenborough is a famous TV presenter from England who loves nature
and the natural world. He has spent his career filming documentaries about the planet
and working hard to protect it. In a recent interview, Sir David was asked to reflect
on all that he had learned and to imagine that he had suddenly been given the power
to save 10 animals and/or plants from extinction (disappearing forever).
After thinking about the question, he listed these 10 species (animals/plants):

1. Black Lion Tamarin (pictured to the right)

Let’s imagine that you had the same power and that you could save 10 species
(animals or plants) from extinction. Who would you save? If I had the choice I would
probably save animals like the elephant, white tiger and rhinoceros because they
are unique and have lived for centuries on earth. I would also like to save some of
my favourite flowers including hydrangeas and calla lily flowers. What about you?
On your blog, list 10 species (animals or plants) that you would protect from
extinction. For each one, give a reason as to why you think it is important to protect.

Task Description:

For todays final tasks I've decided to complete Week 4 of day 3 as I got a bit bored and wanted to blog some more. Today I've decided to split Activity 3 with Activity 1 and 2 as the presentation wasn't going the way I wanted it. Either way you'll find out what task description of all three activities are. For activity 1 I was to choose a video that I liked the best, for activity 2 I was to list 3 facts down about dolphins and a true and false statement. For the final activity I was to list 10 different species I would love to save before them becoming extinct. Overall I really loved the blogging and can't wait for more tomorrow. Maybe ending the summer learning journey tomorrow but lets just find out what happens. Enjoy my final blog post of the day!


  1. Hey Hinerangi ,
    I love all the ten facts about the endangered animals , I also love the images that you have choose to really show us what it looks like.
    You did an amazing job !

    Good bless you and your family

    Your Sincerely

  2. Greetings Hinerangi!
    It's me Chavda again! I have decided to comment on your blog. You are doing an amazing job with your blogging and see that you are commenting on other bloggers which is good. Today is the last day so let's see if you can do lots of comments.

    Keep it up!

  3. Afternoon Hinerangi,

    I really enjoyed viewing the Google slideshow about the 10 species of animals you would like to save from extinction. I like how you have described their visual features, characteristics and the reason for why their population has been decreasing.

    I think it is really important that we all try to keep these animals with us on Earth as long as we can. Our world would be so much less without these special creatures.

    If you could choose one out of your list, which one would be your favourite and why? I would personally go for the elephants because I think they are such majestic animals. Did you know that elephants can sense underground vibrations through their feet as a way of communication? I was blown away when I first found out about this!

    Keep up the awesome work and happy blogging!