Tuesday, 23 July 2019

Mini Quiche - Cooking

WALT: Make Mini Quiche

Task description:

For todays task my partner and I were to make the meal of Mini Quiche. Mini Quiche is a small meal which includes the ingredients of Ham, Egg, Milk, Pastry and cheese. I really enjoyed making these as we made quite a mistake but surprisingly made it work. This is the overall turn out hopefully it's better than what it looks like. Thanks to all for reading hope for a good and happy day. 

Immersion Assembly

Term 3 has finally arrived and it is time to find out what we are going to be learning for term 3.
Something in the water, is the topic Pt England school is going to be learning. So far we have had a
big welcome back from school holidays and a little hint on what we were learning. I am super excited
about this special topic as we’ll be discovering other and unknown things that live in the water. Continue
reading for more information.

Team 1. Team 1 is simply learning about the variety of sea animals and sea creatures that live under
the sea. I really enjoyed watching and being hooked into what there team was learning for term 3 as
it sounds really interesting especially for young ones who are going to become more known about fish
and more. S.O.F.A is the meaning of Status Of Forces Agreement. Really looking forward to what they
get up to and hope to get some information out of them when we ask questions. Have fun team 1!

Team 2. Team 2 is learning the meaning of different sized creatures that live under water and of course
on land. I am really excited to see what they will be learning about as I am super curious to what they’re
doing. Hope to see what team 2 gets up to this term as it’s a very, extremely, interesting term.    

Overall my favourite team would obviously have to be team 5, our team was super fun, interesting
and super funny. I really enjoyed my teams performance as it hooked in everyone and definitely had
an awesome song to go with it. The song went in order from Mrs Ilaoa, Mrs Stone, Ms Tapuke, Mrs
Moala and Whaea Kelly. I really enjoyed the song Cells - Gene. We will be learning the different things
that are hidden or seen under water. I am super excited for this terms theme and can't wait to get into
this terms work.

Really looking forward to seeing everyones upcoming posts on your blog. Can't wait for this and for
our school theme. Something in the water is our overall topic.

Thanks for reading,

Holiday Poster

WALT: use descriptive language to share our holidays stories
Task Description:

For this task my class and I (Room 5 literacy) were to explain and show descriptively how our holidays were. For the past 2 weeks these were the main things I was able to share with you all, it was really fun but boring as well. Overall I really enjoyed myself as I felt like a time of celebrating the 2 weeks off school of actually learning something then transitioning ourselves into our 2 week off. I really hope you enjoy my short and simple descriptive of what I did, saw, played and where I visited. Enjoy!  

Thursday, 4 July 2019

World Scratch

WALT: Code Scratch by showing it through the world

For this task I was to create a scratch which is used by code. This short scratch animation was really challenging but surprisingly I wanted a bit of a challenge. Overall this was an amazing journey creating a scratch movie for you all to know and to share to family and friend members. Thank you so much for watching and hope you enjoy my scratch post!

Matariki Celebration

On Friday the 28th of June Pt England School were given the awesome
opportunity to celebrate a special day called Matariki, Matariki is a very
significant celebration for maori people as it’s a willing of giving and
remembering the day when Matariki first started Aotearoa. If you don’t
know much about Matariki, continue reading!

From almost a week ago our school were to celebrate a special day called
Matariki. Matariki is a representative celebration held by the 7 stars.
There names are, Matariki, Waiti, Waita, Waipuna rangi, Tupu a nuku,
ururangi and of course tupu a rangi. The group of the Matariki stars are
known for being the eyes of the god. The rotation groups included in this
special Matariki activity day was, Sport, Arts and Crafts, Music,
Movie Making and Cooking. The group I was in for Matariki was Arts and
Crafts, Arts and Crafts are simply just having ago at creating and designing
your own material, object or even items, It is also about making things
with your bare hands.

The type of things myself and the following people did was Weaving.
Weaving in our group was very simple and super easy once we got to know
what we were doing. Our teachers that took this programme was Mrs Ilaoa
and Miss Hockly. A while after finding out what we needed to do I knew it
was time to push myself and move onto a bit more complicated weave.
The second weave we were to do was to!

  1. Grap 3 long thick toothpicks 
  2. Different coloured wool - (Or you can stick to one colour)
  3. Scissors

For the less complicated weave the items included!

  1. 2 popsicle sticks - plane (Or any colour popsicle)
  2. Any coloured wool
  3. Scissors

These items were very simple to make as we had very clear instructions
and information given by our tutors/teachers. Doing Arts and Crafts was
very fun and can be made by anyone from the age of 5 - any. 
Overall this was a really fun Matariki rotation as I loved spending this
quality time with my friends and of course meeting a few little kids.
Celebrating Matariki with many other students and staff members was
very cherishing and incredibly awesome. I really enjoyed myself and I hope
you enjoyed yourselves as well. 

Thanks to 

Mrs Ilaoa and Miss Hockly....    

Wednesday, 19 June 2019

Empanada - Inquiry


Today in inquiry Room 4 will be trying the one and only Empanada's. Empanada's are known for being a traditional dish from Argentina located in South America. Empanada's have the ingredients of Sweet Paprika, Spice - Mild, Capsicum, Mince, Onion, Sugar and Flavours of Spice. The overall outcome of this dish is made by using Puff - Pastry filled with a bit of meat and of course healthy vegetables. 

The smelt of it:
Pizza, Pastry, Sausage Roll, Smokey Flavour, Strong Capsicum, Little sweet and spicy, Strong pastry smell and Powerful Puffed Mince.

The looks of it:
Sausage Roll, Golden Crisp, Darker edges, Triangular corners, Mince Pie, Crisped Dumpling, Brown looking Red colours, Spiced Red, Roll.

The taste of it:
Meaty, Chunky Mince, Sweet but a bit spicy, Crispy edges, Very sweet raisins, Vegetable Pie, Soft Bites, Strong Flavours from the spices and mince, Very delicious.

The sound of it:
Crispy, Chunky bites, Smooth + Soft.

The feeling of it:
Hard Bumps, Runny ingredients, Crumbly - Soft - Smooth, Chunks of pieces. 

Overall I would personally say that Mrs Stone did really well with her cooking as this turned out of being a really delicious dish. Thank you Mrs Stone for the cooked delicious meal.  

Friday, 7 June 2019

Fair Chocolate

WALT: Understand topic specific vocabulary.

Task Description:

For this task My group and I were to make and complete the task of Fair chocolate. Fair chocolate was a really hard and made me really confused on what my task was actually about. Fair chocolate did actually help to extend my reading and knowing what I am needed to answer. Overall this was a really epic and awesome reading session as it helped me a lot to understand the answers and how chocolate is made. I think I did well at answering but I know I could've done extremely better. 

Wednesday, 5 June 2019

Facile Fractions

WALT: Find fractions of a whole and set. 

Task Description:

Today Room 4 math's will be learning how fractions act throughout problem solving's. Facile fractions is the main answer to what our class is learning, hopefully I am able to extend my knowledge through these different activities. This task was all about knowing or finding fractions from which is a whole set. Overall this was an awesome presentation as it helped me heaps to find out more about fractions. 

Tuesday, 4 June 2019

English Breakfast - Cooking

WALT: Make an English Breakfast. 

Task Description:
For today's experience of cooking myself, Ayla and the following people were to cook the famous English breakfast. An English breakfast involves items such as. 

- Scrambled eggs
- Baked Beans
- Sausages
- Bacon
- Toast.

The ingredients written above this mini description are the items that were needed to be cooked. My friend and I worked super well today as the photo up above is what came out as the outcome. Surprisingly this was actually my first meal I was to make in the kitchen, I really like how this came out as my first experience. 

Thanks for visiting:

Friday, 31 May 2019

Lego Ninjago Team


Task Description:

For this task I was to write or create a video/TV show that makes 5 year old boys would enjoy watching or of course read. Here is a short story that I have created from Ninjago. The reason why I decided to choose Ninjago was because my Nephew loves watching this interesting show. The title if you are not able to see is about introducing the lego people and finding out what they represent. This series is about The battle of the thrones and it's what most of these lego people fight for. Watch and see more about this in the next episode, hope you all enjoy! 

Hooking in your readers!

WALT: Hook your readers in by appealing to our target audience.

Task Description:

For this task I was to answer the question of, what does it mean to 'hook in your readers? Just after this post will be a post that is mainly written for 5 year old boys. This maybe a really short description but surprisingly this is all I could give right now, check out the next post listed just above this post and of course enjoy!

Boy on a bike

WALT: Summarise - I understand the detail that supports the main idea in the text. 

Task Description:

For today's task my group and I were to explain the story of Boy on a bike. The story to me sounds simply like a boy who loves travelling while riding his bike. Boy on a bike is written by Bronwen Wall and is an awesome story. The task was about explaining the meanings of each word, answering questions and of course telling you all how we would feel if we were in the boy's shoes. 

Thursday, 23 May 2019

Europe - Italy

Task Description:

Today Room 4 and I were to write and list down a few things about some countries in Europe. The place I have decided to choose was Italy as my facts are mainly based on the Romans and its people. The images include the different but most popular places in Europe - Italy. Europe is also the place where the special and amazing languages there are which are Spanish and French. 

Wednesday, 8 May 2019

Popplet Word Web

WALT: Summarise a text by identifying key words

Task Description:

For this task my group and I (Aces) was to complete the task of Popplet Word Web. Popplet word web is an app people use for learning, work/jobs and of course other kinds of experiences. Popplet required us to come up with words we are able to use in going into battle. Going into battle was a really good time for me to learn about those who fought in war and to know more about them and there players. In this task the squares lit up in blue are a few negative words as for the ones in red and pink they stand for the positive words we came up with. Overall this was a really fun task more to come extremely soon. 

Monday, 6 May 2019

Grappling With Graphs

WALT: Extract information from a range of graphs

Task Description:

For this task I was to find out the meanings of each graph there is for this specific presentation. Grappling graphs was super hard as it took me such a while to understand the full meanings of what each graph was. Each of these slides really helped me through these activities and I guarantee that in the later future I will understand each and every graphs there are in the world. Hope you enjoy and all the following information will be inside each of the slides there is in this presentation.  

Friday, 3 May 2019

Inquiry - My New Zealand Map

This Term our inquiry is called, I like your latitude. We learnt so much about the directions there is on a Compass. We had to look at the map of New Zealand and compare it to different places there is using a compass. Here is an example. 

Invercargill / Bluff is located at the bottom of the south island. If you didn't know Bluff (AKA) Invercargill is the 2nd to last place to be counted as one of the further est down places on New Zeland, as we are to also count Stuart Island. So overall Bluff is located in the South.  

Monday, 29 April 2019

Immersion Assembly

This term our school theme is called I like your latitude. Latitude is the meaning of finding the right
directions of where you are and where you are going, it also means the angular distance of North and
south of the earth’s equator. This term is going to be incredibly epic.

Team 1’s topic is all about bees, Bees are becoming extremely endangered and it is time that we help
to save them due to extinction. Team 2’s topic is all about knowing there directions and coordinates
so they are able to find the treasure of where it was hidden. They are also learning how to and where
to go from where they are officially standing, and from there it is time for them to work there way
around the block. Team 3’s topic is all about learning how to write their own pick a path story. Team
4’s topic is all about navigation similar to orienteering. Navigating is a way of finding your way around
places just like finding out where to go on a compass. Last but not least, Team 5. Team 5’s topic is
all about finding and knowing where we are going when travelling the world. Our main question is
where in the longitude are we?

So there you have it. Here is the theme of what we are doing, the topics of each and everyone of the
teams and of course what everyone is going to be doing.

Monday, 8 April 2019

Badge Of Honour

WALT: Think about a character's point of view.

Task Description:

For this task I was to complete each of the slides to be able to show you all what today's task was. The badge of honour is a book written by Sarah Penwarden, this book was about choosing or getting people to become the 4 leaders of the school. This book also contains a bit of fighting but in the end they solve everything and continue what they love best. Overall this was an incredible task and I enjoyed it so much as it didn't take me that long to complete, hope you enjoy the updated learning I have currently been doing. 

Monday, 1 April 2019

Six Photos, Create Task 2

WALT: Describe the feelings behind the image

Task Description:

For this task my group and I were to complete the create task. As you know I had posted a little presentation of the work I was to actually complete, This create task links to the book Six Photos. Here are the six photos I had taken for this activity. My job was to visit the places that we personally think that holds a special story. For this task I have chosen to go with 3 topics, The courts of teams 4&5, The field - Playgrounds and of course the well known place Team 5. I loved this little activity I really hope I am able to do this task again as it was super fun walking around school taking photos with 2 of my close friends for literacy. Overall hope you enjoy and for more information check out the presentation I have created for you all. Enjoy!

U - Turn, Create Task 1

WALT: Describe the feelings of the character's in the story

Task Description:

For this task my group and I were to complete the create task also known as the second task after the first. As you know I had posted a little presentation of the work I was to actually do/complete, well if you don't or didn't already know this is the task linked onto the activity of U - Turn. Here is my facial expression showing the feelings of Ben, for this extra/create task I've decided to do the face of Confused and shy. My reason for confused and shy is because this is his most often face or expression written in the story. I really hope you enjoyed please stay tuned for the following and upcoming posts soon. Enjoy!

U - Turn & Six Photos

WALT: Identify keywords in order to summarise a text.

Task Description:

So as you can see there are two tasks room 5 literacy was to do, this exercise was super awesome but incredibly crazy at the same time. Doing this activity was crazy because of the create task we were to do during the time when we were to read and summarise. For both activities I was to summarise or identify the main keywords there were to describe each and everyone of the characters. My mini group and I had loads of fun having to do our final create task as it was all about visiting the different parts there are to the school, for a little heads up the create tasks for both activities will be posted really soon just hoping that you'll still be here to check it out. Overall hope you enjoy and hope to see you soon.

Friday, 29 March 2019

Attitude Talk

Today team 5 were introduced by an awesome person called Jannah. Surprisingly her name
stands for Gracious Gift, I am super excited to tell you what she talked about because I
guarantee this information will help you throughout the future.

Today our topic was about friendships and how you can keep and give. Many tips Jannah
gave us was incredible as it was based on friends and how boys and girls deal with their sort
of relationships towards each other. The main things Jannah talked about were tips on
things you should do or say when you have close friends, one of my favourites she had
introduced/talked about was to be yourself. During the time we are with our friends most
people seem to not be themselves, so one thing I loved about her mini korero was to always be
yourself and to do what you entirely love.

Jannah did loads of funny/hilarious jokes as well as giving herself and everyone breaks due to
the amount of talking she had been doing. It was really important for us to know and remember
what she was talking about because we never know if friends will ever turn on us or stick
together as one, I really like how she made each of her points really clear and gave us a
main statement for us to know and of course herself and the teachers to know about. Friends
are people we should be able to trust, talk to and of course play with. I think from one of
her point of views I'd also say to always include others who are left out because it'll just be
sad and to let them see how much fun we are having compared to themselves. So I think
Jannah and Attitude really helped us and hopefully this short reflection helped you as well,
especially to those who didn't come.

Jannah was a super fantastic women to talk to especially about this main topic. I’ve really
enjoyed it, it was super interesting having her in our block just hoping that in the later future
she comes back to visit once again. I would like to thank Jannah for coming and hope to see
you again soon.

Thank you to Jannah and Attitude.

Rich Vocabulary - Poem

Today In Room 4 Literacy our task was to write a short poem about the aftertaste of eating Sour patch kids. The sour patch kids lollies were super interesting and it helped me a lot to use more juicy vocabulary in my pieces writing and reading. Overall here is my short poem, hope you enjoy and don't forget to leave a positive comment on my blog. 

Friday, 22 March 2019

My Word Art

WALT: Make Inferences to understand the deeper meaning behind a text

Task Description:

First of all you might be wondering what this logo is doing here? Well this thing here was part of my reading work and it was all about the important aspects we have as our personal identity, I was really looking forward to be doing this activity as part of the previous task I did a while ago. The writing written inside the thumb is what's important to me, and the things I love or love to do. If there are some words written in the thumb logo feel free to leave a positive comment on my blog and enjoy. Overall hope you enjoy the words written inside the logo and hope to share more blog posts with you all soon. 

Tuesday, 19 March 2019

Mata i pusi - Literacy Work

WALT: Make Inferences to understand the deeper meaning behind a text.

Task Description:

For this task I was to try my best to understand the meaning behind each slide I was to complete. My task was called, Mata i pusi. On the next slide is where you would find the meanings to each word I was to list down, such as gauzy, stereotypes and much more. Mata i pusi means Cat eyes, Overall I really enjoyed this literacy task as it was super simple and something I've never done before, which is really different. I really hope I get similar work as this and hope to do more amazing work soon. Don't forget to comment and check out more blog post's soon. Enjoy! 

Friday, 15 March 2019

Polyfest Trip

Polyfest is what new zealand would call, the largest schools cultural event. Polyfest has
almost 10,000 performers every year, in Auckland polyfest is held in Manukau which runs
for 3 - 4 days. Polyfest is an incredible event to be attending as you’ll be watching all the
performers perform and of course you’ll be trying some of the best smoothies, snacks etc.

One of my favourite Stages was the Niuean stage,
I loved the Niuean stage because there were loads of activities, dance competitions and
more. The main stage was incredible but I was hoping there would be more action happening.
Although this was one of my favourite stages I would most like to say that the food was
awesome as well, the Watermelon Ice cream was fantastic surprisingly it took me quite a
while to finish it but I’m glad I did. I am hoping to go back for another visit and to see more
cultural performers perform.

One of my favourite Performers,
Unfortunately there were only a few cultural performers there, it was probably because our
school went on the speech day. A speech day is when different sort of groups talk for quite a
few and explain a little speech. Overall one of my favourite performance was the Maori
performance. 3 reasons is because it was the only stage we actually saw perform, 2 there
were so much support and aroha coming from each of these waiata, thirdly the school did
an awesome haka to give back to what there kapa haka group had performed. The school
that we saw perform was Otahuhu college and they were amazing.

Thursday, 7 March 2019

Reconciling with Ratio

WALT: Identify the relationships between numbers.

Task Description:
For today's task I was to identify the number after number. I had so much fun doing this task as It didn't take me that much time to finish this. The maths problems to me seemed to be all about Ratio and how it all works. Overall I really hope you enjoy and hope to see back here commenting soon. Enjoy!!!

Maths - Intermediate Work

WALT: Apply a range of strategies to solve multiplication and division problems.

Task Description:

For this task I was finally able to complete week 2's work, I am super happy to say that this is the type of work I should be working at and that I have now published this. Week 2's work was super hard but it's just showed to try even harder to get to the level I need to be in college. I really hope you enjoy my working out problems and that you stay tuned for more upcoming posts! Enjoy my maths post.

The Pink Umbrella

WALT: Make Inferences by putting ourselves in a characters shoes!

Task Description:

For this task I was to complete the task of the Pink Umbrella. The task was having to put ourselves in one of the characters shoes, most of the time we would have to put ourselves in Sam's shoes. If you are begging me to see more please continue reading from the above and hope you enjoy. The Pink Umbrella!

Thursday, 28 February 2019

The Whale Child, A Serious Game, A Piece Of Paradise.

WALT:  Identify a common theme (by finding similarities and differences) across different texts

Task Description:
For todays task I was to complete this due to the amount of weeks we had to complete it. I was really determined to finish as it was the last week for us all to finish. This was a really hard task but I am so glad that I got the chance to finish it. I really hope you enjoy and all the information you need in this activity is all in here. Thanks a lot and enjoy.

Wednesday, 27 February 2019

Visual Mihi

WALT: Complete Our Visual Mihi.

Task Description:

These specific images are what's important to me and what I like doing. If you didn't know Maori is the culture I am and I would love to show you all how much it means to myself, my family and some other families out there who are Maori or who love the Maori culture. Sports is one of my favourite things to do during the holidays, school and in my spear time. Family is whats really important to me in life as I love each and everyone of my family members so much but we all know that all siblings can have there ups and downs, but we will eventually get to the point of solving the problem. Last but not least, Music is what I love doing and is what most people do in there spear time. I really hope you enjoyed my short description and the post of my visual mihi. Overall hope you enjoyed and don't forget to leave a comment. Thanks a lot for reading and once again hope you enjoyed! 

Wednesday, 13 February 2019

Te Tiriti o Waitangi.

WALT: Comprehend a text by making text-to-text and text-to-self connections!

Task Description:
For today's task I was to complete the final slide of the day which was the similarities slide, doing that slide was super hard and took me a long time to complete which is really surprising. I loved reading both texts of the task as it was super interesting and made me feel even more interested into reading more about Te Tiriti o Waitangi. This was a super fun task and I enjoyed it so much, especially having to do this with Christina and Calais which came out super funny for us. Overall I really hope you enjoy my post and hope to see you all soon for some more amazing posts, Enjoy!

Tuesday, 5 February 2019

First Blog Post For 2019...!

First Blog Post For 2019.....!
WALT: We are learning to have a positive digital footprint.

My name is Hinerangi if you don’t already know me, I am a senior (year 8) student here at Pt England
School. I have had such an amazing job learning and getting to know everyone of the students in
not only our home class but other classes as well. The class I am in for 2019 is Room 4 and my
teacher this year is Mrs Stone, she is super fun and an amazing teacher. So far I've learnt how to
communicate and cooperate as a team, learn everyone’s names, and to show more respect than I
did in Room 1, 2018. Unfortunately this will be my final year as a Pt England student but I know I
would need to work harder from now on so I’ll be ready for college. The classes I’m in for 2019 are
Rooms 4 and 5, I am really excited to see what we will be learning throughout the year and to be
meeting everyone who I don’t really talk to or communicate with. Overall I am super excited for this
year and I can’t wait to experience the class of Room 5 as I wasn’t able to be in last year. During
the summer I would like to say a big thanks for all the support and courage through the summer
holidays, hope to see you back here and commenting once again. Hope to see you all soon and
thanks a lot for reading. I can’t wait to start blogging and learning more with you. Enjoy my blog
posts of 2019!

Final year with everyone of 2019, Got to make it last. I hope all you year 7 students give it your all
so that your ready to become the leaders of our school, as I know you'll be some great ones. I also
hope the year 8 students have a great time as it's our final year, Keep having fun and enjoy your
final year. Overall I hope all the other students of the school enjoy the years of this amazing school.

Sunday, 6 January 2019

Week 4, Day 5: The Sky's the Limit! - SLJ

DAY 5: The Sky’s the Limit!

Activity 1: Environment Day - Beat Plastic Pollution [4 points]
Because SLJ is only 2 activities away from the end of my adventure I’ve
decided to complete each activity in documents, ( Presentations, Google
drawings, Google docs ) Hope you enjoy and keep blogging just like I will!  
Every year we celebrate World Environment Day in June. On World Environment Day we
do what we can to protect our planet. This year the focus is on reducing the use of plastic
bags and water bottles. Watch this Environment Day video to learn more about it!
What could you and your family do to protect the planet?
On your blog tell us three things that you could do to help save the planet.
Here’s the presentation I was talking about before, Hope you enjoy!

Activity 2: Adoption Day [4 points]
Not only can you help the planet by reducing, reusing and recycling, you can also help to
save animals and plants by ‘adopting’ them. To ‘adopt’ an animal through the World
Wildlife Fund (WWF), you need to visit their adopt a species page, read through the list of
animals and choose one.
With the WWF, you don’t actually adopt the animal and bring it home! It’s a symbolic adoption.
In this case you pay a fee ($55.00) and the money is used to provide food and care for your
chosen animal. Visit the WWF site and take a look at the animals who are available for
adoption. Choose your ‘top three’ animals from the website.
On your blog, list the three animals that you have chosen and then compare and
contrast them. How are they similar? How are they different? At the bottom of your
post, tell us which of the three animals you would most like to adopt..
Here is a little document of google drawings I’ve created, Hope you enjoy!
The animal I would love to adopt would have to be the Cheetah. My reason why I chose the
Cheetah is because I will need back up for races and they are super fury. I’d also love to
adopt a Cheetah due to how well they act and I would love the privilege to be able to see
them up close. If you didn’t know all three animals that were pointed out were animals I
haven’t seen up close as for the Amur Tiger and Snow Leopard I decided to choose them
because I’ve never seen anything like them, and I was determined to learn more about
them. Because this was such a hard activity I wasn’t able to get that much similarities on
this activity. Overall I really hope you enjoy my second to last activity.
Activity 3: Concluding the Journey [10 points]
Sadly, the Summer Learning Journey has now come to an end. It is time to reflect on
everything that you have learned about the environment and, particularly, about how you
can protect and preserve it.

On your blog please tell us:
What is one thing that you learned from participating in the Summer Learning
Journey programme this year?

Sadly this is the end of my adventure with the SLJ programme. This summer was super incredible
as I really enjoyed myself but this will be my final time participating in this years summer Learning
Journey programme. I’ve learnt so much like places I didn’t even know that actually exists here in
New Zealand. I am for sure that I will tell my fellow friends who didn’t participate in this years
SLJ about everything I’ve learnt when I head back to school. Because the day has finally ended
for me that doesn’t mean I’m going to stop blogging. Hope to see most of you’s continuing to blog
this summer holidays.  
What is one thing that surprised you?
First of all each and every activity I did for the past few weeks absolutely surprised me due to how
they were presented to me, but the activity that most surprised me would have to be day 1, activity 3
of week 2. After finding out more about that I finally got to know more about fish. So overall my
answer for this question would have to be week 2, Day 1, Activity 3. What is on thing that surprised
you, this summer blogging?  

What is one thing that concerned or upset you?
The only one thing that has upset me is having to say goodbye to SLJ. Throughout this summer I’ve definitely enjoyed myself especially the day my family and I drove all the way to Parakai springs. Each and every activity made me tell myself, wait this is actually more than what we do at school. So overall for this question it would have to be nothing besides having to say goodbye to the SLJ programme.  

What is one thing that you (or your family) can do, moving forward, to help protect our natural environment?

How I will be moving forward to help protect our environment is to continue doing what we do best and to help our animals not to get sick. Overall here's what I want to say to everyone.

I would like to say a massive thank you to everyone who made my holidays a lot more enjoyable and for setting us up 4 weeks of incredible activities which will help us to extend our learning. My journey through this years summer blogging was super incredible. I really hope everyone continues to stay cyber smart online, carry on blogging and enjoy your holidays. Overall I would really like to say thank you to everyone who has blogged or participated in the SLJ programme this year, hope to see you all continuing to blog. Thank you so very much for all your support like, leaving comments and more. Keep blogging and enjoy your delightful holidays!

Task Description:

As you already know this is my final post with the Summer Learning Journey programme. I really hope everyone continues to blog and thank you to all the helpers/staff members who have given us these activities which has helped us a lot. Activity 1, For activity 1 I have decided to create a little presentation about how we can save our planet by pollution and many more. Activity 2, For activity 2 I've decided to do a little document about the three animals I have decided for this particular activity. Activity 3, For activity 3 I was to answer a few questions about my journey with the SLJ programme. I really hope you enjoy my final post with the SLJ and that everyone continues to blog until school begins.