Thursday, 5 December 2019

Chromosomes, 1 - 22

Chromosomes: 1 - 22
If you didn't know every human has 23 pairs of Chromosomes, in total we have 46. Here is an image of how we solved and placed each chromosome in each section! 

Task description:
Today in room 4 Genomics we were to place each chromosome from numbers 1 - 22. Each pair were to be Red and blue with words/numbers written on each chromosome. This task was quite challenging as it was hard finding and matching the right chromosomes. Although it was challenging I definitely found something I never knew before, Thanks to Doctor Terry I had so much fun as it also made many of us come together and work as a team. Now I know more about chromosomes and the exact amount we have!     

Hope you enjoy and that you learn something off this post, I definitely did!  

Chromosomes - 5th December 2019 

Wednesday, 4 December 2019

Who Dunnit?

Who dunnit?

Today in room 4 we are solving a crime due to the scene of someone breaking in & stealing something which hadn't been found by the owners or anyone, during the investigation we found bits and pieces of bloody cloths which was covered in blood. The window was violently smashed and the man had vanished in under 2 minutes before the investigators arrived.

Suspect 1: AB + 
Suspect 2: B
Suspect 3: A+
Suspect 4: 0 -

Although the suspects had different blood types all we were needed to find was A+. Due to the blood stains on the bloody cloth we had found the perfect match which came out A positive. The suspect was perfectly matched to suspect 3. Here are the images of us testing our suspect's blood!

Suspect 3: Positive - 4th December 2019!   

Monday, 11 November 2019

Living Organisms - 1&2

WALT: Place organisms on a continuum


Task Description:
For this task room 4 and I were to complete the task of knowing what was smallest - largest. Part 1 explains the living organisms from smallest to largest. Part 2 explains the connections between the cells from smallest to largest. Overall this task was incredibly interesting as it made me actually want to lean about living organisms and our cells.   

Wednesday, 6 November 2019

Dna - note taking!

Dna - note taking!

Today Room 4 watched a short video about cells and how they’re connected. Below this
introduction is my what I’ve been taking notes of. Learning more about cells and how they’re
connected was incredibly interesting. I really hope you enjoy! 
How is Dna, chromosomes and gene connected? Today we will be talking about how Dna,
chromosomes and genes relate. 

Our body is made up of hundreds and thousands of cells. Cells are only seen under a microscope. 

Humans have 23 pairs of chromosomes. Chromosomes have different sorts of information about

 Dna is made up of 4 basis (AKA) 4 different things. A,G,C,T. Dna is in the chromosome, the
chromosome is in the nucleus, and the nucleus is in the cell. 

The reason why Dna is shaped as a ladder is because…
A always joins with T  and G always joins with C

When a sequence of three pairs come together they create a word, then when we add more
words together we then create a chapter which is called gene.  

Gene’s are like chapters in a book. More than one or two genes is what creates our chromosome.
Chromosome is what lives in the nucleus.

Protein base letters:
Codons = words
Gene = Chapter
Chromosome = Book

Monday, 4 November 2019

Science Experiment

Science Experiment!

Aim: see onion cells on a microscope

I think the 100x magnification we’ll be able to see what’s about to happen!

Microscope Onion
Cover slip
Blue dye - Blue stain

Our very first step started off with using a slide, after that we got ourselves a pair of tweezers and one onion, using the tweezers and onion we were to peel a thin layer of onion and gently placed it onto the slide, after placing the thin layer of onion onto the slide we were to pour a few drops of saline on top and add a bit of blue stain. The last step was to add a cover slip as it’ll help to make our vision more clear to see.

On the 10x microscope we were able to see the basic shape of the cell.
On the 40x microscope we were able to see a closer version of the segmented area.
On the 100x microscope we were only able to see the blue stain but from what our vision was the colour was purple.

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Thursday, 26 September 2019

Top 5 Highlights - Term 3

WALT: Explain our top 5 highlights that happened in term 3

Task Description:
For this task I am to write 5 highlights of term 3's most amazing things. I really hope you all enjoy my final post of term 3 talking about my top 5 favourite highlights. Overall this was an awesome term and I can't wait to see what term 4 presents us. Good luck for the holidays always stay happy and be safe. Thank you to all the teachers for the support and work they have given us. Happy Holidays kids.

Wednesday, 18 September 2019

Label the parts of a cell - Inquiry

What’s inside a cell?

NUCLEUS: Nucleus is the brain of the cell. It tells you what type of cell it will be and when it will decide to divide.

RIBOSOMES: Ribosomes is what makes the proteins. The cell can create new structures from the ribosomes protein.  

CHROMOSOME: It’s the item that carries our dna. 

GOLGI BODIES: Post office? Is what transports molecules around the entire cell.

MITACHONDRION: The powerhouse of the cell. They take in food and turn into energy cellular respiration.  

ENDOPLASMIC RETICULUM: Transportation that collect and take the molecules to where they are needed to go.

About Organelles
All living things contain a variety of different cells. Cells are the main structure that living things are based on. The cell membrane is a thin layer that separates what goes in and out. The cell wall is incredibly tough and holds its shape. Cell walls are what let them stand tall. Tiny organ that play a different role in the cell. It gets rid of waste, reproduce and repairs. The organelles float in cytoplasm.  

Credits also to:

Friday, 16 August 2019


For today's learning activities room 4 maths were to complete a variety of different maths stages. Today's breakout was super interesting as we were to solve measurement puzzles in groups of 2 - 3 or 4. Everyone were to solve each break out problem to be able to complete the activities. The overall outcome of this breakout activity was incredibly insane as everyone began to fight for their overall, awesome task. The task was set up as different elements and was amazing, one of my favourite activities was the word challenge. I loved this part of maths as it was interesting and really different from what we often do in room 4 maths. I really hope you enjoy our break out task! Enjoy...  

Persuade Map - Planning

WALT: Support our opinions with strong reasons

Task Description:

For this task room 5 and I (Literacy) were to create a map that represents the title, We should have more time for morning tea. For this task I've decided to agree with this main topic as it seemed easier for me to state and I really think these are some awesome main points/statements. To be able to read the texts closely you are to press the image above and read the above, overall this was a really simple task and I'm super happy to be able to share this with you all. Cheers!

Tuesday, 13 August 2019

Butter Chicken - Cooking

WALT: Make Butter Chicken

For this task my partner and I (Ayla) are making butter chicken. This week's worth of cooking was completely delicious but unfortunately I wasn't able to demolish the entire plate. Cooking this was incredible and it shows everyone in the kitchen simple ways to listen, pay close attention and read the following instructions/ingredients. I really hope each and everyone of you enjoy this weeks worth of cooking as it was delicious, incredible and amazing. Overall it was interesting and I am super grateful to my buddy Ayla for doing all the cleaning. Here is the close up of what my buddy and I created, hope you enjoy!

Wednesday, 7 August 2019

Activity 7 - Linking Words

WALT: Plan out a persuasive piece of writing

Task Description:

For this task my literacy class and I are learning different meanings behind persuasive writing. As you might already know this is the last Activity that is needed to be done which is called - Linking words. This task was all about linking words to what had been posted before, overall I really enjoyed this task as it was super interesting and to be honest it actually taught some cool stuff about being a leader, showing teamwork and team building. Overall I really hope you enjoy!

Tuesday, 6 August 2019

Activity 5 - Introduction Hook

WALT: Plan out a persuasive piece of writing

Task Description:

For this task my literacy class and I are learning different meanings behind persuasive writing. For this task I was to hook every audience into becoming either a future athlete, a sports person or even a couch or manager. I really hope you enjoy the post I have presented as yesterday I was out at a Netball tournament. This persuasive writing was really interesting and I really hope you enjoy it as much as I love this topic. Enjoy as their is one more to go!

Saturday, 3 August 2019

Activity 4 - Reasons

WALT: Plan out a persuasive piece of writing

Task Description:
For this task my literacy class and I are learning different meanings behind persuasive writing. In each 4 squares you will find different meanings for each one. For this task I was to make a counter-argument towards myself and my audience. In the previous post I was to tell you all why I want more time of sports/P.E. Well in this case I was to create a counter-argument in each box are what I was to think of as my final reasons/opinion. As most of you all know I love sports and I highly recommend everyone to join as much sports as possible. Overall I hope you enjoy today's work until tomorrow or Monday! 

Here are the image attributions!

Here are the website attributions!

Friday, 2 August 2019

Measurement Madness

WALT: calculate area, perimeter and volume

Task Description:
For this task room 4 maths and I were to complete the slides of measurement madness. This task was super hard as it took me a whole week to complete. Overall I really hope you enjoy today's finished work and hope to see you all back here soon.

Thursday, 1 August 2019

Activity 3 - Planning

WALT: Plan out a persuasive piece of writing
Task Description:
For this task my literacy class and I are learning different meanings behind persuasive writing. Listed in the blue little squares are why I would want more time of PE/Sports. In each 4 explanation bubbles are what I think about this and what my opinion overall is. I really hope you enjoy what my final opinions on why I think we should all have extended time at sports. Really hope you enjoy today's work and hope to see you all back here surprisingly soon!

Here are the image attributions!

Tuesday, 30 July 2019

Activity 2 - What do you want to change?

WALT: Plan out a persuasive piece of writing
Task Description:

For this task my literacy class and I are learning different meanings behind persuasive writing. If you didn't know this is one of them related to this specific topic. In this task I was to explain, what you want to change? Listed in the yellow bubbles are my personal opinion of what I think and what I am wanting as a change. In each 5 explanation bubbles are what I think about this and what my opinion overall is. I really hope you enjoy what my final opinions on what I think should change in the world. I think most of you would agree with some statements being mentioned as some of them should be compulsory in this world. Overall hope you enjoy this mini peace of thought I was thinking and hope you all enjoy!

Chicken Wraps - Cooking

 WALT: Make Chicken Wraps

Task Description: 

For this task of cooking in term 3 our class made the delicious and easy chicken wrap. During the session of making this to me it felt like the easiest type of cooking we've made so far, this was an incredible learning session as it helped me to know more about making chicken wraps. The outcome of this was really delicious and tasted/looked super vegetarian. Overall this was an incredible small dish as it was made by myself and Ayla. Can't wait to see what next week brings me as I am looking forward to see what we will be making, really hope it's a type of dessert! Here is the outcome close up.

I really hope you all enjoy as much as my buddy, and the team did. 

Activity 1 - Your opinion matters

Task Description:
In today's task room 5 literacy were to complete the task of making your own opinion. This task was incredibly interesting but hard at the same time. This took me about an hour to complete so I really hope you enjoy. Enjoy the opinions of what I think towards these main statements and enjoy! 

Stand Up: A history of protest in New Zealand

WALT: Make connections between texts and the world
Task Description:

For this task I was to complete the presentation of stand up: a history protest in New Zealand. This literacy work took me a few hours to complete which seems really good in my own opinion. I really think this task extended my knowledge of knowing more about the maori and pakeha history through all of this. Overall I really enjoyed this incredible history task and can't wait to learn more while going along. Can't wait to see what is to come.

Friday, 26 July 2019

The Tree Of Life

WALT: Learn about the origin and tree of life

Today Room 4 is learning the living things that currently exist and extinct on our planet. On this image of the tree of life lays sea animals, creatures, land animals, flowers and more. After finding the rightful places for these animals/creatures we thought it'll be the greatest time to reveal and find the information of the origin of life. We are currently learning the origin of life which is super exciting and amazing as it really links on to what we are learning at the moment. The tree of life means everything, if you didn't know the tree of life created all living things by making one single cell organism. In a cell is nucleus, chromosome, DNA and of course Gene. A cell covers 2/3 of water inside your body which means your body is 2/3 of your whole entire body. Animals reproduce overtime and children are born with different traits. If it turns to be a positive trait it's able to live longer, if it's born with bad traits it would unfortunately die. 

Our topic this term is how are all living organisms connected? The tree of life is currently what the whole team is learning and is what most of us students are wanting to learn. I love that we are able to learn more or start learning about genomics as it tells us about, how we are related to different animals, how are all molecules connected and how the tree of life was made. Darwin was famous for it's well known knowledge for the tree of life. I can't wait to see what is to come and hope to find out more of what and when the tree of life was first made. 

Measurement Reminiscence

WALT: calculate area and perimeter 

Task Description:

For this task my group and I were to complete the task of Measurement Reminiscence in maths. This task was really interesting and definitely different from what I currently learnt from the past, the site work definitely made me think incredibly hard which was awesome. Overall it was a really good session of learning as I know I learnt more than what I did before. Enjoy my work!  

Thursday, 25 July 2019

What is Science - Literacy Work

WALT: Synthesise information from multiple sources

What is science?
List the process of the ‘scientific method’ and a short description of each stage.
Asking a question
proposing a possible solution called a hypothesis
Testing the hypothesis through experiments
Examining the results of the experiments to see if the hypothesis has been supported

And then proposing a new question or hypothesis

Different Scientists: 
Specialised Field & Description
Alexander Graham Bell 
Famous inventor, who created telephones. Thomas
Watson was the name of his partner who helped him
to get money. The both of them came up with the
idea of making telephones.  
James Chadwick
British physicist, who was awarded a Nobel prize for
physics of his discovery of the neutron in 1932.
James earned a master’s degree in physics 1913.  
Francis Crick
Physiologist and biologist, he focused on his studies
for physics and earned his bachelor’s degree. He
began working towards a PhD but paused due to
world war ll.
Rosalind Franklin
British Chemist, at the age of 15 Rosalind knew she
was going to pursue an education and career in
science. Rosalind became working as a research
assistant at the British coal utilisation research
Stephen Hawking 
British theoretical physicist, within 3 years of
enrolling in university college in oxford he earned a
natural science honours degree in 1962 at only 20
years old. Stephen studied the laws of physics that
make up the universe. 
James Clerk Maxwell
James is known for being one of the most important
scientists of all time, Albert Einstein recognised the
beginnings of Clerk Maxwell's relativity theories.
The words that came out of Albert Einstein was “The
work of James Clerk Maxwell changed the world
forever”. Jame’s research into electromagnetic
radiation brought things we still use today. Like TV's,
Phones, radio’s and infra-red-telescopes.       
Alfred Nobel
Famous scientist, inventor, businessman and a
founder of the Nobel prizes. Alfred’s father was a
famous engineer and inventor who moved to st.
peters burg to work in explosives manufacturing
factory. Alfred moved to st. peters burg to work again
in his father’s manufacturing factory. 
Then find more famous scientists HERE to add to your list. 

Wednesday, 24 July 2019

Pseudoscience Task

Walt: Find and link information across a range of texts

What was the author's main message in pseudoscience
To start off with there was a lot to take in as the author had so much to say. What I loved about
it though was that she tried to talk more about scientific statements that sound incredibly
convincing, but who knows if it’s true or not. So far, from what I’ve read I think his/her main
statement was how we are able to improve our memory and eyesight, one way is to eat
carrots and chocolate. After reading this I knew and thought really hard that this was all a fake,
for me personally I would say that carrots are just ordinary healthy vegetables and chocolate
or sweets, it's something that can get many people hyped depending on the amount of
chocolate that has been given. Overall I think her main point in pseudoscience was to not
always believe facts and ads especially if they sound scientific towards people. I would
definitely agree with the author as science people are able to get something wrong in life.   

What are some of the differences between scientists and advertisers?
Know more knowledge
Tempt people to buy their items
Scientist people test their things before
handing/selling their items
Make up a few things which may sound
believable to some viewers

Write 3 sentences explaining something new you’ve learned from this reading. 

That people shouldn’t believe everything advertisers and scientists put on google. I really think this was an important thing to share as many kids still use the information of what advertisers and scientists say. Everyone shouldn’t be using this knowledge and posting it as it’s known for being copyrighted and not quite true. 

I also wanted to share another statement of what I’ve also learnt which was to not eat loads and loads of sweet (Chocolate, lollies, fizzy drinks) as it’s not good for your health and can lead you to serious issues for beyond the future.