Tuesday, 13 August 2019

Butter Chicken - Cooking

WALT: Make Butter Chicken

For this task my partner and I (Ayla) are making butter chicken. This week's worth of cooking was completely delicious but unfortunately I wasn't able to demolish the entire plate. Cooking this was incredible and it shows everyone in the kitchen simple ways to listen, pay close attention and read the following instructions/ingredients. I really hope each and everyone of you enjoy this weeks worth of cooking as it was delicious, incredible and amazing. Overall it was interesting and I am super grateful to my buddy Ayla for doing all the cleaning. Here is the close up of what my buddy and I created, hope you enjoy!


  1. Kia ora Hinerangi!
    I really enjoyed this tasty blog-post! I also enjoy butter chicken and hearing that you made it, IN COOKING?! that just makes me jealous.. I would like to know do you have Cooking at your school? or do you go somewhere else? let me know!

    Otherwise fantastic (delicious) work!
    Nikita -

  2. Hello, Hinerangi my name is Jacob from Yaldhurst Model School I am a year 8. I really enjoyed your blog post about how you Make BUtter Chicken. It looks really yum to eat next time you could add a Recipe like how you make it and stuff. So we could learn how to make Butter chicken ourselves. And you should take a video at the end where you Take it out. Of the Oven or something. But you did really well keep up the great work bye.

    From Jacob: