Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Hinerangis Awesome Narrative short Story.

Walt: write stories with a complete orientation, problem, and resolution

In a far far away place there lived a superhero called Haley.
Haley has blond hair, red eyes and smelly toes. Haley lived in a dark forest all alone.  

One day Haley decided to go to the beach to have a swim. Suddenly she saw mermaids  coming towards her. So then Haley saw a cute boy called Ben. Ben has black hair, Hazel eyes and he likes the color blue.

The next day Haley went back to the beach to see if the mermaids were still there. Then Haley swam all the way into the ocean but the mermaids were already gone. Unfortunately Haley couldn’t swim fast so she got eaten up by a big fat whale. Inside the whale’s mouth it smelt very stinky and its mouth felt very soggy. Suddenly she heard a big bang. Haley felt very scared because she couldn’t get out of the whale’s mouth.

In the morning Haley felt very sick like she wanted to spew up. The day Haley got stuck in the whale's mouth she had an Idea. Her Idea was that the way she got in the whale’s mouth the way she was gonna get out. But then Haley’s Idea never worked. So she had another Idea which was that when the whale will spew water out she would go with it. So then her Idea worked. As soon as she got out of the whale's mouth she saw the mermaids. Unfortunately Haley couldn’t breath under water so she sunk.

When the mermaids caught Haley, Haley never woke up until the morning. In the morning Haley woke up but she never remembered anything but the mermaids. When she woke up she only remembered the mermaids. The Haley and Ben got together. SO THEY LIVED HAPPILY EVER AFTER...

Task Description...

Today Room 10 has made our new short story. My story was about a superhero but her weakness was that she couldn't swim. 




Friday, 19 February 2016

Hinerangi Math work...

Walt: listen to instructions and complete routines.

Task Description:

Today I am learning how to solve all of my questions for maths. Today I have already made my own one and it's about people going to the restaurant.

Thursday, 18 February 2016

Hinerangis advice .

Walt: understand the features of narrative writing.

Task Description:

Today we are learning how to make our own advice blog for you. Today I have made my own advice blog please give me your advice from Hinerangi.

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Hinerangi Narrative Writing...

Walt: understanding the features of narrative writing...

Once upon a time there was a boy called Matthew and a girl called Chloe. Matthew has short black hair, red eyes and blue shoes. Chloe has long curly hair, blue eyes and pink shoes.

In the weekends Matthew and Chloe would always go to the park to see their friends. Every Monday mornings Matthew and Chloe would always walk to school together with their friends. Matthew and Chloe always liked playing at the park early in the morning before going to class.

Before Matthew left school Chloe tried reminding him to get the groceries from the supermarket. As soon as the bell went to go home Matthew ran straight to his friends house without getting the groceries. Suddenly a creepy ghost popped out of nowhere while he was walking along to his friends house.

Suddenly Matthew knew that he had to get the food from the supermarket so he ran as fast as he can to get the food from the supermarket as his mum said. As soon as he got home his mother was really disappointed in him. At home Matthew and Chloe were playing lots of games on the tablet and on the computer. At home Matthew's mum wasn’t really disappointed in him and his dad. Finally they lived happily ever after.          

     Task Description:

To do this story we had to pick a character a Settings and a problem. We also had to write a story about what our Character's a setting and a problem.

Ski Fields of New Zealand

Walt: use knowledge and understanding in different contexts

Task Description:

Today we are learning about ski trips and were they are. We are also learning about it's height.  

Friday, 5 February 2016

Learning maths Skills.

  WALT Listen to instructions and complete routines.                                               

Task Description:

My task was to finish and complete all my maths work with correct answers.


           Task Description:

Today Rm 9 and 10 were learning facts about volcanoes. Magma Lava Ash Erupt and Vent are the bits and parts connected with the volcano.