Friday, 26 January 2018

Bonus Activity: Shake it off:)

Bonus Activity: Shake it Off

In recent years, many New Zealanders have embraced a new form of exercise called
Zumba©. It was developed by a man named Alberto Perez who lives in the country of
Columbia. He created Zumba by bringing together many different dance styles including:
cumbia, mambo, hip-hop, soca, samba, salsa, tango, merengue and mambo.

We were to choose one of the dance styles mentioned above and click on the name to
read more about it. Once we have completed that we had to post three interesting facts
about the dance style on our blog. In which country did it originate? Who originally created it?  

Here are my 3 most interesting facts I now know about the Tango dance:)

1:)  The Tango dance consists mainly in South America. The Tango dance was originated in a country called Argentina. They then began the border river - plate of Argentina & Uruguay.

2:) The  Tango dance is mainly performed in traditional gatherings, parties, Special events, dancing shows or even Parades. The music was form from a place called Europe. 

3:) The Tango dance began to spread wide world in the very early years of the 1800's. The dance originated in lower classes in Buenos Aires as well as Montevideo

I really hope you all enjoyed my blog post called Shake it off. I wander what dance you would choose? If you do know what dance you would choose please leave a short comment down below. I really do hope you enjoyed my post & please stay tunned for tomorrow's blog post:)

Thank you heaps for reading my blog post:)

Saturday, 20 January 2018

Activity 2: Lord of the rings:)

Activity 2: Lord of the Rings
Arguably one of the most famous movie trilogies of all time, The Lord of the Rings,
was filmed in New Zealand. All three movies were directed by a New Zealander named
Peter Jackson. The first movie was released in 2001, the second in 2002 and the third in
2003. The movies cost an estimated $300 million to produce!  

Imagine that instead of spending the money on the movies, Peter Jackson decided to give
all of this money to you. Lucky you! On your blog, tell us what you would do with $300
million dollars. How would you spend it? It is a lot of money so please think carefully about
it and spend it wisely :-)
 If Peter Jackson offered myself & my wonderful family $300 milion dollars I would get my family and I things like:)

1:) My parents a new & a bigger house.

2:) Mum & Dad there dream car ( each.

3:) Either a Vehicle or a Boat.

4:) I would buy homeless people a house & if they can drive, I would get them a car &
plenty of food for themselves as well as friends. It's always helpful to think about homeless
people & not just yourself or others that already have these kind of things.

5:) I would buy more clothing & shoes.

6:) The rest of the money can go to Charity, other communities & schools that need
money or things like that as well as my awesome family.

I really hope you enjoyed my blog post as it did take me a while to complete. This was a really fun task to do & I do apologise for not being on for the last couple of days. I really enjoyed myself & I do hope myself & some others do this kind of task some other time. Hope you enjoyed & I really hope you all stay tuned for more upcoming posts:)

Friday, 12 January 2018

Activity 1: Celebrating a win

Welcome to Week Four, and the final five days of our journey! Over the past three weeks we have travelled across time and learned about what life was like in New Zealand in the 19th and 20th centuries. We have now reached the 21st Century and are ready to learn about modern life in New Zealand.

Cool Kiwi Fact #5: Sign language became the third official language of New Zealand (alongside Te Reo Māori and English) in 2006. 

Activity 1: Celebrating a win:)

In 2000, the country of New Zealand celebrated when Russell Coutts and his sailing team won their second straight America’s Cup. This was the first time that a team from New Zealand had won back-to-back championships! Many people celebrated the victory with their friends and family.

On your blog, tell us what you and your family do to celebrate special events, such as birthdays. Do you have a special meal or go to a specific place? In our house, we usually make a pizza and bake a special cake. What about you?


On Birthdays we do things like take the Birthday person out for Lunch & Dinner as well as to find themselve a Birthday cake from the Cheesecake shop. We also get them plenty of presents & a lot of food for the other kids.

Thank you for reading my blog post about Celebrating a win. I really hope you enjoyed please stay tuned for more upcoming posts soon. Thanks heaps:)

Activity 1: Chasing Great

Image result for richie mccaw
Activity 1: Chasing Great
Over the past 17 years New Zealand has experienced a number of sporting highlights, perhaps none larger than the back-to-back Rugby World Cup victories in 2011 and 2015. In both competitions our national rugby team, the All Blacks, was captained by a man named Richie McCaw. He is arguably one of the best rugby players of all time. A movie called Chasing Great was recently created to document his incredible rugby career.

Please watch the trailer for Chasing Great and read about Richie McCaw online. On your blog tell us three things that you learned about Richie that you did not know beforehand. What else would you like to know about Richie?

3 Facts I didn't know abut Richie were things like:)

1:) He was born on the 31st of December 1980 & his full name is Richard Hugh Mccaw.

2:) He made his debut in the early 2000's - 2001 for his old Rugby team the Crusaders, and was selected for the All Blacks in 2001 for his end of year tour.

3:) Richie Mccaw has also equaled the Rugby record for most appearances at the Rugby World Cup with Jason Leonard.

So there we have it, here are the 3 things I didn't know about Richie Mccaw. I really hope you enjoyed my blog post mainly about Richard Hugh Mccaw. It was an easy & a really fun task to do, especially when I was feeling very exhausted. It was so fun doing this. I hope you enjoyed my very short blog post & I do hope you stay tuned in for more upcoming blog posts soon.

Monday, 8 January 2018

Activity 1: Hiking Tongariro

In 1990, one of the largest national parks in New Zealand, Tongariro, was listed as a World Heritage Site. It is a truly spectacular place to visit! Thousands of people go to Tongariro every year and hike the Tongariro Crossing. Visit the Tongariro website to learn more about the one-day hike.

On your blog tell us what you would need to pack if you were going to hike the Tongariro Crossing. What should you bring with you? Write a list of at least 5 items.

Other than making sure that you have the right equipment, what else should you do before heading out on a big hike? Click here to learn how
to stay safe while you’re hiking.
The things I must take when going for a hike:)

1:) A first Aid Kit.

2:) Map and a compass / GPS.

3:) Extra food and water.

4:) Safety items: Fire, Light, whistle and Sunscreen / Sun block.

5:) Clothing, sleeping gear, Rain gear and Water gear ( incase you want to go for a swim.

6:) Multi purpose gears for cooking & Appropriate footwear.


Things people must do before going on a huge hike:)

1:) Let a parent / an adult know before going somewhere / anywhere.

2:) Take the right supplies / gears.

3:) Always check that the weather is perfect.

4:) Always ask an adult or someone in your family to go with you.

Friday, 5 January 2018

Bonus Activity: A Bilingual Schooling system:)

Bonus Activity: A Bilingual Schooling System:)

For much of the past century, schools in New Zealand taught students in only one language – English. In 1972, Ngā Tamatoa member, Mrs. Hana Jackson, submitted a petition to Parliament to ask the government to include the teaching of Te Reo Māori (the Māori language) and Māori culture in New Zealand schools. We still use petitions to this day when we want an organisation (e.g. a school) to make a change.

Think about your school. What is one thing that you would like change. Would you like to learn about different things? Maybe you think school should only be open 3 days a week?

On your blog, write a letter to your principal to try and convince him/her to make the change. Ensure that your letter is polite and respectful.

Kia Ora Mr Burt,

There are a few things I would like to change about our School.
Here's some of them:)

1: Bullying:)

Bullying is not the way to change someone else's feelings especially if there feeling upset. Bullying should stop now, It is our time to make bullying stop immediatley / as soon as we can. Bullying could turn into violence & it is not the right thing to do, especially if younger ones are looking at you.

2: Littering:)

Littering is really bad for younger ones as they could get sick & end up in hospital. Littering should stop now, it could cause a lot of damage especially in the ocean / seas. It could cause sea damage by leaving the animals to die / past away. Littering should stop asap, as it is causing a lot of damage & it could get other kids sick & end up in hospital.

3: Teachers & helpers not getting enough sleep:)

Teachers & helpers should be aloud to go home a bit early as they are the ones teaching us things & giving us all work to do. They should get enough sleep as for those who stay up late & gives us all work to do. Many teachers around the world get absolutely no sleep but instead they stay up putting work on the class sites, which is a bit hard.

Here are the 3 reasons of what I would like to change about our school. If you are reading this blog post I am for sure you would be an amazing role model for the younger ones & will keep them out of trouble by, stop bullying & stop all the littering. I really hope you enjoyed & I do hope you stay tuned for more upcoming posts soon.

Thanks for visiting my blog:)

Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Bonus Activity: You have to pay to play:)

In 1990, for the first time in New Zealand’s history, universities and polytechnics started charging students money to go to school. Prior to then, it had been free to go to university or to a polytechnic. Since 1990, students have had to pay thousands of dollars to attend post-secondary (after high school) education.

The new Labour government have promised to give up to three years of free post-secondary education to all New Zealanders by 2020!

On your blog, tell us what you think. Should students have to pay money (tuition fees) to go to university? Why or why not?
To be honest I think students all around the world who really want to go to University should pay but then again they shouldn't have to. So I think my opinion for today is going to be in between yes & no. Here's why:)

1:  Over in England it cost's a maximum of $9,000 per student, overall they get a loan for about $5,555 or $7,75, just to help out with the students University supplies & much more other things they need in university. 

2: They should pay to go to university but then again they shouldn't, They should as It'll make there life much more easier & more satisfy. They shouldn't pay to go to University especially if it costs over $2,000 & more. 

3: The tuition fee pledge includes a deep increase of about $400 every single year, which makes it to the current maximum maintenance loan, This amount of money is probably not enough to satisfy every single student in University.

So there we have it, here are my 3 opinion's on why they should pay to go to University & why they should not. University is such a great community as for those who really want to get a job & actually just studdy for things like getting there drivers licence. Accounting & Finance, Anthropology, Archaeology, Architecture & much more. Thanks for visiting my blog I really hope you enjoyed & I hope you keep close in touch with my blogging. 

Bonus Points: 18