Friday, 5 January 2018

Bonus Activity: A Bilingual Schooling system:)

Bonus Activity: A Bilingual Schooling System:)

For much of the past century, schools in New Zealand taught students in only one language – English. In 1972, Ngā Tamatoa member, Mrs. Hana Jackson, submitted a petition to Parliament to ask the government to include the teaching of Te Reo Māori (the Māori language) and Māori culture in New Zealand schools. We still use petitions to this day when we want an organisation (e.g. a school) to make a change.

Think about your school. What is one thing that you would like change. Would you like to learn about different things? Maybe you think school should only be open 3 days a week?

On your blog, write a letter to your principal to try and convince him/her to make the change. Ensure that your letter is polite and respectful.

Kia Ora Mr Burt,

There are a few things I would like to change about our School.
Here's some of them:)

1: Bullying:)

Bullying is not the way to change someone else's feelings especially if there feeling upset. Bullying should stop now, It is our time to make bullying stop immediatley / as soon as we can. Bullying could turn into violence & it is not the right thing to do, especially if younger ones are looking at you.

2: Littering:)

Littering is really bad for younger ones as they could get sick & end up in hospital. Littering should stop now, it could cause a lot of damage especially in the ocean / seas. It could cause sea damage by leaving the animals to die / past away. Littering should stop asap, as it is causing a lot of damage & it could get other kids sick & end up in hospital.

3: Teachers & helpers not getting enough sleep:)

Teachers & helpers should be aloud to go home a bit early as they are the ones teaching us things & giving us all work to do. They should get enough sleep as for those who stay up late & gives us all work to do. Many teachers around the world get absolutely no sleep but instead they stay up putting work on the class sites, which is a bit hard.

Here are the 3 reasons of what I would like to change about our school. If you are reading this blog post I am for sure you would be an amazing role model for the younger ones & will keep them out of trouble by, stop bullying & stop all the littering. I really hope you enjoyed & I do hope you stay tuned for more upcoming posts soon.

Thanks for visiting my blog:)


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  2. Hey there Hinerangi, well done for writing a letter to your principal. I really like the way you've organised your ideas and titled each section. It makes it clear to read and easy to follow.

    It's great that you've put bullying at the top, it's a really important issue. You say how it needs to stop and I am sure the principal agrees, but how do you want to stop it? You need to offer a solution.

    Littering is another aspect of a school that often needs to be addressed. It's great that you've identified this as an issue but how would you like to resolve the problem? The principal will be expecting you to offer a solution to the problem.

    You could, for example, suggest that the he motivates the school to pick up rubbish/not litter by offering a reward. He might propose; "If the school is clean and tidy from litter for one entire term, then we will have ice blocks/mufti day on the final day of school."

    Something like that might motivate students to all pitch in and do their part.

    What do you think?

    Thanks, great work as always Hinerangi!