Sunday, 30 April 2017

Hinerangi Last day of School Holidays!!!

Task Description:

For this task I was thinking that creating a presentation would be quiet fun to do while we are on holiday and simply it is the last day of School Holidays. So I created presentation and I wanted to create a presentation called the last day of Holidays, Mainly it's called the last day of School Holidays. I hope you enjoy my last post for term 1 holidays. Stay tuned for more posts next term/ Holidays... Hinerang!!!

Solve multiplication problems...

Hinerangi Solve multiplication problems…

File:Emblem-multiply.svg - Wikipedia

18 x 20 = 360
23 x 13 = 299
10 x 33 = 330
9 x 9 =  81

Task Description:

For this task I wanted to create a doc and use this doc for my Maths. I was wanting to do my maths because once I get back to School I would know what to do instead of hesitating. My job was to get my Mum to write some questions for me to do and so I did, Please check out some of my other posts's and leave a positive comment. Thank you heaps! Hinerangi:

Things I enjoy!!!

Thursday, 27 April 2017

Hinerangi Will it sink or float!!!

Task Description:

For this task there was a presentation for team 4 on the site to do and create to put on our blogs. I was to collect objects for me to use when I do the presentation. The Items include 
1. A paper boat. 2. Small Rugby Ball 3. Handball 4.Money 5.Bottle cap and Tinfoil wrapper. I was so confused that I had told to give my Chromebook to my Mum. Thank you for reading my presentation and feel free to comment on mine and other peps blogs. THANK YOU!!!

Wednesday, 26 April 2017


Task Description:

Yesterday was Anzac. Happy Anzac Day. First I wanted to create a presentation saying how much we enjoy celebrating Anzac, And yesterday was a lot of fun. First I talked about What Anzac is mainly all about and how it could help you. I hope you enjoy  my family and my post. Happy late Anzac day...

Sunday, 23 April 2017

Lillyana, Hinerangi Pass the Story 2!!!

Once upon a time there lived 2 girls named Lillyana, Hinerangi and a little puppy called Cloud, They were living in a place / Countrie called Los Angeles. Have you ever been to Los Angele?  Lillyana, Hinerangi and there puppy Cloud wanted to go to New York and wanted to see what they can buy with there money, The amount of money they had got was $1,000 but they had splitted it to make it even. Finally they had arrived in New York City and so the 3 of them had ran straight to a hotel stadium, surprisingly they had gotten the final hotel Room and it was full of Desert’s. So Hinerangi and Lillyana Started to look around the hotel and there was dog food for our puppy cloud but they had wanted to look around the hotel but they started to eat some dessert and feed could as they were eating. While they were eating Hinerangi had dashed off outside with cloud while Lillyana had went to the living room, But Lillyana didn’t know about that so she went out and didn’t come back until 5:30 in the morning. So Lillyana said to herself where did Hinerangi go ??? so Lillyana went outside at nighttime to see if Hinerangi was out there but Hinerangi was not outside or Inside so Lillyana was worried about losing her best friend and there puppy Cloud. While Lillyana was looking for them she had run back to the room and suddenly Hinerangi and Cloud was in bed straight to sleep, Lillyana was still confused about that and she only had 1:30 minutes to sleep, So she had crashed to sleep. So the next morning Lillyana went to Hinerangi’s room and opened the door so Lillyana said but I could not find you last night but we all know she was safe with Cloud and was happy. So they had all lived happily ever after!!!

Task Description:
For this task I and Lillyana wanted to create another post about Pass the Story. This pass the Story is part 2 because we thought that creating another pass the Story would be quiet fun for everyone to read and so we did it, Here is the first story about this. Have a see at the bottom of the page. Thank you all for reading and please feel free to leave a positive comment.  

Hinerangi Solve multiplication problems...

Maths!!!File:Emblem-multiply.svg - Wikipedia

16 x 63 = 1008
21 x 15 = 315
65 x 6 = 390
325 x 10 = 3250
20 x 13 = 260
James has 6 boxes of cookies. Each box has 4 cookies inside, How many cookies does James have? 24 because 6 x 4 = 24 and because in each box it holds only 4 cookies in 6 boxes so the answer would have to be 24.
Miles has 6 packets of lollies. Each packet has got 12 lollies inside of them, How many Lollies would he have? 72 lollies because 6 x 10 = 60 and 6 x 2 = 12 so the answer would have to be 72.
Task Description:

For this task I wanted to create a doc and use this doc for my Maths. I was wanting to do my maths because once I get back to School I would know what to do instead of hesitating. My job was to get my Mum to write some questions for me to do and so I did, Please check out some of my other posts's and leave a positive comment. Thank you heaps! Hinerangi: 

Friday, 21 April 2017

What I like to do in the Holidays...

Task Description:
For this task I wanted to create a presentation called What I like to do in the Holidays. Please have fun reading it, Thank you very much!!! 

Hinerangi Zoo Animals!!!

Task Description:
For this task we had to do a presentation named Zoo Animals, My task was to read the instructions and do what it said to do to complete this task, I was actually hoping for it to be a bit better. I also created some post's with my friends Lillyana and Leilani. I thought my task was to do this presentation and finish it off on Thursday, But I was busy as yesterday. Thank you for reading hope to your blog's later on today. 

Your Friend:

Thursday, 20 April 2017

3 bloggers that love 2 blog!!!

Task Description:

Sorry for not putting the Task Description here but for a reminder my Task Description will be inside the presentation: Thank you!!!

Pass the Story!!!

WALT: Use 3 people for pass the Story:

Once upon a time 3 girls named Leilani, Lillyana and Hinerangi wanted to go to the Mall but unfortunately Leilani didn’t want to come.  So Leilani stayed home and went on her laptop and watched a few movies on youtube by herself. Later on she got really bored so she said to herself let’s throw a party without them so she invited all her friends over that Lillyana and Hinerangi didn’t know about,But she still carried on. As soon as Lillyana and Hinerangi got home Leilani found out that it was time to pack up so everyone went home and Leilani felt so sick, So she went to bed and had a long sleep, Well it was a long night. The next morning Lillyana and Hinerangi knocked on Leilani’s door to ask if she wanted to come with us to have some breakfast all together.Then she was like yes please I really am hungry and I feel a bit better, So the 3 of them went to have breakfast altogether and they live happily ever after together as one big happy family, As friends.
Task Description:
For this task I, Lillyana and Leilani wanted to do a post about pass the story, Pass these few Minutes Lilly and I wanted to write a simple story that might would interest use all. I, Lillyana and Leilani figured out something we should write about so we started doing a story about us hanging out and how we became friends again. Thank you for reading:

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Making paper planes...

Task Description:

For this task team 4 will be doing there own blogging challenge and there are only a minimum of us doing it, I am doing it as well. Me, Amelia,  Jahzara,  Lillyana, Naomi, Bethan and much more are doing this, I sometimes get a bit bored.  

Friday, 14 April 2017

Hinerangi Happy Easter:

WALT: Create a Happy Easter Presentation:

Description: Well as we all know that this time during the week it is the Holidays which means we have got only 2 weeks off of School including a few days.  Well for the past few weeks and days I have been posting blog posts on my blog and commenting on other people's blog's. My description was that I had learnt how to post great and normal presentations on my blog for use to read and write, Feel free to visit my blog and especially this post. Your friend and poster Hinerangi...

Hinerangi Happy Holidays and Happy easter...

Image result for happy holidays messages

Hey guys I would just like to say wish you all the best this season and always Happy Holidays! I would like to say a BIG!!! thank you to Miss Parrant, Mrs Stickland, Miss Scanlan, Mr Goodwin, Mr Somerville and along with Mr Burt, Miss West and Mrs Buchanan for being the best teachers I have ever had for team 4, you are amazing. This!!! term has been amazing and enjoyable for I and my friends and I have definitely learning a lot of things that are Native in New Zealand. I also have learnt a lot of Maths with Mr Goodwin and Mrs Stickland well as Chastyti, Amelia, Bethan and Justice, It has been an incredible term with all the teachers and wonderfull learners meaning as students, Well I am hoping to see everyone at School and pray the lord that it won't rain on the first day of term 2. Hope you have an amazing holiday and HAPPY EASTER:

  Image result for Easter

Hinerangi Native Trees and Birds.

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Hinerangi placce value...

WALT: Practice Place Value with a buddy:


Hinerangi Creating a DLO = Digital Learning Objects.

Walt: synthesise information from across multiple texts

Task Description:

For this task we had to create a presentation that is called the DLO presentation. If you do not know what DLO stands for it stands for Digital Learning Objects. The Digital Learning Object for me was quiet hard and difficult until I heard some of the options we could do for this presentation.  

Thursday, 6 April 2017

Hinerangi Statistical investigation:

WALT: Carry out a statistical investigation:

Task Description:

For this task we had to do a presentation talking about Statistical investigation. We also had to do this task and it was quiet hard. We also had to be talking about Easter eggs and mainly it was about Tally Marks. Hinerangi...  

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Hinerangi Food chain...

Walt: make connections across multiple texts.

Task Description:

For this task we had to do a google drawing doc and we had to write a 5 sentence paragraph about what a Food chain is and how it works. For this task we also had to do a google drawing doc saying who eats who and mainly how this whole thing works. Well the main thing was that everyone had fun but Jaedah did look like she was a bit bored of this. Anyways this whole thing that I did was a lot of fun and I would want to do this again some other time. From Hinerangi... 

Monday, 3 April 2017

Hinerangi Spider Wacker VS Black Wicked Spider...

Walt: make connections across multiple texts.
Many years ago there lived a bug named Spider Wacker and a Spider named Black Wicked Spider. One day the Spider and the Bug wanted to wander around the forest to look for food, But they kept on searching. As they were looking for food the Spider wacker and the Black Wicked Spider wanted to split up to make it easier for themselves.  

As they were still searching the Spider Wacker knew that he heard something coming from behind. Suddenly it was a Scorpion, As the Scorpion came out from behind the Spider Wacker quickly ran back home, So they were never to be seen again.

20 years later. The Spider Wacker and the Black Wicked Spider finally came out of it’s home, they both wanted to Start a new adventure in it’s new home. As they were still searching the Scorpion came back to its predators, But they were still alive.

Finally it was time for its feast. As the Scorpion came racing to its predators the Black Wicked Spider just stepped back and waited for it to come. Looking at the back of him the Scorpion was right in front of him. As the Scorpion started walking back the length from behind the tree came straight to it’s back. Suddenly the Scorpion tries to attack the Spider Wacker and eat the whole thing up.

As it carried on trying to attack the Bug it never wanted to eat him as the Spider started doing it’s own Kung Fu moves that scare away Scorpions. As it came to the end the Spider Wacker started eating the Scorpion and broke him up into gigantic pieces. Finally the Spider and Bug were free and now they know what to do when they see another Scorpion around. As they carried on walking home they wanted to cook the Scorpion for it’s feast and never wanted to see the Scorpions face ever again.

The End:    
Task Description:
For this task we had to write a story about the spider and the bug we had created. We also had to add our pictures into this writing instead of Daisies and Amelia. Well anyway hope you enjoy reading this amazing writing post: Hinerangi...

Sunday, 2 April 2017

Hinerangi Rippa Rugby...

WALT: Write 6-7 paragraphs about Rip-pa Rugby 

On Friday the year 4-6’s got the chance to go to the Pakuranga Rugby Club. There were only 5 teams that went to the game.
1. All Reds  2. Bubble Gum  3. Candy  4. Doughnuts and the Girls team, The team I was in was the Bubblegum team and Miss Vaafusuaga was our coach.

As soon as the bus arrived all the teams went racing to find a seat, I was right at the back. Finally we were off to the game and some of us started singing a song. A few minutes later, we arrived at the game, luckily we were the second ones to arrive which was surprising. As soon as we got onto the field Miss Vaafusuaga wanted the A and B team (boys) to help set up the Gazebo. Us girls helped out a bit.

1 hour later it was the A team's first 2 games of the day and our team was so excited for them. Watching the A team play their first game was a bit fun because some of us got to learn how to defend and pass the ball to score an awesome try. Well finally it was our turn to play our games and some of us looked a bit nervous, I was a lot nervous than I imagined.

Jumping up and down we were so glad that we won our games for the day, The A team was also happy for us. Finally we got some time to eat our food and I had a lot to finish. A couple of minutes after our game it was the A team’s 3rd and 4th games of the day. In those games some us noticed that the A team actually won all their games as well as the Girls team, They seemed awesome as well.

Finally it was time for our final game of the term, As we kept on passing the ball some of us actually knocked it on and started over stepping. That wasn’t even funny, At least we got some tags off them and scored some tries. In the end we all felt so sad that we lost by 2 points and didn’t make it to the finals. At least the A team took them out.

Anyways that day we just had was so fun and we couldn’t have done this without all the coaches, Teachers and especially Miss Vaafusuaga. We are so glad that we still had an awesome day but unfortunately we still didn’t make it to the finals. So what I’ll like to say is a big well done to all of those kids who participated in this weekly Rippa Rugby tournament and we hope to see you all next year. Well anyways thank you Coaches, Managers and all the kids that wanted to Verse us at the tournament. THANK YOUSE ALL HEAPS:  

Task Description:
For this task we had to write a Non Native story about Rippa Rugby and why we enjoyed the day we had without our teachers. Well we also had to write a story that actually hooks our story readers and why you think they should do this sport sometime. Well if you are reading this story please comment on my blog and I'll try my best to reply to you some other time.