Sunday, 23 April 2017

Lillyana, Hinerangi Pass the Story 2!!!

Once upon a time there lived 2 girls named Lillyana, Hinerangi and a little puppy called Cloud, They were living in a place / Countrie called Los Angeles. Have you ever been to Los Angele?  Lillyana, Hinerangi and there puppy Cloud wanted to go to New York and wanted to see what they can buy with there money, The amount of money they had got was $1,000 but they had splitted it to make it even. Finally they had arrived in New York City and so the 3 of them had ran straight to a hotel stadium, surprisingly they had gotten the final hotel Room and it was full of Desert’s. So Hinerangi and Lillyana Started to look around the hotel and there was dog food for our puppy cloud but they had wanted to look around the hotel but they started to eat some dessert and feed could as they were eating. While they were eating Hinerangi had dashed off outside with cloud while Lillyana had went to the living room, But Lillyana didn’t know about that so she went out and didn’t come back until 5:30 in the morning. So Lillyana said to herself where did Hinerangi go ??? so Lillyana went outside at nighttime to see if Hinerangi was out there but Hinerangi was not outside or Inside so Lillyana was worried about losing her best friend and there puppy Cloud. While Lillyana was looking for them she had run back to the room and suddenly Hinerangi and Cloud was in bed straight to sleep, Lillyana was still confused about that and she only had 1:30 minutes to sleep, So she had crashed to sleep. So the next morning Lillyana went to Hinerangi’s room and opened the door so Lillyana said but I could not find you last night but we all know she was safe with Cloud and was happy. So they had all lived happily ever after!!!

Task Description:
For this task I and Lillyana wanted to create another post about Pass the Story. This pass the Story is part 2 because we thought that creating another pass the Story would be quiet fun for everyone to read and so we did it, Here is the first story about this. Have a see at the bottom of the page. Thank you all for reading and please feel free to leave a positive comment.  

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