Monday, 3 April 2017

Hinerangi Spider Wacker VS Black Wicked Spider...

Walt: make connections across multiple texts.
Many years ago there lived a bug named Spider Wacker and a Spider named Black Wicked Spider. One day the Spider and the Bug wanted to wander around the forest to look for food, But they kept on searching. As they were looking for food the Spider wacker and the Black Wicked Spider wanted to split up to make it easier for themselves.  

As they were still searching the Spider Wacker knew that he heard something coming from behind. Suddenly it was a Scorpion, As the Scorpion came out from behind the Spider Wacker quickly ran back home, So they were never to be seen again.

20 years later. The Spider Wacker and the Black Wicked Spider finally came out of it’s home, they both wanted to Start a new adventure in it’s new home. As they were still searching the Scorpion came back to its predators, But they were still alive.

Finally it was time for its feast. As the Scorpion came racing to its predators the Black Wicked Spider just stepped back and waited for it to come. Looking at the back of him the Scorpion was right in front of him. As the Scorpion started walking back the length from behind the tree came straight to it’s back. Suddenly the Scorpion tries to attack the Spider Wacker and eat the whole thing up.

As it carried on trying to attack the Bug it never wanted to eat him as the Spider started doing it’s own Kung Fu moves that scare away Scorpions. As it came to the end the Spider Wacker started eating the Scorpion and broke him up into gigantic pieces. Finally the Spider and Bug were free and now they know what to do when they see another Scorpion around. As they carried on walking home they wanted to cook the Scorpion for it’s feast and never wanted to see the Scorpions face ever again.

The End:    
Task Description:
For this task we had to write a story about the spider and the bug we had created. We also had to add our pictures into this writing instead of Daisies and Amelia. Well anyway hope you enjoy reading this amazing writing post: Hinerangi...

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