Friday, 14 April 2017

Hinerangi Happy Holidays and Happy easter...

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Hey guys I would just like to say wish you all the best this season and always Happy Holidays! I would like to say a BIG!!! thank you to Miss Parrant, Mrs Stickland, Miss Scanlan, Mr Goodwin, Mr Somerville and along with Mr Burt, Miss West and Mrs Buchanan for being the best teachers I have ever had for team 4, you are amazing. This!!! term has been amazing and enjoyable for I and my friends and I have definitely learning a lot of things that are Native in New Zealand. I also have learnt a lot of Maths with Mr Goodwin and Mrs Stickland well as Chastyti, Amelia, Bethan and Justice, It has been an incredible term with all the teachers and wonderfull learners meaning as students, Well I am hoping to see everyone at School and pray the lord that it won't rain on the first day of term 2. Hope you have an amazing holiday and HAPPY EASTER:

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  1. Kia ora Hinerangi,

    What a lovely post you have! It's great to see that you are going to be blogging these holidays! Thanks for including me in your lovely description! Anyways Happy Holidays and have a great good Friday!


    1. Well I would like to say Thank you for commenting on my blog it has been long since I have seen you post on my blog. Anyways Happy Holidays to you to and I will see next term and Happy Easter...