Thursday, 28 July 2016

Hinerangi If I was an Olympic athlete...

Have you ever trained to be an Olympic athlete before? Well If I was to compete in the 2016 Olympic event I had to spend 4 years training and eating a lot of healthy food also getting in a lot of fitness. I can’t believe I have another shot at beating the others in the grand final event.

The sport I am going to compete in is Javeline because I like throwing a lot of things in the air. I also like Javelin because I like sprinting a lot especially on the Run. Javelin is a type of wood or metal with a sharp metal point at the top of the Javelin. Javelin is a light spear thrown in a competitive sport or as a weapon.

If I was to choose a Country to represent I would have to pick New Zealand because they are very good at everything at the Olympics. I would also have to choose New Zealand because the first person to perform at the Olympics in 1932 was Victor Lindberg.

Well If I was to compete at the grand final event I would be very excited because I will be representing my own Country. I will also be nervous at the same time because I would be versing nearly everyone around the world. I would mostly be nervous when I am versing Australia because there competitive as well.

I think the Olympic games will be very fun because there will be a lot of people competing against each other. I would also be scared because I might get lost from the big crowd around me.


For this task everyone in Room 10 had to explain what we are doing today. We had to write all about Rio 2016 . Hope to send more posts from Hinerangi...

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Hinerangi problem solving...

Walt: subtract decimal numbers


Task Description:

For this task I had to solve the Olympic event problem for today. I also had to have a buddy with me but I already solved it out. Hope to post mor eproblem solvings again. From Hinerangi...

Friday, 8 July 2016

Hinerangi GOODBYE FANS...

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Hey fans I wish you all the best in the Holiday’s and hope you have the best Holiday’s you have ever had. I wish you all good luck and see you another 2 more weeks later. Goodbye my fans.

I also wish that you enjoy every bit and every time in the Holiday’s. Wish to see you in the Holiday’s and hope to see more comments from you. My favourite thing about School was that my teacher Mr Goodwin learnt me everything I know.

In the Holiday’s I will be going to Rainbows - End and Parakai Pools that will be the best thing in the World. In the Holiday’s I would also help my parents and siblings in the Holidays to clean up.  


Thursday, 7 July 2016

Hinerangi Suzie and the space nuts...

Walt: understand multiple perspectives and viewpoints.

Start writing here

Racing off into space Gort and Freeble get ready for lift off. As Gort and Freeble went out of space they both enjoyed seeing the view. As the spaceship BLASTED off Freeble and Gort had an argument of who could see the best planet in the solar system. Freeble “said Mercury was the best planet and Gort “said” that Mars was the best planet in the solar system.  

As soon as they landed on Uranus they just noticed that there were 7 planets away from the Sun, They were freezing cold. They also noticed that they landed on the wrong planet, The planet they were meant to be on was Jupiter. So then the spaceship located to Jupiter and setted off. Once they setted off they all started singing and than fell fast asleep.

The next day Gort and Freeble found the driver fast asleep in the front seat. Once they found him fast asleep Gort and Freeble found a dinosaur at the back of the spaceship, they only made it half way from Jupiter. Soon on Freeble started steering the wheel and Gort tried to take the dinosaur out of the spaceship, The dinosaur was the driver's friend. Suddenly the driver woke up and saw Gort fighting with the dinosaur trying to get him out of the spaceship.

1 hour later. The driver “said Gort leave him alone he’s my pet not yours. Later on Freeble made it to Jupiter and had a party altogether. As soon as they landed on Jupiter they all had a feed before they got there. Once they got there they had a delicious picnic and fell fast asleep. THE END...   

Task Description:

For this task I had to write a story continuing the story from the book. I had to pick other characters to fit in my story. The one I picked was dinosaurs. The End...