Thursday, 28 July 2016

Hinerangi If I was an Olympic athlete...

Have you ever trained to be an Olympic athlete before? Well If I was to compete in the 2016 Olympic event I had to spend 4 years training and eating a lot of healthy food also getting in a lot of fitness. I can’t believe I have another shot at beating the others in the grand final event.

The sport I am going to compete in is Javeline because I like throwing a lot of things in the air. I also like Javelin because I like sprinting a lot especially on the Run. Javelin is a type of wood or metal with a sharp metal point at the top of the Javelin. Javelin is a light spear thrown in a competitive sport or as a weapon.

If I was to choose a Country to represent I would have to pick New Zealand because they are very good at everything at the Olympics. I would also have to choose New Zealand because the first person to perform at the Olympics in 1932 was Victor Lindberg.

Well If I was to compete at the grand final event I would be very excited because I will be representing my own Country. I will also be nervous at the same time because I would be versing nearly everyone around the world. I would mostly be nervous when I am versing Australia because there competitive as well.

I think the Olympic games will be very fun because there will be a lot of people competing against each other. I would also be scared because I might get lost from the big crowd around me.


For this task everyone in Room 10 had to explain what we are doing today. We had to write all about Rio 2016 . Hope to send more posts from Hinerangi...

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  1. cher you clever hinerangi keep up the awesome story telling,your information about who,what,where and when,and yes I can see you at the olympics throwing your javelin stick.