Wednesday, 19 June 2019

Empanada - Inquiry


Today in inquiry Room 4 will be trying the one and only Empanada's. Empanada's are known for being a traditional dish from Argentina located in South America. Empanada's have the ingredients of Sweet Paprika, Spice - Mild, Capsicum, Mince, Onion, Sugar and Flavours of Spice. The overall outcome of this dish is made by using Puff - Pastry filled with a bit of meat and of course healthy vegetables. 

The smelt of it:
Pizza, Pastry, Sausage Roll, Smokey Flavour, Strong Capsicum, Little sweet and spicy, Strong pastry smell and Powerful Puffed Mince.

The looks of it:
Sausage Roll, Golden Crisp, Darker edges, Triangular corners, Mince Pie, Crisped Dumpling, Brown looking Red colours, Spiced Red, Roll.

The taste of it:
Meaty, Chunky Mince, Sweet but a bit spicy, Crispy edges, Very sweet raisins, Vegetable Pie, Soft Bites, Strong Flavours from the spices and mince, Very delicious.

The sound of it:
Crispy, Chunky bites, Smooth + Soft.

The feeling of it:
Hard Bumps, Runny ingredients, Crumbly - Soft - Smooth, Chunks of pieces. 

Overall I would personally say that Mrs Stone did really well with her cooking as this turned out of being a really delicious dish. Thank you Mrs Stone for the cooked delicious meal.  

Friday, 7 June 2019

Fair Chocolate

WALT: Understand topic specific vocabulary.

Task Description:

For this task My group and I were to make and complete the task of Fair chocolate. Fair chocolate was a really hard and made me really confused on what my task was actually about. Fair chocolate did actually help to extend my reading and knowing what I am needed to answer. Overall this was a really epic and awesome reading session as it helped me a lot to understand the answers and how chocolate is made. I think I did well at answering but I know I could've done extremely better. 

Wednesday, 5 June 2019

Facile Fractions

WALT: Find fractions of a whole and set. 

Task Description:

Today Room 4 math's will be learning how fractions act throughout problem solving's. Facile fractions is the main answer to what our class is learning, hopefully I am able to extend my knowledge through these different activities. This task was all about knowing or finding fractions from which is a whole set. Overall this was an awesome presentation as it helped me heaps to find out more about fractions. 

Tuesday, 4 June 2019

English Breakfast - Cooking

WALT: Make an English Breakfast. 

Task Description:
For today's experience of cooking myself, Ayla and the following people were to cook the famous English breakfast. An English breakfast involves items such as. 

- Scrambled eggs
- Baked Beans
- Sausages
- Bacon
- Toast.

The ingredients written above this mini description are the items that were needed to be cooked. My friend and I worked super well today as the photo up above is what came out as the outcome. Surprisingly this was actually my first meal I was to make in the kitchen, I really like how this came out as my first experience. 

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