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Week 2, Day 5: Wasting Away - SLJ

DAY 5: Wasting Away

Activity 1: Off the Menu [4 points]
Fishing is a really common activity in New Zealand. In fact, people have
fished in New Zealand for centuries. Unfortunately, over the past few decades
some people have caught too many fish in one area and left the region without
enough fish to refill (replenish) the stocks. When this happens we call the area
overfished’ and it is closed to all private and commercial fishing. If people are
caught fishing in these areas, they are required to pay a fine (money). The
maximum fine for fishing in a restricted area is $100,000.
What do you think about this rule? Is it fair that people are charged up to $100,000
for overfishing?
On your blog, tell us what you think about this rule and why you think it!.
First of all I had no idea people started doing this, and due to how much the
fishermans are having to pay, it's a huge amount ( $100,000 ). Although this is what's
happening to people who fish I really think this is an awesome rule. The reason why I
agree with this rule is because, people who are overfishing in
someone else's property should definitely get fined as a lot of people need their
privacy. After people getting fined I definitely know they will stop going back for more
fishing due to the amount of money they are considered to give. I absolutely think it's
fair to the people who live around the area, for the people to get fined who are

Activity 2: The Black Drain
Approximately two-thirds of all rivers and one-half of all lakes in New
Zealand are too polluted to swim in, according to a recent article in an online
newspaper. One of the most polluted is the Tarawera River in the Bay of Plenty
region of New Zealand. Pollution enters the river from a local pulp and paper mill,
from local farms and through the local sewage system. Many other rivers in New
Zealand are also polluted with waste from businesses and farms.
Use Google to help you find two other polluted rivers in New Zealand.
On your blog, tell us:
1) The names of the rivers.
2) The location of the rivers.
3) What is being done to clean up the rivers (if anything).
For this activity I made a little presentation that represents this task, Enjoy!


Activity 3: Faded Glory [5 points]

The Great Barrier Reef is the world’s largest coral reef system, made up of 2900 individual
reefs. It is so big that it can actually be seen from space! The reef is located on the east
coast of Australia and many people believe that it is millions and millions of years old. For
most of its life, the reef has been a healthy, vibrant ecosystem. Over the past thirty years,
however, it has changed dramatically. Much of the beautiful bright coral has become
bleached and has lost its colour. Sections of the reef have also been damaged by tourists,
cyclones and the introduction of new, damaging invasive species.
The Australian government is working to protect and preserve the reef. Each year they
spend about $200 million dollars repairing and protecting the reef. It is a lot of money and
they could really use some help raising the money (funds) required to repair the reef.
This is where you come in!

On your blog, list three different ideas or strategies for raising funds to preserve the
Great Barrier Reef. What could you do to fundraise here in New Zealand?
For this activity I was to share 3 different ideas of ways to fundraiser to preserve the Great Barrier Reef. Instead of doing 3 I decided to go with 5, I really hope you enjoy the different ways of how I would help people fundraise.

Task Description:

For this task I was to  figure out if the rule of over fishing is fair, to find 2 New Zealand´s polluted rivers, and I was to write a list of 3 different ways to fundraiser for the Great Barrier Reef. For more information slide up and you´ll see what todays task is about. I really hope you enjoy today´s post, stay tunned for more very soon. Enjoy and Happy New Year!  


  1. Hello Hinerangi! My name is Billy. I was posting comments on your blog last summer. Perhaps you remember me? Anyway, happy new year and well done on working just as hard (if not harder!) as last year.

    I have just been checking out your blog posts for the past couple of weeks. It's cool how you are often using different ways of presenting the information. It makes it a lot easier and more appealing to read.

    I've particularly enjoyed learning about your stance on over fishing and the fine of up to $100,000 for people who are caught. It's certainly a lot of money but the higher the fine the less likely people are to risk getting caught. It's a good way to deter people. The last thing we want is an ocean depleted of fish. We want to be able to fish in 100 years and more. We want to be able to go to the local fish and chip shop and get the freshest fish. It would be a bit boring only eating the chips.

    Have you ever been fishing before? If so, was it off a wharf or a boat?

    Have you heard of 'ice fishing' before?

    Thanks, Billy.

  2. Hey there Hinerangi!

    In this post for each activity you have given many details which explains more. I also agree with you that getting fined for over fishing is fair. I think that it's very fair because they are fishing in other people probity , also we need to save fish for future generations. It seems like we agree on everything!

    Your ideas for fundraising money for the Great Barrier Reef are fantastic. You have came up with ideas that everyone can do and they can all enjoy!
    Bake sales are my favourite out of all! This reason is because I love treats like cakes , cupcakes , cake pops. Hmmm , just thinking about it is making me super hungry. What is your favourite bake treat to eat? And what would you rather , chocolate cake or vanilla cake? I prefer chocolate!

    Anyways , your doing a great job at summer blogging. Keep up the great work and never give up.

    Cheers ,

  3. Kia ora & Namaste Hinerangi,
    Activity 2: The Black Drain: I loved how you used a slide to present the 2 polluted rivers you chosen for this activity as this made you post organised and easy to read. I really like this activity because throughout your posts I have been learning a lot about the polluted rivers in New Zealand and what are we doing to fix this problem. Feeding forward, I think is important for you to be really particular and careful when finding information about specific topics, because once you published the information in your blog it will create this digital footprint as you already know. Hence, the importance to make sure that everything you publish is the truth and is coming from a trusted resource. This is a very fundamental guideline because the internet is a very open and democratic space, which means that anyone can publish anything out there, an in many cases some information is not true or is based in a bias view of an specific topic. It's paramount that you use your critical thinking in order to be able to distinguish between facts and opinions. Therefore, I want to point out that for this activity you need to research and find specific information about the two rivers you've chosen and in this case I found that you title for this presentation as "TOP 2 POLLUTED RIVERS IN AOTEAROA" , is not quite right because these rivers are not the top 2 polluted rivers. Furthermore, in the TukiTuki River you mentioned that you didn't know what has been done or what they are planning to do to clean the river but than you mentioned that they are replacing the river with clean water which is not what they are doing, they are actually creating public access rules and boundaries to the river because the farms animal stock were getting in the river water an contaminating it. In this case you could only state that you couldn't find any further information about what is happening to revert the pollution for the TukiTuki River, which would be absolutely fine. In order for you to gain full points for this activity I will need you to hoop back in this post and adjust the title of your presentation as I mentioned above and also the information about the TukiTuki River. Could you kindly do that and let me know by replying to this post?

    Activity 3: Faded Glory : This post made me smile because I love that you made a poster with great fundraising ideas. It is nice to see that you also made each point very clear by writing inside a text box as it made your post look sharp and professional, well done! Furthermore, you went beyond expectations and gave us 5 fundraising ideas instead of only 3, amazing work here!

    PS: Since you already finish the program it would be great if you can hoop back and adjust both this activity and the activity W1 D5 A3 because I want make sure you can get as much points as you deserve in order to have the chance to win some amazing prizes. ;o)
    I look forward to your reply.

    Kia kaha,

  4. Greetings Hinerangi!
    Have you improved in the summer learning journey? I have with my writing and my blurbs. Your DLO's are really good and creative! How long do you write your blog post?

    Keep it up!