Monday, 21 September 2015



Firefighters have a challenging job because they extinguish fires from their firefighters truck. All firemen and fire woman educate people also they train really hard to get the job. When firemen and firewomen work hard and train hard they mostly get the job or they get an award.

What does their work involve?
A Firefighter’s job involves varied things in all ways they also get educated to learn how to be a firefighter. The firefighter people train hard to get into the firefighters team.

         What does a firefighter wear?
The hood has been worn underneath the helmets and has been fitted to protect firefighter's heads, neck, eyes and other areas were the helmet does not cover. They also wear protective clothes to keep them away from burnt things. Another thing that firefighters wear they wear heavy duty boots and they also wear there breathing apparatus and there helmet with there own visor. Firefighters uses there oxygen tank to help them breath a lot when they are stuck in fires and in other places. They also rescue people from car crashes if they haven't been rescued and they also rescue cats from up in trees.     

How do you become a firefighter?               
You become a firefighter by taking classes in a firefighter course. They train you before you become a firefighter, they teach all the Important things about firefighting and then you have to take a test to become a real firefighter. All firefighters keep up the good work to make the firefighters job.

As a firefighter you need to be hard working, brave and to be able to work hard in a team.  To be able to be a firefighter you need to be educated, firesmart, reliable and you need to be well trained. When you become a firefighter you need to be able to be honest to your boss and everyone else in your team you also have to be trustworthy.

If you want to be a firefighter you need to be able to work in a big team and to be able to be trustworthy to your team mates. All firefighters need to be really brave in fires because if you don’t be brave you won’t be able to make the team.  Being a brave firefighter you need to be able to be confident at all times in fires and like saving cats up in huge trees or in normal trees. Firefighters help many people or animals from car crashes, up trees and burnt  houses.

Firemen and firewomen travel fast to rescue all animals and all the people  they get stronger and stronger and stronger. Firefighters do lots of varied things in all ways. To be a firefighter you need to be fire smart,brave,strong and reliable also you have to be trustworthy to your team mates.

Some firefighters fight for their job so that they can be even better than their teammates and so that they can be more stronger than them. It is really Important to be a firefighter because you always need to be brave safe and you need to be in a bid teamwork. The 2 Important words are trustworthy and honest.

If I was a firefighter I would of been really scared because I would of had my hand on fire if I tried to rescue someone getting a new job to be a firefighter would of been scary or harder. Being a firefighter is really cool because you can learn varied things and you could be even clever than different jobs. When you are a firefighter you have to be really brave and really smart because if you don’t do those things you are going to win big job

Immersion Assembly. . .

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As soon as the bell went I heard Mr Burt’s thundering booming voice saying “$1 $2 $3 number 21 going once going twice going 3 times and sold to number 21”. We were at school for our Immersion Assembly to learn our new topic for this term.

The first teachers to go up in front of the School was team 1 which was the year 1’s. Their topic was all about money. They said that they're trying to earn some money by working hard and being good to their teachers.

My  favourite team was team 4 because they were all learning about being good with money the teachers names who were acting on stage were Calm, Sassy and Really Happy. They were very funny because how Mr Somerville was acting like a  girl and how he was walking.

I thought that In Immersion Assembly was the best Assembly ever because I got given lots of chocolate’s. I felt very excited because team 1 scrambled a-lot of money chocolate. This terms topic for 2015 was called trade & Enterprise. After a long while I felt very tired.

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Cross Country . . .


On Monday afternoon the whole school were having our school Cross Country race. When we did our Cross Country race we had to be in our Year lines near the blue chair until our year lines gets called out from one of the teachers.

 What happened when you started Running ?

When it was the year 4 girls turn we had a little korero with Mr Burt about running. Then when he finished explaining to what was happening in the race he let us walk back to the starting line. Clap the clapper went and we went off speeding ahead from other kids. When i ran off i was jittery.

What were you wearing for Cross Country ?

For Cross Country we had to wear our team colors which were Yellow,Green,Blue and Red. The colors were named after different waka’s in the water. If i picked my favourite color I would have to pick blue because it’s my favourite color but my actual color is Yellow which is Takitimu.

About the Finish Line ?

At the finish line I was really excited that I came 6th because it was fun to run. I also saw Tehillah Loia that came 1st and Indiana that came 2th also Christina Taiseni who also came 3rd. At the finish line i saw Losehina and Lucy malofou trying to win the race. After that I had a drink of water because I felt really thirsty.

Conclusion ?

At the race I felt really proud of myself because it was the funnest Cross Country ever. I also felt proud of myself because I came 6th in the race for this year's Cross Country race. It was the coolest and funnest Cross Country ever but it was really freezing.

Friday, 11 September 2015

The smallest Circus In the world...

Once upon a time there was an old man called Leo Mousini and he was the world's most attraction star for all of these years. Leo Mousini was wearing a orange coat and a black hat when Leo started performing in the circus he did lots of different tricks like a hand stand on one arm and a cartwheel. When Leo Mousini did his handstand and his cartwheel he started to get really dizzy so he got really old and he had a back pain. When Leo Mousini walked home he felt very tired and very sad but he still had time to walk around the circus once. When Leo left the circus he got really old and traveled back home. When he got home he saw to little mices hiding in his hat. The two mices names were called Mitzi and Mack. The two mices were cute and funny The mice had asked Leo in a quiet voice if they can learn some magic tricks off Leo Mousini. So Leo Mousini taught them how to do handstand on one arm how to ride a unicycle without handlebars and how to do a cartwheel. So then Mitzi and Mack had been called the mice clowns. All the audience had been really excited because the mices were really cute.  

Emilys Wonderful Pie

Original (2048 × 1371)
                     Emily’s wonderful pie’’
                         by Jane Cornish   

Once upon a time there was a little girl called Emily and she had a squishy squashy mincey to munch,flakey bakey  crispy to crunch pie. Suddenly came running towards the smell of that  pie was liz with a rumbling tummy saying “ I’ll be your best friend if you give me a bite of your pie”? Suddenly Emily said “ okay just a bite”. When Emily said that, Liz could have a bite,
Liz took a really gigantic bite.

Then came running over to that lovely pie  was Tom. Emily said “alright just a bite “Then tom took a really great big bite. Suddenly Miss Rose asked if she could have a bite of her pie. so then emily said “just a bite” so then Miss Rose grabbed the pie and she‘’nibbled and grawed poked at and picked guzzled and gobbled chewed and licked.Until mostly all the pie disappeared from out of Emily's hands. When Emily’s pie was almost gone out of her hands there was only a little piece left. When she was sitting on the bench she saw 3 little birds sitting on the chair, so then the little birds got really hungry and ate all her scrumptious pie.

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

I am learning to find a fraction of a set by sharing equally. . .

Fireman David. . .


On Friday afternoon fireman David came in with his wife called Carmen. He came in to teach team 3 all about a firefighter's job. The fire service is always open they never shut,someone is always there!

                    What does a firefighter do?
A firefighter does lots of important things like helping people who are stuck in something that is very dangerous. They also put out fires when people are stuck in a burning house or something outside that is burning.

          What did Fireman David tell us about his job?
Fireman David explained that when he goes to sleep he gets paid every single day. He also told us that when he is training he has to be trustworthy and reliable about what he is doing.  

               What Equipment do they need?
Some of the equipment firefighters use are different kinds of vehicles to bring tools and equipment to a fire or an emergency. There are three common vehicles that are like rescue trucks or ambulances. The firefighters that work together and ride on these vehicles are called a company. Fireman David also told us that the fireman's truck is like a toolbox.

How did fireman David become a firefighter?
Fireman David became a firefighter by taking a test. You also become a firefighter by taking classes but the first thing you do was to carry a heavy person up and down the stairs. From David’s talk I realised that they had to do their hardest in their job and that they have to try out for the running maze before you could be a firefighter.  

Thursday, 3 September 2015

Better work stories, Job Builder...

My aspiration for the future                              

    In the future I would like to be a builder because I like                        building a lot at home and at maker space. I would also like to be a builder because my mum and dad work for a building company.   

                        What does a builder do?

A builder is a person that helps other people make lots of houses for people that have no houses. The main rule to be a builder is not hitting yourself with anything that is dangerous. A builder has to always be focused at where they are and where they are building.

What does a builder wear?

A builder wears a yellow and white suit depending on what the job they are doing. A builder also wears a heavy belt to make sure that there tools are safe so that no one gets hurt. They can also wear a yellow and white vest so people can see them at night.

What Equipment do they need?

The equipment that they need is a hammer, lots and lots of nails and a measurement to measure the wood. They also need lots of wood to make sure that they are making the right thing, like a house. Builders always have to use all important tools to make something for people.

              How do you become a builder?

You become a builder by making a CV and showing the boss of the company. You can also become a builder by practising with builder.  They have to go to university to pass a test before they get a job.

          Characteristics - What Does A Builder Need To Be Like?

A builder has to be kind and responsible in all ways. A builder needs to be hard working, on time to work and strong.


I think that being a builder is a special job because lots of people need homes. The reason why i like building is because that it’s fun to build and create things.