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Firefighters have a challenging job because they extinguish fires from their firefighters truck. All firemen and fire woman educate people also they train really hard to get the job. When firemen and firewomen work hard and train hard they mostly get the job or they get an award.

What does their work involve?
A Firefighter’s job involves varied things in all ways they also get educated to learn how to be a firefighter. The firefighter people train hard to get into the firefighters team.

         What does a firefighter wear?
The hood has been worn underneath the helmets and has been fitted to protect firefighter's heads, neck, eyes and other areas were the helmet does not cover. They also wear protective clothes to keep them away from burnt things. Another thing that firefighters wear they wear heavy duty boots and they also wear there breathing apparatus and there helmet with there own visor. Firefighters uses there oxygen tank to help them breath a lot when they are stuck in fires and in other places. They also rescue people from car crashes if they haven't been rescued and they also rescue cats from up in trees.     

How do you become a firefighter?               
You become a firefighter by taking classes in a firefighter course. They train you before you become a firefighter, they teach all the Important things about firefighting and then you have to take a test to become a real firefighter. All firefighters keep up the good work to make the firefighters job.

As a firefighter you need to be hard working, brave and to be able to work hard in a team.  To be able to be a firefighter you need to be educated, firesmart, reliable and you need to be well trained. When you become a firefighter you need to be able to be honest to your boss and everyone else in your team you also have to be trustworthy.

If you want to be a firefighter you need to be able to work in a big team and to be able to be trustworthy to your team mates. All firefighters need to be really brave in fires because if you don’t be brave you won’t be able to make the team.  Being a brave firefighter you need to be able to be confident at all times in fires and like saving cats up in huge trees or in normal trees. Firefighters help many people or animals from car crashes, up trees and burnt  houses.

Firemen and firewomen travel fast to rescue all animals and all the people  they get stronger and stronger and stronger. Firefighters do lots of varied things in all ways. To be a firefighter you need to be fire smart,brave,strong and reliable also you have to be trustworthy to your team mates.

Some firefighters fight for their job so that they can be even better than their teammates and so that they can be more stronger than them. It is really Important to be a firefighter because you always need to be brave safe and you need to be in a bid teamwork. The 2 Important words are trustworthy and honest.

If I was a firefighter I would of been really scared because I would of had my hand on fire if I tried to rescue someone getting a new job to be a firefighter would of been scary or harder. Being a firefighter is really cool because you can learn varied things and you could be even clever than different jobs. When you are a firefighter you have to be really brave and really smart because if you don’t do those things you are going to win big job

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