Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Cross Country . . .


On Monday afternoon the whole school were having our school Cross Country race. When we did our Cross Country race we had to be in our Year lines near the blue chair until our year lines gets called out from one of the teachers.

 What happened when you started Running ?

When it was the year 4 girls turn we had a little korero with Mr Burt about running. Then when he finished explaining to what was happening in the race he let us walk back to the starting line. Clap the clapper went and we went off speeding ahead from other kids. When i ran off i was jittery.

What were you wearing for Cross Country ?

For Cross Country we had to wear our team colors which were Yellow,Green,Blue and Red. The colors were named after different waka’s in the water. If i picked my favourite color I would have to pick blue because it’s my favourite color but my actual color is Yellow which is Takitimu.

About the Finish Line ?

At the finish line I was really excited that I came 6th because it was fun to run. I also saw Tehillah Loia that came 1st and Indiana that came 2th also Christina Taiseni who also came 3rd. At the finish line i saw Losehina and Lucy malofou trying to win the race. After that I had a drink of water because I felt really thirsty.

Conclusion ?

At the race I felt really proud of myself because it was the funnest Cross Country ever. I also felt proud of myself because I came 6th in the race for this year's Cross Country race. It was the coolest and funnest Cross Country ever but it was really freezing.

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