Thursday, 3 September 2015

Better work stories, Job Builder...

My aspiration for the future                              

    In the future I would like to be a builder because I like                        building a lot at home and at maker space. I would also like to be a builder because my mum and dad work for a building company.   

                        What does a builder do?

A builder is a person that helps other people make lots of houses for people that have no houses. The main rule to be a builder is not hitting yourself with anything that is dangerous. A builder has to always be focused at where they are and where they are building.

What does a builder wear?

A builder wears a yellow and white suit depending on what the job they are doing. A builder also wears a heavy belt to make sure that there tools are safe so that no one gets hurt. They can also wear a yellow and white vest so people can see them at night.

What Equipment do they need?

The equipment that they need is a hammer, lots and lots of nails and a measurement to measure the wood. They also need lots of wood to make sure that they are making the right thing, like a house. Builders always have to use all important tools to make something for people.

              How do you become a builder?

You become a builder by making a CV and showing the boss of the company. You can also become a builder by practising with builder.  They have to go to university to pass a test before they get a job.

          Characteristics - What Does A Builder Need To Be Like?

A builder has to be kind and responsible in all ways. A builder needs to be hard working, on time to work and strong.


I think that being a builder is a special job because lots of people need homes. The reason why i like building is because that it’s fun to build and create things.  

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