Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Fireman David. . .


On Friday afternoon fireman David came in with his wife called Carmen. He came in to teach team 3 all about a firefighter's job. The fire service is always open they never shut,someone is always there!

                    What does a firefighter do?
A firefighter does lots of important things like helping people who are stuck in something that is very dangerous. They also put out fires when people are stuck in a burning house or something outside that is burning.

          What did Fireman David tell us about his job?
Fireman David explained that when he goes to sleep he gets paid every single day. He also told us that when he is training he has to be trustworthy and reliable about what he is doing.  

               What Equipment do they need?
Some of the equipment firefighters use are different kinds of vehicles to bring tools and equipment to a fire or an emergency. There are three common vehicles that are like rescue trucks or ambulances. The firefighters that work together and ride on these vehicles are called a company. Fireman David also told us that the fireman's truck is like a toolbox.

How did fireman David become a firefighter?
Fireman David became a firefighter by taking a test. You also become a firefighter by taking classes but the first thing you do was to carry a heavy person up and down the stairs. From David’s talk I realised that they had to do their hardest in their job and that they have to try out for the running maze before you could be a firefighter.  

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