Friday, 11 September 2015

Emilys Wonderful Pie

Original (2048 × 1371)
                     Emily’s wonderful pie’’
                         by Jane Cornish   

Once upon a time there was a little girl called Emily and she had a squishy squashy mincey to munch,flakey bakey  crispy to crunch pie. Suddenly came running towards the smell of that  pie was liz with a rumbling tummy saying “ I’ll be your best friend if you give me a bite of your pie”? Suddenly Emily said “ okay just a bite”. When Emily said that, Liz could have a bite,
Liz took a really gigantic bite.

Then came running over to that lovely pie  was Tom. Emily said “alright just a bite “Then tom took a really great big bite. Suddenly Miss Rose asked if she could have a bite of her pie. so then emily said “just a bite” so then Miss Rose grabbed the pie and she‘’nibbled and grawed poked at and picked guzzled and gobbled chewed and licked.Until mostly all the pie disappeared from out of Emily's hands. When Emily’s pie was almost gone out of her hands there was only a little piece left. When she was sitting on the bench she saw 3 little birds sitting on the chair, so then the little birds got really hungry and ate all her scrumptious pie.

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