Friday, 11 September 2015

The smallest Circus In the world...

Once upon a time there was an old man called Leo Mousini and he was the world's most attraction star for all of these years. Leo Mousini was wearing a orange coat and a black hat when Leo started performing in the circus he did lots of different tricks like a hand stand on one arm and a cartwheel. When Leo Mousini did his handstand and his cartwheel he started to get really dizzy so he got really old and he had a back pain. When Leo Mousini walked home he felt very tired and very sad but he still had time to walk around the circus once. When Leo left the circus he got really old and traveled back home. When he got home he saw to little mices hiding in his hat. The two mices names were called Mitzi and Mack. The two mices were cute and funny The mice had asked Leo in a quiet voice if they can learn some magic tricks off Leo Mousini. So Leo Mousini taught them how to do handstand on one arm how to ride a unicycle without handlebars and how to do a cartwheel. So then Mitzi and Mack had been called the mice clowns. All the audience had been really excited because the mices were really cute.  

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