Monday, 8 April 2019

Badge Of Honour

WALT: Think about a character's point of view.

Task Description:

For this task I was to complete each of the slides to be able to show you all what today's task was. The badge of honour is a book written by Sarah Penwarden, this book was about choosing or getting people to become the 4 leaders of the school. This book also contains a bit of fighting but in the end they solve everything and continue what they love best. Overall this was an incredible task and I enjoyed it so much as it didn't take me that long to complete, hope you enjoy the updated learning I have currently been doing. 

Monday, 1 April 2019

Six Photos, Create Task 2

WALT: Describe the feelings behind the image

Task Description:

For this task my group and I were to complete the create task. As you know I had posted a little presentation of the work I was to actually complete, This create task links to the book Six Photos. Here are the six photos I had taken for this activity. My job was to visit the places that we personally think that holds a special story. For this task I have chosen to go with 3 topics, The courts of teams 4&5, The field - Playgrounds and of course the well known place Team 5. I loved this little activity I really hope I am able to do this task again as it was super fun walking around school taking photos with 2 of my close friends for literacy. Overall hope you enjoy and for more information check out the presentation I have created for you all. Enjoy!

U - Turn, Create Task 1

WALT: Describe the feelings of the character's in the story

Task Description:

For this task my group and I were to complete the create task also known as the second task after the first. As you know I had posted a little presentation of the work I was to actually do/complete, well if you don't or didn't already know this is the task linked onto the activity of U - Turn. Here is my facial expression showing the feelings of Ben, for this extra/create task I've decided to do the face of Confused and shy. My reason for confused and shy is because this is his most often face or expression written in the story. I really hope you enjoyed please stay tuned for the following and upcoming posts soon. Enjoy!

U - Turn & Six Photos

WALT: Identify keywords in order to summarise a text.

Task Description:

So as you can see there are two tasks room 5 literacy was to do, this exercise was super awesome but incredibly crazy at the same time. Doing this activity was crazy because of the create task we were to do during the time when we were to read and summarise. For both activities I was to summarise or identify the main keywords there were to describe each and everyone of the characters. My mini group and I had loads of fun having to do our final create task as it was all about visiting the different parts there are to the school, for a little heads up the create tasks for both activities will be posted really soon just hoping that you'll still be here to check it out. Overall hope you enjoy and hope to see you soon.

Friday, 29 March 2019

Attitude Talk

Today team 5 were introduced by an awesome person called Jannah. Surprisingly her name
stands for Gracious Gift, I am super excited to tell you what she talked about because I
guarantee this information will help you throughout the future.

Today our topic was about friendships and how you can keep and give. Many tips Jannah
gave us was incredible as it was based on friends and how boys and girls deal with their sort
of relationships towards each other. The main things Jannah talked about were tips on
things you should do or say when you have close friends, one of my favourites she had
introduced/talked about was to be yourself. During the time we are with our friends most
people seem to not be themselves, so one thing I loved about her mini korero was to always be
yourself and to do what you entirely love.

Jannah did loads of funny/hilarious jokes as well as giving herself and everyone breaks due to
the amount of talking she had been doing. It was really important for us to know and remember
what she was talking about because we never know if friends will ever turn on us or stick
together as one, I really like how she made each of her points really clear and gave us a
main statement for us to know and of course herself and the teachers to know about. Friends
are people we should be able to trust, talk to and of course play with. I think from one of
her point of views I'd also say to always include others who are left out because it'll just be
sad and to let them see how much fun we are having compared to themselves. So I think
Jannah and Attitude really helped us and hopefully this short reflection helped you as well,
especially to those who didn't come.

Jannah was a super fantastic women to talk to especially about this main topic. I’ve really
enjoyed it, it was super interesting having her in our block just hoping that in the later future
she comes back to visit once again. I would like to thank Jannah for coming and hope to see
you again soon.

Thank you to Jannah and Attitude.

Rich Vocabulary - Poem

Today In Room 4 Literacy our task was to write a short poem about the aftertaste of eating Sour patch kids. The sour patch kids lollies were super interesting and it helped me a lot to use more juicy vocabulary in my pieces writing and reading. Overall here is my short poem, hope you enjoy and don't forget to leave a positive comment on my blog. 

Friday, 22 March 2019

My Word Art

WALT: Make Inferences to understand the deeper meaning behind a text

Task Description:

First of all you might be wondering what this logo is doing here? Well this thing here was part of my reading work and it was all about the important aspects we have as our personal identity, I was really looking forward to be doing this activity as part of the previous task I did a while ago. The writing written inside the thumb is what's important to me, and the things I love or love to do. If there are some words written in the thumb logo feel free to leave a positive comment on my blog and enjoy. Overall hope you enjoy the words written inside the logo and hope to share more blog posts with you all soon.