Tuesday, 23 July 2019

Mini Quiche - Cooking

WALT: Make Mini Quiche

Task description:

For todays task my partner and I were to make the meal of Mini Quiche. Mini Quiche is a small meal which includes the ingredients of Ham, Egg, Milk, Pastry and cheese. I really enjoyed making these as we made quite a mistake but surprisingly made it work. This is the overall turn out hopefully it's better than what it looks like. Thanks to all for reading hope for a good and happy day. 

Immersion Assembly

Term 3 has finally arrived and it is time to find out what we are going to be learning for term 3.
Something in the water, is the topic Pt England school is going to be learning. So far we have had a
big welcome back from school holidays and a little hint on what we were learning. I am super excited
about this special topic as we’ll be discovering other and unknown things that live in the water. Continue
reading for more information.

Team 1. Team 1 is simply learning about the variety of sea animals and sea creatures that live under
the sea. I really enjoyed watching and being hooked into what there team was learning for term 3 as
it sounds really interesting especially for young ones who are going to become more known about fish
and more. S.O.F.A is the meaning of Status Of Forces Agreement. Really looking forward to what they
get up to and hope to get some information out of them when we ask questions. Have fun team 1!

Team 2. Team 2 is learning the meaning of different sized creatures that live under water and of course
on land. I am really excited to see what they will be learning about as I am super curious to what they’re
doing. Hope to see what team 2 gets up to this term as it’s a very, extremely, interesting term.    

Overall my favourite team would obviously have to be team 5, our team was super fun, interesting
and super funny. I really enjoyed my teams performance as it hooked in everyone and definitely had
an awesome song to go with it. The song went in order from Mrs Ilaoa, Mrs Stone, Ms Tapuke, Mrs
Moala and Whaea Kelly. I really enjoyed the song Cells - Gene. We will be learning the different things
that are hidden or seen under water. I am super excited for this terms theme and can't wait to get into
this terms work.

Really looking forward to seeing everyones upcoming posts on your blog. Can't wait for this and for
our school theme. Something in the water is our overall topic.

Thanks for reading,

Holiday Poster

WALT: use descriptive language to share our holidays stories
Task Description:

For this task my class and I (Room 5 literacy) were to explain and show descriptively how our holidays were. For the past 2 weeks these were the main things I was able to share with you all, it was really fun but boring as well. Overall I really enjoyed myself as I felt like a time of celebrating the 2 weeks off school of actually learning something then transitioning ourselves into our 2 week off. I really hope you enjoy my short and simple descriptive of what I did, saw, played and where I visited. Enjoy!  

Thursday, 4 July 2019

World Scratch

WALT: Code Scratch by showing it through the world

For this task I was to create a scratch which is used by code. This short scratch animation was really challenging but surprisingly I wanted a bit of a challenge. Overall this was an amazing journey creating a scratch movie for you all to know and to share to family and friend members. Thank you so much for watching and hope you enjoy my scratch post!

Matariki Celebration

On Friday the 28th of June Pt England School were given the awesome
opportunity to celebrate a special day called Matariki, Matariki is a very
significant celebration for maori people as it’s a willing of giving and
remembering the day when Matariki first started Aotearoa. If you don’t
know much about Matariki, continue reading!

From almost a week ago our school were to celebrate a special day called
Matariki. Matariki is a representative celebration held by the 7 stars.
There names are, Matariki, Waiti, Waita, Waipuna rangi, Tupu a nuku,
ururangi and of course tupu a rangi. The group of the Matariki stars are
known for being the eyes of the god. The rotation groups included in this
special Matariki activity day was, Sport, Arts and Crafts, Music,
Movie Making and Cooking. The group I was in for Matariki was Arts and
Crafts, Arts and Crafts are simply just having ago at creating and designing
your own material, object or even items, It is also about making things
with your bare hands.

The type of things myself and the following people did was Weaving.
Weaving in our group was very simple and super easy once we got to know
what we were doing. Our teachers that took this programme was Mrs Ilaoa
and Miss Hockly. A while after finding out what we needed to do I knew it
was time to push myself and move onto a bit more complicated weave.
The second weave we were to do was to!

  1. Grap 3 long thick toothpicks 
  2. Different coloured wool - (Or you can stick to one colour)
  3. Scissors

For the less complicated weave the items included!

  1. 2 popsicle sticks - plane (Or any colour popsicle)
  2. Any coloured wool
  3. Scissors

These items were very simple to make as we had very clear instructions
and information given by our tutors/teachers. Doing Arts and Crafts was
very fun and can be made by anyone from the age of 5 - any. 
Overall this was a really fun Matariki rotation as I loved spending this
quality time with my friends and of course meeting a few little kids.
Celebrating Matariki with many other students and staff members was
very cherishing and incredibly awesome. I really enjoyed myself and I hope
you enjoyed yourselves as well. 

Thanks to 

Mrs Ilaoa and Miss Hockly....    

Wednesday, 19 June 2019

Empanada - Inquiry


Today in inquiry Room 4 will be trying the one and only Empanada's. Empanada's are known for being a traditional dish from Argentina located in South America. Empanada's have the ingredients of Sweet Paprika, Spice - Mild, Capsicum, Mince, Onion, Sugar and Flavours of Spice. The overall outcome of this dish is made by using Puff - Pastry filled with a bit of meat and of course healthy vegetables. 

The smelt of it:
Pizza, Pastry, Sausage Roll, Smokey Flavour, Strong Capsicum, Little sweet and spicy, Strong pastry smell and Powerful Puffed Mince.

The looks of it:
Sausage Roll, Golden Crisp, Darker edges, Triangular corners, Mince Pie, Crisped Dumpling, Brown looking Red colours, Spiced Red, Roll.

The taste of it:
Meaty, Chunky Mince, Sweet but a bit spicy, Crispy edges, Very sweet raisins, Vegetable Pie, Soft Bites, Strong Flavours from the spices and mince, Very delicious.

The sound of it:
Crispy, Chunky bites, Smooth + Soft.

The feeling of it:
Hard Bumps, Runny ingredients, Crumbly - Soft - Smooth, Chunks of pieces. 

Overall I would personally say that Mrs Stone did really well with her cooking as this turned out of being a really delicious dish. Thank you Mrs Stone for the cooked delicious meal.  

Friday, 7 June 2019

Fair Chocolate

WALT: Understand topic specific vocabulary.

Task Description:

For this task My group and I were to make and complete the task of Fair chocolate. Fair chocolate was a really hard and made me really confused on what my task was actually about. Fair chocolate did actually help to extend my reading and knowing what I am needed to answer. Overall this was a really epic and awesome reading session as it helped me a lot to understand the answers and how chocolate is made. I think I did well at answering but I know I could've done extremely better.