Friday, 17 August 2018

Benefits Of Exercise Song - Treasure

This is the song I have just remade with a well know singer - Bruno Mars. The song is Treasure and I really hope you enjoy. There will be a few parts where you would have to sing a bit faster than usual but I know you'll be good at it. Thank you for visiting and please stay tuned for more blog posts soon! 
Here is the link to the song ( Song To Treasure )

Wanna go x3 out to be healthy cause I need to
go out and get some exercise, getting plenty of
exercise helps me not to be shady but you look
around watching other people lose some weight oh woah -
oh oh I know that we all can be fit if we try oh try not lie oh
lie oh woah - oh, oh oh kids I’m gonna help you stay healthy
and fit healthy and fit  

Successor, that is all you are see now
your a healthy starr you know the water helps
you to if you let me exercise, let me exercise, oh
oh  Energy, Energy, Energy will help you be healthy
cause something like that will never let you fool.
Self confidence is one thing we need to be. See
being so physical helps you lose the flu. Oh woah oh -
oh we know that we’re so physical cause we tried oh tried
not lied oh lied oh woah - oh keeping in perfect shape helps us
stay alive, so stay alive

Successor, that is all you are see now your a
healthy starr you know the water helps you to if you
let me exercise, let me exercise, oh oh

Who wants to exercise, who wants to stay alive,
who wants to exercise do you, you, you, you are Who wants to
exercise, who wants to stay alive, who wants to exercise do you,
you, you, you are

Successor, that is all you are see now
your a healthy starr you know the water helps you to
if you let me exercise, let me exercise, oh oh

Thank you for watching and stay tuned for more upcoming posts soon!

Saturday, 4 August 2018

Explanation Writing:

The information I am about to tell you is all about the benefits of physical activity. These are some great tips about how we can be better at staying healthy and stronger for the future. Benefits of physical activity is one of the most important things you can do for your health.   

Being physical can help you with tons of things especially because it  helps you with staying healthy. Eating loads of fruit and veggies is 2 of the main things you should be eating everyday as it can help you reduce the risk of having heart disease, high blood pressure and cancers for the future. Everyone should be drinking water as it’s technically what’s making us move around a lot, water is what everyone should be drinking as it’s a 100% healthy drink and is what helps us move around a lot. Be physical, stay safe and eat/drink plenty of veggies, fruit and water.   

Another way of being physical is getting a lot of exercise. Everyone should be doing 30 minutes worth of fitness/exercise per day and drink plenty of water. If you have chosen to do a whole week worth of exercise the amount of time you should be doing is 300 minutes throughout the whole week. Getting this amount of exercise will actually help you lose weight in just in a week. Exercising a lot can help you with staying healthy and it’s what we do everyday after lunch, which is what I kind of enjoy but it does help me a lot.

Last but not least physical activity can help you with how you feel and all the moods you are feeling at the moment. Physical activity can help you with stress, emotion, being angry and much more. This is what helps me a lot when I’m stress, due to physical activity I have been acting a lot weirder than usual but it has never stopped me from finishing my work. Physical activity can help you a lot and is what helps me and my friends actually.  

The elements written in this template is obviously all about the benefits of physical activity. All elements were also based on how it helps the brain and the body. Physical activity is the most important thing to improve your health and reduce all the risks of catching something bad. Physical activity has plenty more of reasons why we should be doing this to improve our health and much more. I really hoped you learned something really great and that you’d try a few of the tips written in this template. Thank you and god bless.

Monday, 25 June 2018

Dangerous Decimals

   Dangerous Decimals
We are learning to identify the relationship between fractions and decimals

NOTE: Before we do this I am not quite sure about the answers I am going
to give but I’m gonna try to give the bestest answer I could give. Hope you
enjoy. Thanks!

What is 1/10 as a decimal? 0.1

What is 4/10 as a decimal? 0.4

What is 1/100 as a decimal? 0.01

What is 9/100 as a decimal? 0.09

What is 1/1000 as a decimal? 0.001

What is 7/1000 as a decimal? 0.007

What is 24/100 as a decimal? 0.24

What is 55/100 as decimal? 0.55

What is 12/10 as a decimal? 1.2

0.5 + 0.3 = 0.8

0.6 + 0.2 = 0.8

0.7 + 0.5 = 1.2

0.3 + 0.2 = 0.5

5/10 + 0.5 = 1

1/10 + 0.4 = 0.5

5/100 + 0.21 = 0.26

Sunday, 24 June 2018

Fabulous Fractions: 1

            Fabulous Fractions
WALT: identify the relationship between fractions.

What is 2/4 of 50? 25.

What is ½ of 50? 25.

4/4 of 8 is the same as 2/2 of 4.

What is ⅕ of 10? 2.

What is 2/10 of 10? 2.  

What is ⅓ of 12? 4.

What is 2/6 of 12? 4.

What is 1/13 of 26? 2.

What is 2/26 of 26? 2.

What do you notice about these fractions?
Show your working for the remainder of the problems

I have 2/16 of a cake at a birthday party. I keep going back for more and eat another  
6/16 of a cake. What fraction of a cake have I eaten altogether? 8/16 because 2/16 + 6/16 =

⅓ + ⅔ = For this 1 I only added the 2 top numbers and left the 2 bottom numbers as it is.
Then I got the answer to 3/3
⅙ + 2/6 = As for the same I only added the top numbers and got the answer to 3/6
12/25 + 3/25 = The final answer for these 3 answers are 15/25

I have 5/21 of a cake left over from the party. Then I give 3/21 of a cake to my sisters.
What fraction of a cake do I have left over? 2/21 because 5/21 - 3/21 = 2/21.

½ + 2/4 = First I changed ½ into 2/4 and added both 2/4 which the answer would be 4/4  
3/6 + ⅔ = I chose to change 3/6 into ⅔ and as for this I add both ⅔ and the answer is 4/3
⅕ + 2/10 = First I change the 2/10 into ⅕ and add ⅕ + ⅕ which is ⅖

Thursday, 14 June 2018

Team Building Recount

It is that time for the year 7’s, It is time for team building. This is a time for the year 7’s to experience a few leadership opportunities and have jolly fun. There are 3 awesome days ahead of us, ( making slime, cooking, water sports, street games and more ). These 3 days are going to be awesome.      

2 days later…. The final day of team building had begun. I was pumped up and ready to finish it
off properly as it was our final day of team building. There were loads of different teams around me
as we were seated on the ground inside the street. The teachers were about to announce the activities
we were going to do for the day. 5 hours later….. It is time to celebrate and finish the week off with a
boogie along with some music. My day just kept getting crazier and funnier, all team leaders were
selected to list down the people that were there to sort out all the food that was provided for us,
( all food items were provided by Mrs Salu ).

Everyone were extremely excited to get there boogie on and have a bit of a laugh. There were food, drinks and plenty of junk on the day. 20 minutes later……. After having a bit of a feed I was ready
to dance with a few of my friends, I was really happy as we also got a few of the teachers up and
dancing. The teams that challenged each other in all the dance battles we had were, Yellow &
Green, Red & Blue, Purple & Orange. All teams were incredible but unfortunately churry didn’t get
to where we wanted to.

After having our mini dance battles Mrs Salu had given us 25 more minutes to dance
until it was time for our mini prizegiving. For the last 25 minutes Mrs Salu had chosen for
everyone to play musical statues, I could tell everyone was surprised as there were only 4 - 6
people  left in the game. 15 minutes later…. There were only 10 minutes left of dancing. Everyone
slowly got ready for our prizegiving.

All the teachers that were there were really excited to give the prizes out to those who participated
in all events. Our 10 minutes was over and it was time to get ready for our final event which was
our prizegiving. Everyone was seated on the ground and none was talking, It was quieter than usual.
The prizes were about to be handed out and all the scores were about to be announced.

Mrs Salu decided to go from last to 1st, Mrs Salu finally called our group name as we came
5th place, the prizes were boxes of pizza and bags of chocolates as well as lollipops. Team
churry was still proud of ourselves as we did come first in the team chant and 5th overall. After
selecting our prizes team churry and team orange justice decided to share the boxes of pizza and
all the goodies we had on the day.

Overall I enjoyed my week with all the year 7’s and the leftover teachers. I would like to say
thank you to all the teachers and helpers who organised these 3 days and helped us with
everything we needed. It has been an incredible experience and having awesome opportunities
of being a leadership person one day. Thank you to all helpers and teachers, It has been epic with
you all.

Thursday, 31 May 2018

Sketchnote 1

Task Description:
This task is all about me solving problems individually using fractions. For me fractions can be quiet hard but after doing this task I have started getting the hang of doing fractions without any help. This problem is asking me to figure out the answer of 1/4 + 1/2, I had answered 3/4 but there are steps in this question as you can see. Fraction is 10% my style but out of all maths equations times table is my favourite. Hope you enjoyed and god bless you.