Wednesday, 8 May 2019

Popplet Word Web

WALT: Summarise a text by identifying key words

Task Description:

For this task my group and I (Aces) was to complete the task of Popplet Word Web. Popplet word web is an app people use for learning, work/jobs and of course other kinds of experiences. Popplet required us to come up with words we are able to use in going into battle. Going into battle was a really good time for me to learn about those who fought in war and to know more about them and there players. In this task the squares lit up in blue are a few negative words as for the ones in red and pink they stand for the positive words we came up with. Overall this was a really fun task more to come extremely soon. 

Monday, 6 May 2019

Grappling With Graphs

WALT: Extract information from a range of graphs

Task Description:

For this task I was to find out the meanings of each graph there is for this specific presentation. Grappling graphs was super hard as it took me such a while to understand the full meanings of what each graph was. Each of these slides really helped me through these activities and I guarantee that in the later future I will understand each and every graphs there are in the world. Hope you enjoy and all the following information will be inside each of the slides there is in this presentation.  

Friday, 3 May 2019

Inquiry - My New Zealand Map

This Term our inquiry is called, I like your latitude. We learnt so much about the directions there is on a Compass. We had to look at the map of New Zealand and compare it to different places there is using a compass. Here is an example. 

Invercargill / Bluff is located at the bottom of the south island. If you didn't know Bluff (AKA) Invercargill is the 2nd to last place to be counted as one of the further est down places on New Zeland, as we are to also count Stuart Island. So overall Bluff is located in the South.  

Monday, 29 April 2019

Immersion Assembly

This term our school theme is called I like your latitude. Latitude is the meaning of finding the right
directions of where you are and where you are going, it also means the angular distance of North and
south of the earth’s equator. This term is going to be incredibly epic.

Team 1’s topic is all about bees, Bees are becoming extremely endangered and it is time that we help
to save them due to extinction. Team 2’s topic is all about knowing there directions and coordinates
so they are able to find the treasure of where it was hidden. They are also learning how to and where
to go from where they are officially standing, and from there it is time for them to work there way
around the block. Team 3’s topic is all about learning how to write their own pick a path story. Team
4’s topic is all about navigation similar to orienteering. Navigating is a way of finding your way around
places just like finding out where to go on a compass. Last but not least, Team 5. Team 5’s topic is
all about finding and knowing where we are going when travelling the world. Our main question is
where in the longitude are we?

So there you have it. Here is the theme of what we are doing, the topics of each and everyone of the
teams and of course what everyone is going to be doing.

Monday, 8 April 2019

Badge Of Honour

WALT: Think about a character's point of view.

Task Description:

For this task I was to complete each of the slides to be able to show you all what today's task was. The badge of honour is a book written by Sarah Penwarden, this book was about choosing or getting people to become the 4 leaders of the school. This book also contains a bit of fighting but in the end they solve everything and continue what they love best. Overall this was an incredible task and I enjoyed it so much as it didn't take me that long to complete, hope you enjoy the updated learning I have currently been doing. 

Monday, 1 April 2019

Six Photos, Create Task 2

WALT: Describe the feelings behind the image

Task Description:

For this task my group and I were to complete the create task. As you know I had posted a little presentation of the work I was to actually complete, This create task links to the book Six Photos. Here are the six photos I had taken for this activity. My job was to visit the places that we personally think that holds a special story. For this task I have chosen to go with 3 topics, The courts of teams 4&5, The field - Playgrounds and of course the well known place Team 5. I loved this little activity I really hope I am able to do this task again as it was super fun walking around school taking photos with 2 of my close friends for literacy. Overall hope you enjoy and for more information check out the presentation I have created for you all. Enjoy!

U - Turn, Create Task 1

WALT: Describe the feelings of the character's in the story

Task Description:

For this task my group and I were to complete the create task also known as the second task after the first. As you know I had posted a little presentation of the work I was to actually do/complete, well if you don't or didn't already know this is the task linked onto the activity of U - Turn. Here is my facial expression showing the feelings of Ben, for this extra/create task I've decided to do the face of Confused and shy. My reason for confused and shy is because this is his most often face or expression written in the story. I really hope you enjoyed please stay tuned for the following and upcoming posts soon. Enjoy!