Thursday, 18 October 2018

How to prepare for the cross country:

How to prepare for the cross country:

If you are looking for ways to prepare yourself for cross country, then you have
come to the right place. Cross country is a very hard event to complete as all your
doing is running. I am really confident that this will help you as there are so much
things you could do to prepare yourself.

Mentally prepare yourself:
Mentally preparing yourself is all about thinking positive and stop thinking negative,
for example. “Think strong”, “Give it your all” & “Focus on your running”. Mentally
preparing yourself is all about believing and thinking positive throughout the whole race.
Self talk is what most people do to get over there nerves and only focuses on the race,
self talk is mainly about the conversations you would have with yourself. Doing this
and it may help you a lot during your cross country performance.

What you should be eating:
Eating food with loads of sugar and fat in it can probably affect you when your running
as you can easily get stitches as well as tummy aches. The type of food/snacks you
should be eating are things like veggies, plenty of fruit and lots of meat. These types
of food are very healthy as it gives you lots of protein. I really recommend eating lots
of fruit, veggies and meat as it can help you heaps throughout your performance.

How much sleep you should be getting:
The amount of sleep everyone should be getting before the Cross Country event is
9-11 hours. Getting this much sleep will really help you to be more awaken then
having to be tired for the competition. If you didn’t know sleeping can help you as your
body is whats helping to support your brain/mind to be a more healthy and physical
health person for the next day. Sleeping also helps your development and growth.

Overall, preparing for events like this can be quite a challenge. When it comes to
preparing for events like this means giving it your all, concentrating on the race and
have lots of fun. Getting to this part of the year event can require lots of training and
try your absolute very best, this is what most people focuses on when it comes to this
particular event. Make sure you keep trying your best and remember to never give
up but to prepare yourself very well. I really recommend you to mentally prepare
yourself, eat/drink the right type of food/drinks and to get the right amount of sleep
each night. Enjoy your Cross country race and do your very best.     

Monday, 15 October 2018

Robot Co-ordinate

In this post there are 2 robots heading somewhere to meet up. The R stands for Red and B stands for blue. As you can see in this co-ordinate the robots have a certain place to rotate around the square, as you can see right there. If you can probably already tell the robots have recently met up twice. This is my way of figuring out co-ordinates but without Mrs stone's help I wouldn't have figured out the 1'st one which was the, R3 & B3. As she helped me it really pushed me to figure out another one which turned out to be the R5 & B5 unfortunately after doing that one I couldn't find another way. By far I think doing square co-ordinates has gotten me really use to it and I am really looking forward to our next session of this!

Treasure Island Co-ordinates

What are the co-ordinates of these objects?

Write down what you can see at the co-ordinates given below:
  1. (7,5) = Elephant
  2. (9,5) = Island
  3. (5,3) = Gate
  4. (2,3) = Hill / Mountain
  5. (7,1) = Tree
  6. (3,3) = Tower
  7. (4,2) = Brick Wall
  8. (1,1) = Octopus
The words can be used in a special way to find the coordinates of the buried treasure.
Can you work out where it is? (X,Y). (EIGHT,TWO) or (x8,y2). Lighthouse

Extension: Could you give directions to the octopus so it can get to the elephant?
Go Up to (1,5) Across to (7,5) = Elephant (EIGHT,TWO) (x8,y2)

Friday, 28 September 2018

#2 Achieving A New Skill

For the past few weeks my group and I ( Bryana, Irene & Terry ) participated in a team 5 performance. My group and I performed a mixture of dances and had awesome fun. My group performed dances such as, an African dance, Hip Hop dance, Line Dance and a Fun/crazy dance. My group was so awesome as we worked together as an actual team and never gave up. Watching the other groups performed was absolutely incredible and very entertaining. The groups looked funky and had a very excellent attitude as they walked on and spoke as an introduction. I'd say we could've done better performing it but I still had a lot of fun doing it with my group. The challenging part about practicing was teaching Terry how to do the dance we learnt/created. Thank you to all the groups who performed and well done for not giving up, an also big thanks to all the teachers for making this happen and team 3 for coming and supporting us throughout the whole performances. I hope we do more of this in the future and that none gets hurt but has an amazing time. Thanks to everyone for supporting/cheering!      

Monday, 3 September 2018

How Bees Get Their Stripes

How bees get their stripes?
By: Hinerangi

A few years ago bees were known as fluffy, cuddly honey makers. Bees lived in a huge
wild castle where there lived dinosaurs and loads of brave creatures. Every one of them
loved to talk and make others laugh in many different ways. All the animals are very kind
to one another and loves to go out and hunt for plenty of delicious food.

One sunny and delightful day all the animals besides the bees had setted off on a very
crazy and unknown adventure. During that one specific day the bees had no idea the rest
of the animals had left as the animals sneaked out while they were sleeping. The bees were
very confident and excited about what they were going to do that day, they thought for 10
minutes and came up with a wicked idea, which was not surprising.

The bees played the whole day until they became tired, tired enough they’d fall asleep.
2 hours later. While time had past and hours came the bees were fast asleep in there beds,
they dreamed and dreamed for hours. Suddenly a huge bang which came from the
bedroom door slammed and had woken up all the bees. One of the bees were out of its
bed trying to come up with something to make them look cuter than they already are.

They all got out of there beds and peaked out the door to see what that bee was doing.
“What are you doing”? “I am creating something to make us look even better”, he answered”?
“What are you exactly creating though”? “I am creating a striped jumper which will
make other animals seem that we have now gotten stripes”, “I will be done in a few more
hours”. So the bees went back to bed and fell back to sleep. 4 hours later. The bee was still
working on getting the striped jumpers done, but it was time to take a break and have a little

The bee only got the chance of a 2 hour sleep, but he still continued with making the jumpers.
“How long do I have before breakfast”? The bee continued to make the jumpers without
breakfast in its belly. 3 hours later. The bee was finally finished making the jumpers. He gave
out all the jumpers to every bee who was cold and who were wanting to have stripes. It didn’t
take longer than he thought. So he continued to share the jumpers and made a very excellent
progress on giving them out, they finally finished sharing out all the jumpers and went
straight to lunch.

So this is the story about how bees got their stripes!              

Friday, 24 August 2018

#1 Achieving A New Skill

From towards and on myself and my group will be achieving many different dances as in learning how to perform many of them. My team and I will be looking at how we can be better at dancing, the dances we have chosen are ( ballet, line dancing and a little bit of hip hop ). Earlier on Tuesday team 5 had a very cool performance where everyone except the teachers were apart of. For the past few weeks everyone in room 1 was included of learning how to juggle to perform to the whole team. Our job was to learn how to juggle with 3 balls but first we had to get into pears. Everyone had worked as hard as they could as we only had 2 weeks till the performance and some of us smashed it that afternoon. The group I am now with includes myself, Irene, Ayla, Amelia, Seluone, Terry, Tatiana, Jozlo and Sanne. From what I already know we will be doing a mixture of dancing as our group is the biggest out of the whole class.