Thursday, 21 September 2017

3rd Paideia Seminar!

On Tuesday the years 5 & 6 extension students had their 3rd Paideia Seminar. Well this was only my 2nd Paideia Seminar. At the Paideia Seminar I think I did better than I did the last time we had our paideia seminar. The reason why I think I did better than the last time is because I spoke more & I communicated more. I asked people questions & other things like that.

What I think I could've done better was having to link on others ideas, challenge, piggyback & speak a bit more. During the paideia seminar I felt overwhelmed because I felt a bit shy to speak. During the term we had to create our own planets. Our group created a planet called Inferno Blaze. It was the greatest planet of them all. The people I was with were Amelia, Paikea, Justice & myself.

The Paideia Seminar was so incredible & I think everyone's favourite part was the end which was to eat their lollies. My favourite part was getting to the end & having to get a lot of fresh air. I really enjoyed the paideia seminar. What I could Improve on? What I think I could do to Improve my Paideia Seminar is to speak, communicating & as Mrs Lagitupu said that instead of asking people to share let myself share what I have got to say.

Overall it was an awesome day, can’t wait for the next Paideia Seminar!

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  1. Thank you Hinerangi for your contribution to the Seminar, as this helped us all to understand the question you had to answer. By collaborating ideas we all learn from each other. You are getting more confident each time and improving your skills of linking to other ideas and adding on your thoughts. Well done.