Saturday, 30 September 2017

Sports I like to play?

Task Description:

For this task I had wanted to do this task which is all about what sports I like to play. Which are all the sports on this presentation. The 1st slide of the sport thingy is my favourite one because it tells you all you need to know why I like it. 

Hint: (It is a sport that only some teams do which is a haka before they begin)

I really hope you enjoyed & please don't forget to check out these people's awesome blog's! Enjoy playing your favourite sports. Please if you do have a favourite sport you like to play please post it on your blog, I would really appreciate it if you do. 


  1. I like the spot you play because i am enjing it because it fun. Also I wish if i played ruby but i wanna do netball when i grow up.

  2. Kia orana Hinerangi,

    Wow , what an amazing post.Also you have lots of sports that you like.In this post I really like how you have added why that sport is your favourite.

    B.T.W - I showed my sister your blog post about her birthday she said that it was lovely.

    From - Leilani

    1. Kia Orana Leilani

      Thanks Lelani for your amazing comment & thanks to your sister but
      I truly did wish your awesome sister a great Birthday.What did she do on her Birthday? Did you join in with them? Was it fun? Wish you luck in Term 3!

      Yours truly,