Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Recount of Cross Country!

Walt: structure a recount. 

Have you ever participated in a School Cross Country before? Well last week on friday everyone at Pt England School had their own School Cross Country. It was soaking wet & really muddy. I was really excited but nervous at the same time. I was so determined to finish the race.

Getting ready for our turn to race most people were really nervous. Before the race I had started chatting to my friends, drunk a lot of water and had started cheering for the younger ones. It was an extremely hot day. Finally it was our turn to race as we could all hear Mr Jacobson call our year name.

ON YOUR MARKS, GET SET, GO!!! BANG!!! The clapper had went & everyone had zoomed past each other. I had started sprinting in the start & jogged in the end. As soon as I ran passed Mrs Stickland I had known that I had to slow down as I could see a lot of muddy puddles. My feet had got really muddy & part of my clothing as well. I had got a stitch & it was really sore. I was huffing & puffing because I was so exhausted as I was sprinting past most of the seniors as well as the year 6
girls. Finally getting to the finish line I had finished the race. WOO HOO!!!

After the race I was so relieved that the race was over as I felt so tired. As soon as I finished the race I had drunk a lot of water & sat on the hard, hot surface (Concrete). Slowly sitting down on the hard court I had started cheering for the final people who are still running & clapped as they are passing the finish line. A few minutes later everyone had started heading back to their classrooms with their teachers. Most people looked really tired, bored & extremely hot.   

Walking back to class I had thought about what I had learnt & what I could do to improve my running. What I had learnt about running was to never give up, believe in others & yourself & encourage others even if they don’t feel like it. How could I Improve my running? What I could do to Improve my running Is to keep running, do your best, have faith & never give up. Overall the It was an awesome day even though I didn’t want to do It. My friend & I was so proud of ourselves because we had started the race & we had completed it. The day was so incredible & everyone had left the courts with a huge smile on their face. Who is ready for next years Cross Country, are you? I know I am!  

Task Description:

For this task Room 7 learners had to do this task which was a recount of Fridays event. The event we had done was our School Cross Country everyone had participated in this event, Only if you had went to School. This was a task for everyone to do so If you haven't seen there's than check them out because they are pretty good writers. Enjoy & stay tuned for more upcoming posts!

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