Sunday, 2 April 2017

Hinerangi Rippa Rugby...

WALT: Write 6-7 paragraphs about Rip-pa Rugby 

On Friday the year 4-6’s got the chance to go to the Pakuranga Rugby Club. There were only 5 teams that went to the game.
1. All Reds  2. Bubble Gum  3. Candy  4. Doughnuts and the Girls team, The team I was in was the Bubblegum team and Miss Vaafusuaga was our coach.

As soon as the bus arrived all the teams went racing to find a seat, I was right at the back. Finally we were off to the game and some of us started singing a song. A few minutes later, we arrived at the game, luckily we were the second ones to arrive which was surprising. As soon as we got onto the field Miss Vaafusuaga wanted the A and B team (boys) to help set up the Gazebo. Us girls helped out a bit.

1 hour later it was the A team's first 2 games of the day and our team was so excited for them. Watching the A team play their first game was a bit fun because some of us got to learn how to defend and pass the ball to score an awesome try. Well finally it was our turn to play our games and some of us looked a bit nervous, I was a lot nervous than I imagined.

Jumping up and down we were so glad that we won our games for the day, The A team was also happy for us. Finally we got some time to eat our food and I had a lot to finish. A couple of minutes after our game it was the A team’s 3rd and 4th games of the day. In those games some us noticed that the A team actually won all their games as well as the Girls team, They seemed awesome as well.

Finally it was time for our final game of the term, As we kept on passing the ball some of us actually knocked it on and started over stepping. That wasn’t even funny, At least we got some tags off them and scored some tries. In the end we all felt so sad that we lost by 2 points and didn’t make it to the finals. At least the A team took them out.

Anyways that day we just had was so fun and we couldn’t have done this without all the coaches, Teachers and especially Miss Vaafusuaga. We are so glad that we still had an awesome day but unfortunately we still didn’t make it to the finals. So what I’ll like to say is a big well done to all of those kids who participated in this weekly Rippa Rugby tournament and we hope to see you all next year. Well anyways thank you Coaches, Managers and all the kids that wanted to Verse us at the tournament. THANK YOUSE ALL HEAPS:  

Task Description:
For this task we had to write a Non Native story about Rippa Rugby and why we enjoyed the day we had without our teachers. Well we also had to write a story that actually hooks our story readers and why you think they should do this sport sometime. Well if you are reading this story please comment on my blog and I'll try my best to reply to you some other time.

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