Friday, 5 June 2015


Long,Long ago a solitary man was strolling along licking his finger tips because his food was very tasty.

Then a box came out of nowhere and hit him in the head. So Mr Stuart got very furious and gave the box a mighty kick.

The man was shocked because there were lots of boxes all around him, then the man became even more shocked when he saw a glinting shiny box in front of him.

Suddenly the man tried jumping on the glinting shiny box but he missed. When the man tried jumping on the box he looked up and saw a tower of cubes.  

He decided to clamber up the tower of cubes, once he reached the top of the cubes he leaped off. Surprisingly he missed the shiny box once again. 

As he was on the ground he noticed there was a little red button underneath the shiny box. When he saw the button he thought “ “ should I press it. So he reached his hand out really far and gave it ago.

When he gave the button ago he realized the box transformed into a strangely grey box. Then his tie had been magnetic from the box and tried pulling it out but it ripped. So his legs got sucked in the box and so it spun rapidly. Suddenly he became a white box and got spat out from the grey box.     

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