Friday, 29 May 2015

Marshmallow story.

In the spooky forest Jimmy was sitting on a log toasting marshmallows by the sizzling fire. He was camping in a small clearing all by himself next to the dark forest.

Suddenly Jimmy heard big stomps coming towards his back. When he turned around he saw the monster with big yellow glinting eyes, sharp teeth and pointy feet.

Jimmy turned around and held his stick out showing his marshmallow like a sword.  Surprisingly  the monster did dog tricks to get more marshmallows.

When Jimmy put his hand in the bag he realized there was only one more marshmallow left. Then he held his hand out showing the marshmallow to the kind and scary monster.

Then the monster bit his last marshmallow and gave the boy evil eyes. When the monster gave him evil eyes the boy ran away and the monster chased after the boy.

So then the boy thought 'Should I grab the pillo so the monster won’t eat me.' Suddenly the monster slowed down and saw a pillow that the boy was holding.

The monster thought about the pillow and the boy carefully passed it to the monster and ran away. So the monster popped it on a stick and carefully popped it on the fire. Then the pillow disappeared.

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