Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Attitude Talk

Who am I? What makes you who you are? Are we all normal? Well a few minutes ago all of team 5 had a very important discussion with a very clever man called Tony. The talk was all about attitude and how we can improve it by how we speak to others in our own ways. The very first question spoken by him was... What type of Animals are we? How do you know that you are that animal? Well let me tell you the options of animals and what they represent.

Animals and Representatives:
Otter: Loves entertaining others, who also acts like a clown and has heaps of fun, but then again an Otter can get bored very easily.

Lion: The leader of the group which tells there other team mates what to do and what not to do. A Lion can also be bossy and not in a fun way.

Golden Retriever: The loyal one who creates peace in world, happiness and kindness in other ways. The Golden Retriever also never says no especially when it comes to times when this animal needs to work.

Beaver: Hard worker meaning that the Beaver always finishes unfinished work or work from the week before heading outside to play. 

So what type of animal are you? A few minutes after talking about that he had carried on talking about things we should do when moving into the future. Things like, Dump Dumb Thoughts, Try Something New, Always Do The Right Thing, and to be helpful by Helping Others. We also talked about Genes, Our Environment and All The Choices We Make in life. 

Dump Dumb Thoughts:
As Tony was speaking he was saying that everyone should dump all their dumb thoughts. Meaning that you should stop listening to your friends opinions and just go with what ever your heart tells you. You shouldn't listen to your friends all the time as they could be putting you into great danger. So I think everyone should actually dump all their dumb thoughts, especially when it comes to playing with friends. 

Try Something New:
Everyone should try something new, for example. If you are still playing the sport say Netball you should actually stop playing that for a while and start thinking of something new to try, like Basketball or Tag or even applying for a job for yourself and your family. So I recommend everyone giving new things a go. 

Do The Right Thing:
People all across the globe should always do the right thing including adults. Doing the right thing can actually make someone feel a lot better, for example. If someone had just fell / tripped over something instead of looking at them and start laughing at them you should actually help them up and cheer them up. So everyone should start doing the right thing and start making peace in this world instead of all the fights we have been having (Mainly pointed out to America.

Help Others:
Final question was about helping others in your community and other places too Well, helping others is simple and very easy to remember. There's actually many different ways of helping others, final example. This is an example of what our school ( Pt England ) talks about almost every week. Treat other people the way you would like to be treated. Meaning that the way you would like to be treated ( kind, Generous, Special and helpful ) is the way you should treat friends, family and others. Helping others can change a persons life by cheering them up, making life easier for them, being there for them and supporting them. these are the most easiest / simple ways of helping others in life. Did you know that it's also the important ways of helping others. Well let me tell you now, everyone here should start helping others and not just on your own but start working together.  

Overall I really think everyone should actually try these things so that you get the feeling of doing all these topics I have just talked about. I really hope yous all enjoyed my blog post about attitude talk, it has been really fun talking to yous all about the stuff Tony has brought in to share with us. I recommend everyone giving this program a try which is just talking to someone in the community and will help solve all the problems you need to be helped with. So who's stopping you, give this a try and spend heaps of time talking to someone you can trust. Thank you all and god bless. 

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