Friday, 22 March 2019

My Word Art

WALT: Make Inferences to understand the deeper meaning behind a text

Task Description:

First of all you might be wondering what this logo is doing here? Well this thing here was part of my reading work and it was all about the important aspects we have as our personal identity, I was really looking forward to be doing this activity as part of the previous task I did a while ago. The writing written inside the thumb is what's important to me, and the things I love or love to do. If there are some words written in the thumb logo feel free to leave a positive comment on my blog and enjoy. Overall hope you enjoy the words written inside the logo and hope to share more blog posts with you all soon. 

1 comment:

  1. Hello Hinerangi,

    My name is Katelynn and I am a year 8 at Grey Main school in Totara 1!

    I really like how you have added so much information into your blog post explaining to us why you had to do this task. I really like how you chose the shape thumbs up and different shades of blue. The words you have included into the thumbs up are very positive. Maybe next time you could list some of the words that are in the thumbs up as some of the words are so small I can't quite read them.

    Keep up the awesome work Hinerangi!

    Totara 1