Friday, 29 March 2019

Attitude Talk

Today team 5 were introduced by an awesome person called Jannah. Surprisingly her name
stands for Gracious Gift, I am super excited to tell you what she talked about because I
guarantee this information will help you throughout the future.

Today our topic was about friendships and how you can keep and give. Many tips Jannah
gave us was incredible as it was based on friends and how boys and girls deal with their sort
of relationships towards each other. The main things Jannah talked about were tips on
things you should do or say when you have close friends, one of my favourites she had
introduced/talked about was to be yourself. During the time we are with our friends most
people seem to not be themselves, so one thing I loved about her mini korero was to always be
yourself and to do what you entirely love.

Jannah did loads of funny/hilarious jokes as well as giving herself and everyone breaks due to
the amount of talking she had been doing. It was really important for us to know and remember
what she was talking about because we never know if friends will ever turn on us or stick
together as one, I really like how she made each of her points really clear and gave us a
main statement for us to know and of course herself and the teachers to know about. Friends
are people we should be able to trust, talk to and of course play with. I think from one of
her point of views I'd also say to always include others who are left out because it'll just be
sad and to let them see how much fun we are having compared to themselves. So I think
Jannah and Attitude really helped us and hopefully this short reflection helped you as well,
especially to those who didn't come.

Jannah was a super fantastic women to talk to especially about this main topic. I’ve really
enjoyed it, it was super interesting having her in our block just hoping that in the later future
she comes back to visit once again. I would like to thank Jannah for coming and hope to see
you again soon.

Thank you to Jannah and Attitude.

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