Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Hinerangi Awesome Immersion Assembly...

Walt: recount an event.

Have you ever studied comic books before? Well this Term team 4 will be creating their own comics, the other teams are studying there own exciting and exquisite topics as usual.

The school theme for this term is as i see it. Which is all about art. Team 1’s topic is all about what there favorite things are. The other teams are doing topics like Seasons, Architecture and Waka Races. I am looking forward to be seeing all the other teams topics and how they're doing.

Well team 4 are doing sequential art which means that we will be writing stories with art. For this terms topic for team 4 is called KA POW. If you want to know what sequential art means than I’ll give you an example. Well do you know how Caveman Drawn on there walls, well that is what sequential art means.

What I want to get out of this terms topic? Well I hope that we get to draw pictures but with more details in it. I would also like to learn more about comics and how other people created them. I also hope that we all get to read more about comics.

I am really looking forward to be doing a lot of comics this term. I am also interested to be reading a lot of comics and looking forward to be creating a lot of animations about comics. I can’t wait to be studying comics this term. Hope you liked reading my story.     

Task Description:

Well for this presentation we had to make a recount about the Immersion Assembly. We also had to make sure that we check with a buddy before posting. Hope you like reading my story about the Immersion Assembly.

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