Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Term 2 Rubric Reflection

Reading what I had got on my Rubric Reflection I felt really proud of what my score was but there was something else I really needed to work on which was to… Talk a lot more for our paideia Seminar & contributing meaning to, Piggyback, Agree or Disagree and argue with the people who I think I really needed to argue with. How will I be able to adjust myself to level 5? Well I think I would need to work harder meaning to, speak up more, communicate more & mainly contributing more of what our topic is mainly all about.

Reading what my score was about our Term 2 production I felt so proud but what I really needed to work on was to focus on the audience & to keep on smiling. How will I adjust myself to level 5? From here & on I really think my goal is to start contributing towards the production as well as to contribute to the creation of the performance. So what I really need to work on is basically all of this.

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