Friday, 28 September 2018

#2 Achieving A New Skill

For the past few weeks my group and I ( Bryana, Irene & Terry ) participated in a team 5 performance. My group and I performed a mixture of dances and had awesome fun. My group performed dances such as, an African dance, Hip Hop dance, Line Dance and a Fun/crazy dance. My group was so awesome as we worked together as an actual team and never gave up. Watching the other groups performed was absolutely incredible and very entertaining. The groups looked funky and had a very excellent attitude as they walked on and spoke as an introduction. I'd say we could've done better performing it but I still had a lot of fun doing it with my group. The challenging part about practicing was teaching Terry how to do the dance we learnt/created. Thank you to all the groups who performed and well done for not giving up, an also big thanks to all the teachers for making this happen and team 3 for coming and supporting us throughout the whole performances. I hope we do more of this in the future and that none gets hurt but has an amazing time. Thanks to everyone for supporting/cheering!      

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