Wednesday, 27 February 2019

Visual Mihi

WALT: Complete Our Visual Mihi.

Task Description:

These specific images are what's important to me and what I like doing. If you didn't know Maori is the culture I am and I would love to show you all how much it means to myself, my family and some other families out there who are Maori or who love the Maori culture. Sports is one of my favourite things to do during the holidays, school and in my spear time. Family is whats really important to me in life as I love each and everyone of my family members so much but we all know that all siblings can have there ups and downs, but we will eventually get to the point of solving the problem. Last but not least, Music is what I love doing and is what most people do in there spear time. I really hope you enjoyed my short description and the post of my visual mihi. Overall hope you enjoyed and don't forget to leave a comment. Thanks a lot for reading and once again hope you enjoyed! 

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