Friday, 15 March 2019

Polyfest Trip

Polyfest is what new zealand would call, the largest schools cultural event. Polyfest has
almost 10,000 performers every year, in Auckland polyfest is held in Manukau which runs
for 3 - 4 days. Polyfest is an incredible event to be attending as you’ll be watching all the
performers perform and of course you’ll be trying some of the best smoothies, snacks etc.

One of my favourite Stages was the Niuean stage,
I loved the Niuean stage because there were loads of activities, dance competitions and
more. The main stage was incredible but I was hoping there would be more action happening.
Although this was one of my favourite stages I would most like to say that the food was
awesome as well, the Watermelon Ice cream was fantastic surprisingly it took me quite a
while to finish it but I’m glad I did. I am hoping to go back for another visit and to see more
cultural performers perform.

One of my favourite Performers,
Unfortunately there were only a few cultural performers there, it was probably because our
school went on the speech day. A speech day is when different sort of groups talk for quite a
few and explain a little speech. Overall one of my favourite performance was the Maori
performance. 3 reasons is because it was the only stage we actually saw perform, 2 there
were so much support and aroha coming from each of these waiata, thirdly the school did
an awesome haka to give back to what there kapa haka group had performed. The school
that we saw perform was Otahuhu college and they were amazing.

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  1. Hi Hinerangi,

    I am so glad we got to see the Maori stage and the amazing performances there. I agree - Otahuhu college were amazing! What was something that you learned from the experience?