Friday, 24 July 2015

Hinerangi's Immersion Assembly. . .

As soon as the bell went I heard Mr Burt’s thundering booming voice saying “$1 $2 $3 number 21 going once going twice going 3 times and sold to number 21”. We were at school for our Immersion Assembly to learn our new topic for this term.

The first teachers to go up in front of the school was team 1 which was the year 1’s. Their topic was all about money. They said that they're trying to earn some money by working hard and being good to their teachers.

My  favorite team was team 4 because they were all learning about being good with money the teachers names who were acting on stage were Calm, Sassy and Really Happy. They were very funny because how Mr Somerville was acting like a  girl and how he was walking.

I thought that our Immersion Assembly was the best Assembly ever because I got given lots of chocolates. I felt very excited because team 1 scrambled a-lot of money chocolate. This terms topic for 2015 was called Trade & Enterprise. After a long while I felt very tired.

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  1. Hi Hinerangi it is me Amelia I like immersion assembly because you put detail in it :> .
    My favourite part was "Mr burts booming voice saying $1 $2 $3". You got the same hook as mine !!! Great story and I would love to see more work of yours " PLEASE ". Keep up the amazining work. Reagards BFF Amelia.