Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Kapa haka

JPEG ImageLast week friday there was a special kapa - haka performance happening in front of the whole school. I was very excited when I got on the stage because when I got on the stage I  became very happy. Miss Whaea Saph and  Whaea Pari taught us how to sing special waiatas from their own culture. Learning with them was lots of fun and they brought their son and cousin in to learn some more about kapa-haka too.

Whaea Pari’s son was called Falcon and he was only nine years old. When Falcon appeared  from the stage he was very excited as well. Falcon’s  dad’s name was called Matua Arts he was Whaea Saph's cousin and Falcon was Whaea Saph's nephew. As soon as he came in the hall he was really shy because he saw a lot of people in the hall so he didn’t go on stage.

When all the kids were in the hall we started performing our 2 waiatas called the haka and Aue Rona.
We all were performing those 2 waiatas in the hall but the first thing we did  was that we learnt waiatas from Whaea Pari, Matua-Arts,falcon and Whaea Saph. They were the only ones who taught us  the 2 waiatas so that we learn lots of special waiatas. So in the hall Matua-Art, Whaea Saph and Whaea Pari came to see what we were up to. Suddenly we all became very happy because everyone who taught us how to do the songs had come to the hall to see if we get it right. If we hadn't have gotten it right it would of been a big rush.

Lavonna was the one who lead the haka and Esther was the one who lead Aue Rona. The reason why Lavonna lead the haka was because she had the loudest voice in the whole kapa-haka group. Esther lead Aue-Rona because Whaea Pari told her to lead it and because she had a beautiful voice. . .
JPEG Image  The end Aue Hi. . .

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