Thursday, 29 October 2015

Hinerangi's Writing sample...

Athletics Rotation
On a sunny day team 3 had to do 3 rotations for our writing test.  Rm 11’s first game to play was throwing. When it was my turn I tried throwing the handball so far but it didn’t go past Chastyti's tennis ball. My teammates were Daisy, Jorelle, Naomi and Indiana. They were the best teammates ever because they tried there best by throwing their hardest. Bang went the clambering bell I was so frightened because it was pretty loud for me.

The next game we played was Basketball and I really liked that game because it was very fun. The funny bit was when Amelia tried shooting the ball into the hoop but the ball got stuck on top of the hoop. All we had to do was to try and get the ball in the hoop. It looked very simple for me and easy because all we had to do was shoot, shoot, shoot for a long time until the bell went again. One more time bang went the bell sounding like a bongo drum going through the air.

The lucky last was the Incredible jumping game was the Sack race. The part that I really liked about it was that we had to try and go around the cone but I got really frustrated when I had to go around the cone twice. My teammates were Chastyti and Naomi plus myself and we took turns of going twice.  When Miss said on your marks get set go everybody were looking at Amelia jump really high nearly up to touching the sky. I felt really huffed and puffed because I had to go back and forth twice. I tried my very best in trying jumping high like an enormous giant.

My favourite game was Basketball and the sack race. The sack race was really funny because 4 in a row fell down in the sack. I really liked those 2 games because they were both funny. When we did the throwing we had to try and throw them far but we had to try and have different things in our hands to throw. Our games were really easy.

I felt very happy and awesome because it was fun in all the games we played.

I  also felt very proud of myself because I just tried my very best without giving up on myself.

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