Friday, 18 March 2016

Hinerangi little red riding hood with a twist...

Walt: retell a story with a significant twist

In a far far away place there once lived a little furry bunny named little red riding bunny. Little red riding bunny always loved to wear her red dark smooth cape. Little red riding bunny was playing outside wandering around singing songs. That day her mother was baking some lovely cookies for Grandma. One day her mother told little red riding bunny to deliver some cookies to Grandma.

So she was walking threw the forest to her Grandma’s cottage singing songs as she was walking. As she was walking she saw another path with some lovely flowers. She felt so sad that her Grandma might feel sick. So she picked up some flowers and went off on the wrong path were the flowers were. As she was walking along she didn’t know that she was on the wrong path. As she was picking up the flowers she heard a crack in the bushes and saw someone pop out. In the bushes there was a big bad dragon who jumped out of the bushes.

As soon as the big bad dragon popped out little red riding bunny got real scared. So the big bad dragon took the cookies and went off to Grandmas house. Little red riding bunny was scared so she went off back to her Mums house. As little red riding bunny was running she knew that she never wanted to go inside and tell her mum the truth. When she told her mother the truth she knew that her mother would be angry at her. So what she did was she just went upstairs and never had a word with her mother.

When she got upstairs she went to tell her Mum the truth. As she was telling her Mum the truth she was real worried. But as she was speaking she felt real scared but she still told her. So her Mother said” well you can deliver some more cookies and she did. Little red riding bunny was walking into the forest to deliver some cookies. When little red riding bunny got there the big bad dragon ate up Grandma in 1 big bite. So what the big bad dragon did was to try and dress like Grandma. As he was getting ready there was a knock at the door. So the big bad dragon opened up the door and said” what are these, and little red riding bunny ‘replied” these are delicious crunchy cookies.

As she was passing them to Grandma dragon little red riding bunny looked up at Grandma. So what she said was “what’ big” eyes” you “have, “what’ big” ears you have and what big feet you have. So then big bad dragon replied well what a better to not see. So little red riding bunny gently gave the cookies to Grandma dragon and ran all the way back to her mother’s house. Little red riding bunny went inside and as she walked inside she looked upstairs and saw her mother on the floor dead. Little red riding bunny tried to wake her up but she couldn’t wake up.

As she was trying to wake her up she called the hospital. She had to wait for 4 hours. When the results were in the doctor said” your mother is still alive. The next day little red riding bunny went to the hospital and her mother was alright to go home. But as she was walking her mother felt alright to walk on her own. But she didn’t. SO THEY ALL LIVED HAPPILY EVER AFTER even the big bad dragon...    

Task Description:

For this task we had to retell the story of little red riding hood. We also had to learn to
describe the characters that we have been creating in our stories. In our stories we have to have
punctuation, full stops, Capital letters and other bits for our story.    



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