Monday, 4 April 2016

Hinerangi Camp Experience...


Walt: organise my ideas into paragraphs and link them together.
Last week team 4 had camp at School. This year I was a year 5 student, which means that next year I will be able to go to camp again. The group I was in was called the kindonators. The captains of our team was Samoa & Ajani. They were the best leaders ever.

The camp tents was on the field. Camp was so fun because everyone had so much fun through that whole week. On Wednesday night some of the kids had to sleep inside the Tusitala Rm in the Class and in the Library. I had to sleep in Rm 6,7 & 8, Mr Somerville class. In the Class Rm I was sleeping next to Julieanna and Tiari, They both were so annoying.

My favourite activity was playing games in the hall. The reason why I picked  playing games in the hall is because you got to do Roller-skating play table tennis and play shooting. What we did was that the first thing we did was to practice the dance routine. The people I was skating with was Skye and Tiari.

My 2nd favourite highlight was cooking with Mrs Garden. The reason why I picked cooking with Mrs Garden was because we got to bake a-lot of cookies. The amount of cookies we bake was 211 cookies. The amount of cookies we got to eat was 1 each. Everyone was having a lot of fun altogether. The people I was cooking with was Tiari,Ayla and Charlese.

What I think about camp is that it is so fun so recommend use to try it out. This year was the best camp ever because we got to sleep at School. The reason why I like camp is because everyone got to go to the pools, and go to pakuranga pools on Thursday Morning. I am a year 5 student so if course I am going to camp next year BECAUSE IT IS SO FUN. So I totally recommend all of use to try it out at your School. 

Task Description:

Last week the year 5 & 6 students have been on camp. Camp was the best thing this term. It was so fun because everyone had so much fun so as me. My favourite thing was everything at camp. This term was the best term ever.  

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